Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Fanta Grape Babystar Noodle Snack

Yep, you read that right-  Fanta have collaborated with Baby-Star to create grape soda flavoured dried noodle snacks. Japan certainly know how to create unique flavour combinations, don’t they? (≧◡≦)

These limited edition noodle snacks are available in both grape and orange Fanta flavours, which sound like equally bizarre noodle flavours to me. I went for grape variety as I figured if nothing else at least purple noodles would look prettier than orange ones!

I picked these up from Napa Japan, who I would highly recommend if you’re looking for unique, unusual or limited edition snacks at a great price. They have a fantastic selection that updates regularly and their shipping is both reasonably priced and reliably quick, they’ve become my go to store for the harder to find snack releases. If you sign up to their newsletter you get promo codes for free snacks, last time I placed an order I got watermelon cookies, neri-ame candy, soda Hi Chew and ume chewing gum added in for free with a $15 spend (plus 5% off my order total) so it’s worth signing up if you plan to shop there in the future 。^‿^。

Fanta Grape Noodles

You have to admit, the wavy purple noodles really are pretty! Question being, do they taste as good as they look?

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Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water Limited Edition Unboxing

 photo 20151029_110129-wm_zpsheauhhiw.jpg

Here in the UK we are right in the middle of the first major storm of the season. So major, in fact, it’s the first storm to have been given a name by the Met Office, which is pretty cool!

As we weather Storm Abigail, we’ve been taking advantage of the appropriately scary ambient atmosphere to enjoy our latest Nintendo purchase; Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water.

If you’re reading this you likely already know what this game is about, in which case feel free to skip to the pictures! If you don’t, in a nutshell it is a survival horror game with a pretty amazing setting, Mount Hikami, which is an amalgamation of several allegedly haunted places and hallowed grounds in Japan including Aokigahara, Mount Osore and Mount Koya and is infamous for both suicides and spiritual happenings connected to bodies of water. You follow the stories of three main characters (plus get to play as Ayane from Dead or Alive for a while) and your weapon of choice against the hostile spirits you encounter is your antique camera.

Water plays a  big role in the game, basically the more wet you get the more spirits you encounter so playing it on a dark stormy night can get pretty damn scary! With Storm Abigail predicted to gives some areas a months worth of rain in just two days, I’m sure you can understand why I said this was an appropriate time to play this game. Makoto Shibata, director of the series, tells us this in the foreword of the included artbook:

‘I wanted to evoke a sense of dread linked with water, drawing upon the mythology of ghosts manifesting in damp environments. The game’s characters and ghosts alike are surrounded by the mists, rivers and lakes of Mount Hikami, in a world where- from life to the afterlife- all things are connected by water. When you play, I really hope you can feel the sense of saturated fear I was trying to convey’.

I think they achieved that well, the atmosphere is great and definitely builds a sense of dread. I’ve found you need a bit of historical knowledge of Japan (or at least have an interest in the subject) to fully appreciate the game and the effort that has been put into the locations and subject matter. You also need to like taking pictures, because that’s really what you’ll be doing…a lot 😉

Enough rambling, let’s look inside the box!

 photo box-wm_zpsggbko2je.jpg

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