Hello 2019!

I don’t know about you (and I do mean that literally), but 2018 was an utter sh*t show for me. I’ve barely interacted with anyone online or off this year and I certainly haven’t kept up to date with all you lovely WordPress people, let alone posted anything myself. What a write off for writing … More Hello 2019!

Unboxing: Doki Doki Crate March 2016 (Bento Edition)

Today I was introduced to the world of kawaii subscription boxes. This is Doki Doki Crate, a USA based subscription box (or as they put it, a kawaii care package) brought to you by Japan Crate. Each month you’ll recieve 8-10 kawaii items for $30 per month (plus $10-15 for international shipping, USA domestic shipping … More Unboxing: Doki Doki Crate March 2016 (Bento Edition)