Puré Gummy Candy-Strawberry Chocolate〚Review〛

Kanro release new Puré flavours so often, I feel like I’m always trying something new. I’m not sure I’ve ever had the same flavour twice! These ones are strawberry flavoured with a chocolate filling, a fun take on a classic flavour pairing. I bought these from Napa Japan back in Febuary, they don’t have this … More Puré Gummy Candy-Strawberry Chocolate〚Review〛

Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Yep, you read that right-  Fanta have collaborated with Baby-Star to create grape soda flavoured dried noodle snacks. Japan certainly know how to create unique flavour combinations, don’t they? (≧◡≦) These limited edition noodle snacks are available in both grape and orange Fanta flavours, which sound like equally bizarre noodle flavours to me. I went for grape … More Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Ramen Pack (Tastes of Japan)

An exciting one today, this is my very first instant ramen pack from Japan! \(^▽^)/ I’m sure you all remember how impressed I was with the last two Zenpop packs I reviewed, after discovering how delicious the noodles from the ramen + sweets mix pack were I just had to try more noodles. I didn’t have … More Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Ramen Pack (Tastes of Japan)