General Update: Let’s try something new…

Super short post coming up, regular posting to resume shortly!

After finding that more and more of the blogs I’d love to follow aren’t on wordpress, I figured it was time to investigate a way of following everything in one place. I don’t want lots of separate accounts just to follow people after all (sorry). Enter Bloglovin!

I’ll be honest, I don’t fully know what I’m doing yet. But from what I have read the first step is claiming your own blog, and the first step in claiming your own blog is writing a post with this link in it, so here we are! I’ll be figuring this site out and hopefully following all the non-wordpress people I’ve wanted to follow soon 🙂

For now, if you’re on Bloglovin feel free to follow me at the link below and/or give me any tips on how to use the site ^_~

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Unboxing: Pokemon Mythical Collection Mew (February 2016)

 photo mew box_zpsyncmzmsq.jpg

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year (and what a long, strange trip it’s been 😉 ). As part of the year long celebration, they have released a new expansion in the Pokemon TCG; Pokemon Generations. The boosters are not being sold in the usual way, instead they are being included in special monthly boxes as the Pokemon Mythical Collection and in the Red and Blue Collection, a series of four special boxes featuring Charizard EX, Venusaur EX, Blastoise EX and Pikachu EX.

Each box in the Mythical Pokemon collection contains a full art promo card of the Pokemon for that month, a metal pin of the Pokemon and two Generations booster packs (10 cards per pack).

This is the first box in the Mythical Pokemon collection, featuring Mew as our February Pokemon.

 photo IMG_1305wm_zps8tqmr7wk.jpg

I love the symbol for the 20th anniversary products, it’s adorable ^_^

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Day 22: Doughnuts of blue

 photo 20151122_140724wm_zps0c58jsnb.jpg

As a follow up of sorts to my previous post on how I love blue things, today marks one more step along my life journey to find a blue version of everything. Today I acquired a blue doughnut. Now I have had many a good doughnut in my time, but never have these sugary treats left me so happy as this one has!

The doughnut was bubblegum flavoured and absolutely delicious, those little blue balls are bubblegum flavoured Millions which are tiny, chewy, highly flavoured sweets which happen to be one of my childhood favourites.

Rather than ‘Day 22: Doughnuts of blue’ I was going to title this post ‘two by two, doughnuts of blue’. Bonus points if you get the reference 😉

 photo 20151122_140748wm_zpsl46vzbwx.jpg

 photo 20151122_140801wm_zpstdbjfzyv.jpg

Review: Pokemon Mini Doughnuts

 photo pokemon_zpsvxslgu0b.jpg

Time for another Pokemon themed treat! Once again I’m in love with the awesome packaging before I’ve even tried the treats inside 🙂

These Pokemon Mini Doughnuts are a limited edition snack  created to celebrate the 18th Pokemon movie,  Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, which revolves around Hoopa (the lil purple and red guy on the box there) who is a mischievous Pokemon who happens to love anything ring shaped. Hence, ring shaped snacks!

We got these as part of our prize from Oyatsu Cafe, which you can see here.

 photo IMG_9337wm_zps1bzczp1p.jpg

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Review: Sakura Matcha Kit Kats

 photo bwwm_zpswqo0ijt6.jpg

It’s Kit Kat time again! And yes, time for a review rather than more NaBloPoMo musings 😉

I love matcha or sakura themed anything, not to mention Kit Kats themselves, so these sakura matcha (cherry blossom/green tea) flavoured Kit Kats were a natural purchase for me. Always good to combine the things you love, right?

We got this cute little gift box (containing three mini kit kats) from Tofu Cute for £3.99.

 photo IMG_7082wm_zpsu0yh7gdg.jpg

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Taiyaki: Fish-shaped pancakes

Check out this awesome and informative post about taiyaki from Miu at, I love the beautiful photographs! If you haven’t checked out this adorable blog yet, you should ^__^

Slice of Apple Cake

When people ask me what my favourite Japanese food is, taiyaki is my stock answer and has been for as long as I remember.


It’s a fish-shaped pancake that has filling inside (typically red bean, as you might guess) and there’re lots of taiyaki shops all over Japan! Back in Singapore there were only ever a handful, so maybe that’s why I put them on such a high pedestal haha.

But they’re really that deliciouscryThey’re crispy outside and soft inside and the best ones are stuffed with filling from head to tail and served hot off the grill. I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of taiyaki since I came to Japan. Also because there’re so many different kinds!


Like the croissant taiyaki, which is a bit of a recent trend. Kind of like the Japanese version of the cronut. It’s still soft but has a flaky texture outside, and decked out…

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