Review: Hi-Chew Kumquat and Honey

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Hi-Chew are pretty much guaranteed to be good, so when this cool new Kumquat and Honey flavour arrived in our December Oyatsu Box I was pretty excited! I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to talk about them as they’re officially my favourite Hi-Chew (so far) ^_^

I’m fairly sure these are a limited edition so if you see some, grab them before they’re gone.

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Review: Ju-C Colour Ball Candy

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Ju-C (or Joo-C, Jyu-C, whichever way you wish to spell it) Colour Ball candies have always caught my eye with their bright, fun colours and great mix of flavours.

After contemplating purchasing them for some time I actually ended up getting two versions of these at once, both with separate flavours. The pack on the left (with the yellow lid) came as part of our December Oyatsu Box. The pack on the right (with the blue lid) was one I ordered from Tofu Cute, for a very reasonable £1.70.

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The yellow pack contains grape, melon, lemon, orange and strawberry flavours.

The blue pack contains cola, ramune, melon soda, lemon soda and orange soda flavours.

Hard to choose just one pack, right?

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Review: Fujiya Milky Matcha

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Fujiya Milky candy is something that I’ve been curious about for a while now. I was initially drawn to them for their cute and instantly recognizable mascot, Peko-chan. I was really happy to see it arrive in our Oyatsu box this month, especially as this box also features Hello Kitty and is matcha flavoured; both things I love!

You can see what else we got on our box this month here.

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Review: Meito Strawberry Milk Candy

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‘Very delicious condensed milk strawberry candy’. This is what the front of the packet proclaims in block capitals and my goodness, I don’t think this could sound more delicious to me if it tried. Honestly, it had me at ‘condensed milk’ :p

We got this as part of our October Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

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Review: Yokai Watch Pop Ramune Candy

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I’m not entirely familiar with Yokai Watch, which makes sense as from what I have read it is only now starting to make it’s way out of Japan. I’ve seen sites hailing it as the next Pokemon, which makes me both cynical and very excited. Perhaps I’ll pick up a copy of the game on it’s EU release!

We got these in our September Oyatsu box, you can see what else we got here. You can also find them at Oyatsu Cafe here.

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Review: Pure Fruit Gummy – Salty Lychee

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Pure gummies are something we’ve heard great things about, so we were really looking forward to picking them up at some point. To receive our first bag in a lychee edition, a flavour we all love, was pretty awesome!

We got ours as part of our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here) but you can also buy them from Oyatsu Cafe here for £1.29 a bag. According to the Oyatsu Box leaflet, these are a summer edition so if you want some I would grab them before they’re gone.

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Review: Hi-Chew Premium White Grape

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Well, we haven’t had much of a summer here in the UK weather wise. We’ll just pretend I’m eating these on a warm, sunny day without a cloud in the sky…ok, I’m actually sitting here wearing a big fluffy jumper and it’s raining outside. Still. Summer edition candy, yay!

We got these as part of our August Oyatsu Box (see what else we got here) but you can buy them direct from Oyatsu Cafe here for £1.62. Remember these are limited edition and they probably have quite limited quantity, so if you want them act fast!

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