Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Yep, you read that right-  Fanta have collaborated with Baby-Star to create grape soda flavoured dried noodle snacks. Japan certainly know how to create unique flavour combinations, don’t they? (≧◡≦) These limited edition noodle snacks are available in both grape and orange Fanta flavours, which sound like equally bizarre noodle flavours to me. I went for grape … More Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Review: Heart Shaped Strawberry Fleck Pocky

Happy Valentines Day! ^_^ Whether you celebrate the day or not, you have to admit there’s something awesome about the shops being filled with yummy pink/red, heart shaped, love filled delights. Well, ok, you might not like that much if you really hate Valentines. Which is fair enough. Me, I love the ‘love is in the air’ … More Review: Heart Shaped Strawberry Fleck Pocky

Review: Torotto Maple

Torotto drew me in with their vague yet interesting product description; crispy baked chocolates with a creamy centre, in this case a fall inspired maple cream centre. Plus, the name looks like Totoro (the Ghibli character) so yeah :p This flavour is a limited edition, but you can still find some floating around on Oyatsu Cafe here (in … More Review: Torotto Maple