Review: Tsuyamaya Mixed Traditional Japanese Cakes

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Japanese baked goods look delicious to me, but unfortunately I can’t find anywhere that will ship them to me (or indeed anywhere local that bakes them). I don’t trust the idea of baking them myself because how will I know the ones I make are in any way authentic if I’ve never tried them before?

Prepackaged cakes like these are the closest thing I can get hold of (for now). I picked these not because I thought they’d be an amazingly authentic experience, but rather because the flavours all sounded really yummy and a good starting point in discovering the tastes of traditional Japanese cakes. Plus, you can’t deny how cute they are!

We got these from Japan Centre, you can find them here. If you’re in the mainland UK and want to try Japanese cakes or breads you should check out the rest of their baked goods section, it’s impressive!

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The packaging is very pretty, with all the little cakes individually wrapped inside. You can tell this is designed to be a souvenir type gift, but with such a good selection of traditional flavours it’s quite a nice one in my opinion.

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The cakes from left to right are:

あずき Azuki Manjyu, a red bean steamed cake.
栗 Kuri Manjyu, a chestnut steamed cake.
抹茶 Matcha Manjyu, a green tea steamed cake.
めずもち Yuzu Mochi, a citrus chewy rice cake.
小倉ようかん巻 Okura Youkan Maki, a red bean jelly and sponge cake.

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