Review: Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate

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I have a real thing for Taiyaki. Those adorable little fish shaped snacks, often described as a cross between a waffle and a cake, with their amazing range of fillings…well, I’m just dying to try them! They look so delicious and utterly sweet in every way.

You can imagine how excited I was to find this Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate, a delightful chocolate filled wafer that looks just like a Taiyaki! I can’t get the real thing, but at least I can have this adorable wafer look alike ^_^

We got this in our Jaunary TokyoTreat box, you can see what else we got here.

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Review: Heart Shaped Strawberry Fleck Pocky

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Happy Valentines Day! ^_^

Whether you celebrate the day or not, you have to admit there’s something awesome about the shops being filled with yummy pink/red, heart shaped, love filled delights. Well, ok, you might not like that much if you really hate Valentines. Which is fair enough. Me, I love the ‘love is in the air’ feel. It matches the general uplifting mood that comes with spring arriving and winter, with all it’s cold and dreary misery, ending for another year.

In true Valentines spirit, Glico have created this adorable heart shaped strawberry Pocky. Seasonal snacks always rock, but when the season is Valentines…well, things just get adorable ^_^

We got this box in our February TokyoTreat box, you can see what else we got here.

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Review: Big Black Thunder Coconut

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Black Thunder bars are fairly well known and are a mash up of dark cocoa cookie pieces, plain cookies pieces, rice puffs and chocolate poured into a block like bar. This version, Big Black Thunder, is larger, thinner and seems to have little to nothing in common with the original Black Thunder bars, as it is essentially a large chocolate coated biscuit. Which is fine by me, I love chocolate biscuits ^_^

We got this one as part of our November Oyatsu Box.

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Review: Star Wars Bikkuriman

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I wasn’t really sure if I should review this one or not; on the one hand I don’t have much to say about it (I mean it is just a chocolate filled wafer), but on the other I found it ridiculously yummy and pretty fun to boot.

So, this one is going to be more picture heavy than informative. But that’s ok 🙂

We got this wafer as part of our September Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

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Review: Halloween Edition Collon Pumpkin Chocolate Cream Biscuits

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Happy Halloween! The day has come and so far for me has been filled with junk food and Halloween craft projects. As it should be! 🙂

Here’s yet another Halloween themed Japanese treat we got to try this year; a Halloween edition of the well known biscuit snack Collon in a very interesting pumpkin chocolate cream flavour. I love when vegetables are combined into desserts/snack foods, so these stood out to me both as a great flavour and a great Halloween themed treat.

We got this pack from Japan Center, but it was only stocked as a seasonal item. Look out next year!

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Review: Halloween Koala No March (Spooky Strawberry)

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Halloween is fast approaching and with my son off on his half term holidays, we’ve been indulging in our fair share of Halloween themed treats. Our first adventure into the world of Japanese Halloween treats were these simple but adorable Halloween themed Koala No March biscuits.

We got this box of as part of our October Oyatsu Box, see what else we got here.

 photo packagingwm_zpsklhv0pyk.png

The packaging on these is just adorable. Look at that cute little strawberry koala witch! I love that they’ve gone for cuteness overload rather than typical dark or scary Halloween packaging, it makes a nice change. I mean trying to make koala themed strawberry biscuits dark or scary is kind of setting out for failure anyway, so I’m glad they didn’t try! :p

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Review: Cocoa Milk Pocky Biscuit Sticks

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Back when my only Pocky options were strawberry, chocolate or milk, milk was by far my favourite flavour. Cocoa biscuits sounded like a great addition to this sweet treat, so in the basket these went.

We got this box from Tofu Cute for £1.99.

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