Puré Gummy Candy-Strawberry Chocolate〚Review〛

Kanro release new Puré flavours so often, I feel like I’m always trying something new. I’m not sure I’ve ever had the same flavour twice! These ones are strawberry flavoured with a chocolate filling, a fun take on a classic flavour pairing. I bought these from Napa Japan back in Febuary, they don’t have this … More Puré Gummy Candy-Strawberry Chocolate〚Review〛

March Favourites

Happy spring everyone! The day I started typing up this post we had hailstones and howling winds. Today I’m shivering in my winter layers listening to the rain, wishing I’d been less optomistic and ordered more heating oil. I can count the number of warm sunny days we’ve had on one hand, so much like … More March Favourites

Unboxing & Reveiw: Doki Doki Crate February 2019

I don’t currently have a subscription to Doki Doki Crate (or any subscription box actually, sad times) but when I saw this promo video for February’s Sweet Valentine box on Instagram I knew I was going to have to grab one. Why? Because that big squishy marshmallow plush is something I absolutely needed in my … More Unboxing & Reveiw: Doki Doki Crate February 2019

Hello 2019!

I don’t know about you (and I do mean that literally), but 2018 was an utter sh*t show for me. I’ve barely interacted with anyone online or off this year and I certainly haven’t kept up to date with all you lovely WordPress people, let alone posted anything myself. What a write off for writing … More Hello 2019!

Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Stationery Pack (Hana Ga Saku)

Today I am thrilled to be able to show you all yet another of Zenpop’s boxes, this time their popular stationery pack! I’ve been interested in this pack for a while but having never bought a stationery pack before, I just wasn’t sure. I’m not fussy about stationery exactly but I’m wary of getting things … More Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Stationery Pack (Hana Ga Saku)

Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Yep, you read that right-  Fanta have collaborated with Baby-Star to create grape soda flavoured dried noodle snacks. Japan certainly know how to create unique flavour combinations, don’t they? (≧◡≦) These limited edition noodle snacks are available in both grape and orange Fanta flavours, which sound like equally bizarre noodle flavours to me. I went for grape … More Review: Fanta Grape Baby Star Noodles

Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Ramen Pack (Tastes of Japan)

An exciting one today, this is my very first instant ramen pack from Japan! \(^▽^)/ I’m sure you all remember how impressed I was with the last two Zenpop packs I reviewed, after discovering how delicious the noodles from the ramen + sweets mix pack were I just had to try more noodles. I didn’t have … More Unboxing & Review: Zenpop Ramen Pack (Tastes of Japan)