みなさん, こんにちわ! My name is Sara, I’m a Northern Irish girl with a passion for all things sweet~

Navigating a life of chronic illness one creative outlet at a time, my hobbies include photography, sketching and journaling. I love tea, good food and all things kawaii. When not creating, you’ll find me reading, cuddling my dog or roaming Azeroth.

About the blog:

All the Ame launched in 2015 with a focus on Japanese snacks and subscription boxes. The Japanese snack industry is a wonderful, ever evolving thing that never fails to surprise me and I intend to remain true to my original aim; showing you the most interesting snacks Japan has to offer, along with some of the shopping and subscription services that make them accessible to international customers.

That said, I feel like it’s time to expand my focus. There are so many things that bring me happiness in life, so many things to write about, and 2020 is the year I’m going to explore which directions to take. がんばります!

Fun fact: When written in hiragana, ‘ame’ (あめ) can mean either ‘rain’ or ‘candy’. The blog name ‘All the Ame’ could imply I have ‘all the candy’ or ‘all the rain’. Living in Northern Ireland means lots of rain, so you could say I have a lot of both in life! 。^‿^。


All the Ame is a personal blog, I have never been paid for any of my content and I do not use affiliate links. I’m by no means a professional, this site is just for fun.

I occasionally receive free items in exchange for review, if this is the case it will be clearly marked in the post. I do not charge for reviews. I love to try new things and I enjoy working with companies who feel passionate about their products/services, however I value my creative freedom and only work with companies who are interested in my honest opinion. I will not post anything but my own work and my own thoughts

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Haha! This is so funny! I visited your page just now because you followed me day before yesterday. I took a look at your About page, and I realized that I actually commented here in Aug 16, 2015! Five years ago! At the time, I was actively doing a veg blog from Vancouver, but I’ve started a different one now to record my new life in Tokyo 😀

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