Hello! My name is Sara, I am a UK based blogger with a passion for Japanese pop culture.  All the Ame is my little corner to write about the things that bring me joy, with particular focus on Japanese snacks and subscription boxes. The Japanese snack industry is a wonderful, ever evolving thing and my aim is to show you the best snacks it has to offer along with the services that make them accessible to international customers. When not photographing or writing about candy you’ll find me reading, drawing, or roaming Azeroth.

Fun fact: When written in hiragana, ‘ame’ (あめ) can mean either ‘rain’ or ‘candy’. The blog name ‘All the Ame’ could imply I have ‘all the candy’ or ‘all the rain’. Living in Northern Ireland means lots of rain, so you could say I have a lot of both! 。^‿^。


All the Ame is a personal blog, I do not make money on this site and I have never been paid to write a post. All opinions expressed are my own and are in no way influenced by the companies I write about, the stores I purchase from or anyone else. I do occasionally receive promotional items in exchange for review, however I will not write good things about a bad service in exchange for promotional items. A free box of candy is a wonderful thing but I value my integrity more than free candy and will not promote any service I do not feel genuinely enthusiastic about. If I recommend a site, service, item or anything else it is because I think it’s awesome, nothing more.

Thanks for visiting! (≧▽≦)/

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