Puré Gummy Candy-Strawberry Chocolate〚Review〛

Pure Strawberry Choco

Kanro release new Puré flavours so often, I feel like I’m always trying something new. I’m not sure I’ve ever had the same flavour twice! These ones are strawberry flavoured with a chocolate filling, a fun take on a classic flavour pairing.

I bought these from Napa Japan back in Febuary, they don’t have this flavour anymore as it was a winter release but there are plenty of others available 。^‿^。

Pure Strawberry Choco Gummies

Heart shaped gummies, how adorable~

To my understanding, Puré gummies are so named because they use real fruit juice (‘pure’ as opposed to artificial flavourings) and because they taste like a fruit purée. These ones claim to use Nagasaki Prefecture Sachinoka juice, Sachinoka being a variety of strawberry that has a sugar sweet taste, and they do indeed have an incredibly sweet and realistic strawberry flavour.

The sugar coating is slightly sour, which was unexpected but works really well to recreate the sweet/tart flavour of an actual strawberry. The strawberry part really is delicious!

Pure Strawberry Choco Filling

The chocolate filling is quite firm, it reminds me of chocolate pudding both in taste and texture. It softens to more of a sauce like consistency if you leave the gummy in your mouth/your pocket/anywhere warm for a while. It tastes a bit cheap/artificial (think chocolate flavoured candy rather than actual chocolate) but it works well in context.

Overall, these do a great job of recreating chocolate dipped strawberries in gummy form. I feel like the chocolate could be better but the strawberry part is so good, it more than makes up for it. It reminds me of when you order a chocolate fondue in a restaurant and they give you perfectly ripe strawberries with what is obviously cooking chocolate melted in a pot, it’s not perfect and it doesn’t match but you love it anyway.

Oh, and let’s not forget the usual Puré marketing that these contain Vitamin C and collagen so…they’re healthy, right? (≧◡≦)

10/10 would eat again 。^‿^。

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