Hello 2019!

Stationery Gifts 2018

I don’t know about you (and I do mean that literally), but 2018 was an utter sh*t show for me. I’ve barely interacted with anyone online or off this year and I certainly haven’t kept up to date with all you lovely WordPress people, let alone posted anything myself. What a write off for writing 2018 has been. Goodbye you crap year! (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

I’ve decided to go in new directions with blogging this year, as much as I love Japanese snacks I don’t love focusing on just one topic when there are so many other fun things to write about. I’m also not sure how I fell into doing nothing but unboxing/review posts, that wasn’t exactly my intention when I started this blog. They’ll be back, just plan to do some other kinds of posts too! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have an idea of the kind of things that have been brightening my year, I think it’s time I started writing about them here too rather than posting nothing for months at a time till I have enough of an appetite to appreciate snacks. Plus maybe people will stop looking at me like I’m a loser when I tell them what my blog is about. Ahem.

I’m going to kick this year off by showing you some of the fantastically adorable stationery I was gifted this Christmas (thanks Mum!). One of the few things I have kept up this year is regular journaling in my Hobonichi Techo, so more stationery is much appreciated and definitely something I’ll get use out of. Incidentally, my 2018 planner is now incredibly chubby! Here’s a comparison pic with my brand new 2019 planner:

Hobonichi Techo

The entries got a bit sparse in December but I think that’s probably for the best, look at that spine curvature! This was my first year using the Techo and I’m impressed at how well it has held together, especially considering how many Instax photos and paper scraps are stuck in there. Not to mention all the washi and stickers. Good job Hobo!

Anyway, on to the gifts!

Blippo Sticker Sheets

Look at all those sticker sheets! I absolutely love kawaii stickers, they’re pretty much the perfect gift to get me (≧◡≦)

Here is a closer look at some of my favourites:

Kawaii Sakura Shiba Inu Stickers

Shibas and sakura, these are right up my street! I love the lil guy in the middle with the two blossoms~

Sweet Dessert Emoji Transparent Stickers

Food stickers are always a win for me, these ones have cute lil (mostly) happy faces too. How sweet! I wish I could find desserts like these locally, the nearest matcha roll cake I’ve found still requires a flight to get to…

Kawaii Animals Masking Seal Stickers - Library

This sheet has real weird and wonderful vibes, what is that silly birb doing in a plant pot? I don’t know but it’s adorable! (≧▽≦)

Kawaii Sweets & Snacks Shop Stickers

More food stickers (well, snack stickers), these ones are a little puffy but I think they’ll still work fine in my planner.

Adorable Cat and Dog StickersAdorable Cat and Dog Stickers 2

These ones are even puffier, I avoided using puffy stickers in my 2018 planner because I didn’t want to add any excess thickness (yeah, that worked well!) but these ones are just so cute I’m going to give them a go. I love all the dynamic poses, even the sleepy ones look more energetic than I feel most of the time! I particularly love the doberman ❤

Bonbons Kawaii

I also got a lovely bundle of kawaii goodness from BonBons Kawaii, a UK based Etsy store I’d never seen before but which, naturally, I now want one of everything from. The branded envelope packaging is so adorable, I love when Etsy stores go the extra mile~

Bonbons Kawaii Sticker Sheets

These fairy tale inspired stickers are very sweet, think I’m missing a sheet as the back of the pack shows 6 and I have 5…but oh well ╮( ˘ 、 ˘ )╭

BK planner stickers

The pink booklet with ‘Write your own story’ printed on it is a pack of planner stickers that are so freaking cool! There are 8 sheets total and lots of useful accent stickers~

BK planner 2

I think this page is my favourite of them all, I love how basically every lifestyle blog/instagram aesthetic that was popular last year features somewhere in there! (≧▽≦)

BK Pink Gemic Clear Seal

How sweet are these stickers? I think these take the prize for most kawaii sticker sheet of all, they are just SO cute! Makes me want to buy a bunch of food colouring and make kawaii pastel toned cakes and drinks o(>ω<)o


Last but not least some washi and sticker flakes. The MIYA roll has the raindrop pattern shown in the middle, get the feeling I’ll get a lot of use out of that one! I think I’ll save the mushroom tape for some Autumn themed layouts~


So there we go, first post of 2019 done and dusted. Hopefully I’ll see you around a lot more this year! 。^‿^。

(I’ll try not to take it as too much of an omen that my PC crashed and deleted that final sentence. Ugh.)


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