Unboxing & Review: OyatsuBox May 2017

OyatsuBox Unboxing & Review May 2017

When I started typing this post up (last week, last month? A while ago!) I was going to tell you all that I was slowly catching up on my unboxings, that I was about done with my May boxes and, shock, even looked set to be publishing my June posts IN JUNE.

(Who was I kidding, expect them in July. Maybe.)

Then my partner threw a spanner (or should I say spaniel) in the works by bringing home this absolute cutie:


Now on the plus side, we’ve got a dog! On the minus (in terms of blogging, because this isn’t really a minus), my time has very much been taken up with said dog so all the catch up progress I had made is pretty much redundant. Plus my photography space is currently out of action from the last minute dog proofing around the house (as in, take everything and pile it in the spare room) so my as of yet un-photographed July boxes are going to have to wait until that is sorted. Shouldn’t take long though ^_^

There’s also the more amusing issue of my dog’s cardboard box fascination, every time I open a box she jumps right in (crushing anything left inside) and makes herself a little bed:

Doggo Unboxing- wm.jpg

Doggo unboxings anyone? ^_~

Once the dog settles in and I get my work space sorted out I’ll push to get on top of posting again, until then I hope you guys don’t mind slightly behind unboxings!

Now, on to the actual unboxing. Today I’ll be talking about the May OyatsuBox, which has a Japanese Festival theme 。^‿^。

OyatsuBox May 2017

OyatsuBox have changed up their leaflets again, we’re back to the larger tri-fold format. I’m sad that people didn’t seem to enjoy the postcard format as much, I guess maybe for some it was too much of a hassle to go to the dedicated link to get the detailed snack information? I don’t know, I really enjoyed them anyway. They make wonderful wall decorations! The new leaflets have more information and still feature awesome photos, they are like a cross between the original leaflet and the photographic postcards so hopefully this version can please everyone 。^‿^。

Now, lets see what’s inside~

Ice-Cream Chocolate

Ice-Cream Chocolate

Ice cream flavour corn puffs, what a wonderfully practical way to include ice cream in a festival themed box! 。^‿^。

There was a slight issue regarding this snack, basically a batch of boxes were accidentally posted out without it. My box was part of this batch, but on the plus side I can now report that OyatsuBox’s customer service are fantastic! I’ve never had to contact them regarding a missing item before (or any other box problem actually) so this was a great opportunity to learn how friendly and polite they are to deal with. They were very quick to respond and took the time to explain what had happened as well as resolving the issue (they couldn’t replace the item since it’s such a limited release but I got a discount off my next box to make up for it). They’ve also taken steps to ensure this type of mistake (which happens to be the first in over 2 years of providing boxes) won’t happen again. Fair enough really, we all make mistakes so I think we can forgive Oyatsu Box just one in 2 years! It’s good to know that there’s great customer service if something goes wrong (b^_^)b

Anyway, I can still talk about this snack because TokyoTreat included it in their June box~

I feel quite lucky to get a bag at all because it turns out TokyoTreat have had trouble with this snack too! They weren’t able to get enough stock, it’s in short supply due to a knock on effect from the potato shortages in Japan so some subscribers got a substitute snack instead (something they anticipate will continue with new releases for months to come). I’m not surprised Oyatsu Box couldn’t replace the missing item given that TokyoTreat couldn’t get enough stock to start with, seems it’s in very high demand!

Ice Cream Chocolate Corn Puffs

So how are these mythical hard to obtain corn snacks? Well, they’re super cute and taste just like ice cream so to me they’re pretty awesome!

The flavour is a lovely mild, milky and sweet vanilla, to me they taste just like a good soft serve ice cream. I love the texture too, light and crisp corn puffs with creamy chocolate coating are a match made in heaven. It’s a little too easy to eat the whole bag at once, they’re just so good! You can chill them before eating too if you want an even more authentic ice cream experience. I’m so happy to have had the chance to try these~

10/10, if you’ve ever wished your ice cream was actually a corn puff these are for you! ^_~

Fun Festival DIY

Fun Festival DIY

I’m so excited to see this kit included, look at all the little festival foods you get to make! Fries, choco bananas, corn on the cob, candy apples…this one is going to take some effort! It looks so fun though, I’ve been wanting to try it for ages o(≧▽≦)o

Sadly I haven’t been able to make this yet as we’ve had incredibly hot and humid weather (well, hot for the UK haha!) and from prior experience I have learned that attempting these fondant type DIY kits in warm weather results in a big sticky failure. Then, of course, we got a very attention loving dog who isn’t quite capable of letting me be on my own long enough to do a more time consuming DIY like this one looks to be. Once the weather (and the dog) calms down a bit I’ll post my (likely hilariously bad) results to my instagram. Unless they’re really, really bad. Then I’ll probably just hide my shame by eating the evidence.

Caplico Strawberry

Caplico Strawberry

The leaflet says strawberry, I got the chocolate version. I’m not complaining, I’ve had both varieties and they’re both delicious!

Caplico Chocolate Cone

Mini Caplico are sweet ice cream cones filled with aerated chocolate. Simple yet delicious, the crunchy cone is a great contrast to the soft and creamy chocolate filling. I think the chocolate is great quality too!

10/10, this is a snack I regularly pop in my shopping cart as you just can’t beat the simple goodness!

Milk Choco Star

Milk Choco Star

More sweet corn puffs, yay! This has been a very sweet box so far (not that I’m complaining). This time it’s a little bag of milk chocolate stars~

Milk Choco Star Corn Puffs

I probably should have taken a photo of the chocolate and ice cream stars together, but the ice cream ones were all eaten by the time I opened the chocolate ones. Oops!

These ones are a little smaller in size than the ice cream flavoured ones but had a much richer flavour. The chocolate is super creamy and delicious and there’s a generous coating on each corn puff. As with the ice cream version the crisp, slightly salty corn puffs are a match made in heaven with the creamy chocolate coating.

Another 10/10, I can’t get enough of these sweet corn puffs o(>ω<)o

Hi-Chew Cola & Soda

Hi-Chew Cola & Soda

I seriously think including a pack of Hi Chew should be compulsory in all boxes, so to see a big bag with not one but two flavours? This made me day! 。^‿^。

How awesome is that pop art packaging? The inner wrappers are really cool too:

Hi-Chew Cola & Soda Wrappers

Much more exciting than the regular Hi Chew wrappers!

Hi-Chew Cola & Soda Candies

Both the cola and the ramune (white soda) had the great, strong flavour you’d expect from Hi Chew. The ramune ones were my favourite obviously, but they’re both delicious!

There are little white fizzy pieces throughout the candies (you can see one on the cola candy pictured above) to give them a realistic fizzy feel along with their authentic flavouring. It’s like Hi Chew meets Puccho and it really works!

10/10, Hi Chew never disappoint. Anyone want to hook me up with a lifetime supply? No? Oh well, I tried ^_~

Takoyaki Puffs

Takoyaki Puffs

A little savoury treat this time in the form of Takoyaki flavour corn puffs. Yum!

Takoyaki Corn Puffs

I’ve never had actual Takoyaki so I don’t know if they taste like the real thing, but they do have the same delicious sweet and savoury flavour that other Takoyaki corn puffs I’ve tried have. It’s quite hard to describe but it’s seriously moreish, our eyes always light up when we see this flavour included in snack boxes (✧ω✧)

Another 10/10 from me, I’d be happy to receive these every month 。^‿^。

Jan Ken Po Candy

Jan Ken Po Candy

Jan ken po means rock paper scissors, these peach gummies feature one of the three hand gestures used in the game.

Jan Ken Po Gummy Candy

I let my son eat this one (it was a bit too sticky to share!) so I can’t really tell you much more than it smells really good and he agreed it tasted great. I mean, he says pretty much any candy tastes great but he did seem to really enjoy this one! He loved the fun design and would give it a 10/10 。^‿^。

Soft Soft Ramune

Soft Soft Ramune

This pack of dagashi candies may be small, but boy do they make up for it with flavour. They pack a serious punch!

Soft Soft Ramune Candies

As the ‘soft soft soft’ on the pack would imply, these are very soft candies. They’re like little gum balls, seemingly hard until you bite down and discover they are soft and hollow. They have a really strong soda flavour and I think there’s some sherbet in the centre because they’re very fizzy too, they’re so good! They have even more flavour and fizz than the ramune Hi Chew, which is impressive.

A firm 10/10, these are a great example of how great dagashi candies can be. Cheap doesn’t have to mean flavourless!

Okin Ramen Shop

Okin Ramen Shop

This is an interesting little snack, it’s dried noodles designed to be eaten without adding water. Strange concept perhaps but it’s something we’ve seen a few times in subscription boxes. After the potato chip and corn snack problems I hope the noodle snacks aren’t the next ones to become hard to obtain!

Okin Ramen Shop Noodles

Okay, the block presentation threw me and I did wonder if maybe this one was supposed to be cooked in water after all. It does look just like a little pack of instant noodles. If it was supposed to be cooked, well…oops! It made a tasty snack as is (although I definitely felt weird biting into a block of dried noodles), it tasted very much like a bowl of ramen. Chicken-y I think? A good savoury flavour in any case!

Strange as this may be any snack that manages to be interesting, somewhat unique and really tasty all at once deserves a 10/10 ^_~

Moguchuu Strawberry

Mogochuu Strawberry

Last snack now, and what a great one to end on. Moguchuu are chewy candies that are in many ways are similar to Hi-Chew. I find they have a slightly harder texture and slightly less realistic flavours, but all in all they have that same great Japanese quality. These are well worth a go if you like Hi-Chew, it was actually Moguchuu that got me liking grape candies because their flavours are so good!

Mogochuu Strawberry Candy

I love the cute wrappers (≧◡≦)

The harder texture means these take a bit more chewing than Hi Chew and you don’t get as much of an initial flavour hit, but once you get going and the flavour comes through these are delicious. The strawberry flavour is sweet and not exactly realistic, but not overwhelmingly artificial either. I really like how Moguchuu have found a good middle ground for their candy flavours 。^‿^。

Another 10/10 candy, I think the leaflets sums these up perfectly when it says ‘each piece is juicy, chewy and absolutely packed with flavour’.

Finally here’s the gachapon for this month:


It’s a squeezy sushi! Apparently these gachapons are usually only available at sushi restaurants. Since I stand very little chance of getting to a sushi restaurant in Japan anytime soon so I’m glad these were included, it’s pretty awesome to get a cute gacha I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. This is the sushi I’d want to eat most if I was there too! 。^‿^。

This was a fantastic box overall, very candy heavy but who doesn’t need a dose of sweetness? All that chewing made the box last longer than usual too ^_~

I thought the festival theme was well executed, the DIY kit alone covered everything that should be included haha! It’s hard to pick a favourite this month as there were so many 10/10 goodies, my top three would be the Soft Soft Ramune, the ice cream corn puffs and the bag of Hi Chew.

Any other Oyatsu Box subscribers out there? What did you think of the May box? Any thoughts please do comment below ^_^

2 thoughts on “Unboxing & Review: OyatsuBox May 2017

  1. This box looks like it would have been a great one for me to get, if I wasn’t tight on money right now lol. The snacks all look amazing! I’ve only had the chocolate stars, the soft Ramune candy, and the Caplico, but everything looks delicious!

    And your new puppy looks adorable! Spaniels are such cute dogs!
    My family also just adopted a new puppy and she’s a little Aussie Doodle. 🙂


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