Time to say goodbye…

To old content that is!

I don’t know how many of you use/have used Photobucket or are aware of the recent changes to the T&Cs, basically Photobucket no longer allow third party hosting unless you chose to upgrade to their most expensive plan (a tidy $399.99 a year). My email of doom rolled in around 6am this morning and lo, many of my images are now broken…

PB fail

Now, I could tell you all about how ridiculous I find this and how I honestly can’t fathom how they though it was a good idea to do this to the people who already bought paid plans (because screw free users, right okay I get it) but honestly, I’d already moved away from Photobucket because of how absolutely awful and frustrating the site was to use so this isn’t affecting my current blogging, just my older posts. Why did I move away? Months of upload errors, zero resolution from customer service, glitches glitches and more glitches, a constant stream of ads that freeze your PC or give you a lovely little virus…yeah, I gave up on Photobucket a long time ago. I didn’t see the point moaning about it at the time, but the fact is I considered a paid plan a long time ago and decided against it based on how awful the service was to use. I’m not going to pay you now to save my old crap.

And there’s the real point to this post; my old content is just no good. It’s not worth saving and it’s certainly not worth paying for. I don’t like how critical a tone I used (even when I liked what I was talking about!), I don’t like the poor quality images, perhaps most importantly I don’t think those posts are of any use to anyone. They don’t represent the quality of work I try to produce now, after almost 2 years of learning how to create content I’m happy with, and honestly when I see people have been clicking on those posts I worry ‘do they think that’s the best I can do?’.

I’ve been wondering whether to delete these old posts or not for some time now since some people say you should delete old content while others say you shouldn’t, or that you should rework it. Photobucket changing their T&Cs is a catalyst for me and, rather than spend months trying to rework old posts about snacks and subscription boxes long since forgotten, I think it is time that I say good bye to my early forays into blogging. Some I will rework, most will disappear.

It’s going to take some time for me to clear out/rework the old broken posts so please bear with me if you come across something that should not be. I wasn’t exactly planning to celebrate 2 years of blogging by purging old content, but I guess it needs to happen. I’m grateful that it’s only my old stuff that has been affected, it could have been a lot worse. Onwards and upwards!

I hope the changes at Photobucket haven’t caused too much trouble for any of you. I’ll be waving goodbye to my account over there since really, what use is it anymore? You will get no ransom from me old friend. To my fellow Photobucket (ex) users, I wish you all the patience in fixing what is now broken (ノ﹏ヽ)ノ♡

Unboxing & Review: TokyoTreat April 2017 (2nd Anniversary Edition)

TokyoTreat Unboxing & Review April 2017

I know it’s late now, but happy second anniversary TokyoTreat! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

There have been some big changes to the TokyoTreat service, first up is a brand new box design! The shape is totally different and the box is much sturdier, you can pick it up with one hand now rather than two which makes it MUCH easier to handle. I’m sure my Post Man appreciates this change!

Here are a couple of comparison photos to let you see how the old box and new box look side by side:

Box comparison 1
Box comparison 2

The graphics have had a total make over too; the inside, back and sides of the box feature cute stylized snacks and drinks:
TT new box

Visually and practically speaking I am very pleased with the new design. It may not look it but the new box is bigger on the inside, which leads to the next change; each box size will now feature more snacks for the same price! How awesome is that? The premium box will now contain 18 snacks, including one traditional wagashi snack and a 5 piece dagashi bag.

What’s a dagashi bag you say? Glad you asked! Each month we will receive a mystery bag containing 5 dagashi snacks. This is the dagashi bag from the April box:

Dagashi Bag

And here are the snacks unwrapped:

Dagashi Bag Open

I’m not going to go into lots of detail on the dagashi bag this month because I’m already worried this post is going to be huge after talking about the changes ^^;

This month the dagashi bag included a bag of yakisoba sauce flavoured corn puffs (delicious), a large chocolate coated corn puff (good), a pizza flavoured umaibo (gross in a delicious way as most umaibo are), a pack of pudding flavoured mochi (utterly amazing, tasted just like custard pudding but with a jelly filled soft mochi texture) and a pack of rice crackers with a sachet of strange sauce that is much better for drawing faces with than it is for eating, but that tastes fine in small quantities (if anyone can tell me what that sauce is I’d love to know!). All in all a great variety, I was impressed that there was nothing as noticeably cheap or poor quality as I expected. I think I’ve been too critical of dagashi in the past! Or maybe I just had some bad examples? Anyway, the dagashi bags are a really fun addition (especially since the price didn’t go up to include them!).

Other changes involve faster shipping when you sign up as TokyoTreat now ship everyday, great news for new subscribers, and general improvements to the website and customer portal.

Phew! What a lot of change! All very exciting, it’s great to see services getting bigger and better over time. I’m particularly excited for the wagashi snacks, can’t wait to see what traditional snacks TokyoTreat can find for us 。^‿^。

Now, please do read on for the actual unboxing ^_~

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