Unboxing & Review: Japan Candy Box (Plus Giveaway)

 photo Japan Candy Box Unboxing amp Review_zpsjnjihmlz.jpg

Today I’m going to talk about an awesome subscription box; Japan Candy Box! This box is pretty popular so you may have heard of it already, if you haven’t you can find their website here: www.japancandybox.com

Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription box containing 8-10 carefully selected Japanese snacks. They currently have one box size with several subscription options, the standard monthly subscription costs $19.90 per month and, as is often the case with subscription boxes, you can find a discounted rate on the longer term plans.

Shipping is free worldwide, which is very impressive! My box was sent using Registered Airmail (which includes a tracking number) and even with the busy Christmas period my box made it to the UK in just under 3 weeks. My other boxes took a lot longer than this to arrive so this really surprised me!

 photo Japan Candy Box Review amp Unboxing_zpskhe0uc40.jpg

Japan Candy Box describe themselves as ‘the sweetest monthly Japanese candy subscription box‘ and after unboxing this one I must say I agree; Japan Candy Box officially hold the title of most adorably kawaii candy box we’ve ever tried! Read on to see what cute and delicious snacks came in the November 2016 edition ♥ω♥

Giveaway details are at the end of the post~

Giveaway has ended and winner has been contacted by email 🙂

 photo Japan Canady Box Packaging_zpscmrzzxmv.jpg

I don’t usually mention the box itself, but I fell in love with the Japan Candy Box artwork and just had to include it. How adorable is this box? It really brightens up the day when something this cute arrives in the mail. There’s tissue paper with the same purple and white print inside too ♡(ŐωŐ人)

This box got a little battered on the way, an unfortunately common occurrence with the UK postal service around Christmas time. I tried to straighten the dents out so you could see the artwork better but it still looks a bit battered. I’m sad the post service weren’t more careful with it, but at least I can assure you that even with visible damage to the box the snacks are perfectly safe and secure inside it, nothing was broken or damaged in any way. Top marks for having adorable yet sturdy packaging!

 photo Leaflet Back_zpses0zkzdt.jpg

The included leaflet is short and sweet, there are no product descriptions but since they give the full name and maker it’s easy to find information on the snacks via Google. There’s even a hand written message on the back of the leaflet, how cute is that? Right back at you Japan Candy Box, hope you have a sweet 2017 too! 。^‿^。

Now, let’s take a look at what snacks were included in the November 2016 box:

Meiji Mushroom Mountain DIY kit photo Meiji Mushroom Mountain DIY Kit_zpsm1m8hgsk.jpg

First up we have a DIY kit, how fun! This kit allows you to make your own mushroom biscuits in a combination of white, milk and strawberry chocolate. I love the pre-made version of these biscuits so I am excited to get to make some of my own! ♡^▽^♡

 photo DIT Kit Contents 2_zpsx1k7vfyf.jpg
 photo DIY Kit Contents 1_zpsxntv17dz.jpg

This kit includes a mold with various shapes to fill, a pack of stalk shaped biscuits and three tubes of chocolate (white, strawberry and milk). To make your biscuits you place the chocolate tubes in hot water until they soften then snip off the ends, fill the molds in whatever way you like then insert the biscuit sticks and allow to set. Simple, right? Well, not for me apparently as it all went disastrously wrong! つ´Д`)つ

This is what my tray ended up looking like:

 photo Meiji Mushroom Mountain DIY Kit Progress_zpsmyou3rzk.jpg

My problem was that the room I was working in was too cold, and so the chocolate was setting almost as soon as I squeezed it into the molds.The chocolate hardened before I could set the sticks in so I had to force them in, which is why the chocolate around the sticks looks so messy. Oops! I also ran out of chocolate before I could fill each section of the mold, which was a little sad. It’s funny because you’re supposed to need to refrigerate these chocolates to set them- I knew my room was cold, but didn’t realise it was this cold! I guess I should have known since it was snowing outside, haha.

It’s ok though, my mushrooms may not have looked the best but they still tasted great! Taste wise the quality is comparable to the pre-made boxes you can buy, the strawberry chocolate was my favourite 。^‿^。

Here’s how mine turned out:

 photo Meiji Mushroom 2_zpsoo5x6wgf.jpg
 photo Meiji Mushroom close up_zps0o1p2dhb.jpg

I know I messed this kit up (I usually do to be honest!) but it was a lot of fun, even if the laughter was slightly hysterical as it all went wrong, and the end result was still delicious. I’d give it a 10/10 for the entertainment factor alone. Those with warmer houses will have much more success than me ^_~

Lotte Koala March Strawberry Biscuits photo Lotte Koala March Strawverry Biscuits_zpsbfkcqrhg.jpg

Lotte’s Koala March biscuits are well known (and well loved) chocolate filled biscuits featuring adorable koalas. They’re very similar to Hello Panda, but some say Koala March are better quality ^_~

 photo Lotte Koala No March Strawberry_zpstpkwleho.jpg

I love the designs on the biscuits, they’re so fun 。^‿^。

 photo Koala March Biscuit Filling_zpslwfthu4a.jpg

The biscuits themselves are light and crispy, a nice contrast to the solid chocolate filling. There is more air than filling inside the biscuits (although not all of them had as big an air bubble as the one pictured above) but what filling there is is good; the chocolate is super sweet and creamy, with a strong artificial strawberry flavour. Any more filling would make these pretty overpowering. The plain biscuits offset the sweetness so they’re not sickening, in fact it’s a little too easy to eat the whole pack at once! All in all they’re exactly what you’d want in a strawberry chocolate biscuit.

In case you’re curious, here are the rest of the designs from this box:

 photo Koala March Biscuit Designs_zps0nwahaag.jpg

I’d give the Koala March a solid 10/10, can’t beat a good strawberry biscuit 。^‿^。

Hi-Chew White Soda Chewy Candy photo Hi-Chew White Soda Chewy Candy_zpsrbmyr5lt.jpg

Hi-Chew are known for their realistic, high quality flavours and are one of my favourite Japanese chewy candies, yet of all the flavours I’ve tried this is the first time I’ve had the ramune soda flavour. Which is odd, since anyone who reads regularly will know that ramune is one of my all time favourite candy flavours! I’m glad to have had the chance to try these now and pleased to say they 100% live up to expectations 。^‿^。

 photo Hi-Chew White Soda_zpsm75k02q5.jpg

The candies are a plain, off white colour and come individually wrapped. Some of the wrappers feature pretty silly faces! They have a firm chewing gum like texture that gets softer and juicer the more you chew. The ramune flavour is excellent, it’s so realistic it’s like drinking soda and chewing candy all at once! They don’t have the fizziness that most ramune candies have, but the flavour is so good you don’t really miss it. You can chew these for ages and the flavour stays lovely and strong, so even though the packet is quite small you can make them last a long time.

I’d give the Hi-Chew a 10/10, ramune fans will love these for their realistic and long lasting flavour.

Fujiya Milky Matcha Green Tea Candies photo Fujiya Milky Matcha Green Tea Candies_zpsmo4lniga.jpg

I’ve had these candies a few times now and am very impressed with them, I actually bought them for some family members at Christmas so they could try them too! I love the Peko-chan X Hello Kitty artwork on the box, so adorable (≧▽≦)

 photo Milky Matcha Candies_zps4tkkqay8.jpg

The candies are quite large and feature cute  Peko-chan and Hello Kitty designs on the wrappers. You can see the designs better in this photo:

 photo Matcha Milky Wrapper_zpseac6auih.jpg

 photo Matcha Milky Candy_zpsszzhqfak.jpg
Isn’t the green colour so pretty? Texture wise these are comparable to a hard caramel which gets softer as you chew, it actually ends up dissolving if you hold it in your mouth long enough. The flavour is excellent, the matcha is mild but comes through really well and isn’t bitter at all. These are one of the sweetest matcha candies I’ve tried, because they are so sweet and mild I’d recommend these to anyone trying matcha for the first time. Like the Hi-Chew you can make one candy last a long time, which is great as there aren’t many candies in that little box!

I’d give the Milky Matcha candies a 10/10 for their beautiful presentation and great flavour.

Pompompurin Pudding Gummies photo Pompompurin Pudding Gummies_zpsiwcestll.jpg

What Japan calls purin you may know as créme caramel, flan or caramel pudding. Whatever you call it it’s delicious, and since Pompompurin is named for this caramel topped custard treat it makes sense that he would feature on a pack of pudding flavoured gummies!

 photo Pudding Gummies_zpshxvo9w2w.jpg
 photo Pompompurin Pudding Gummy_zps6qh8e1sx.jpg

The gummies are shaped like little individual puddings, complete with a caramel sauce topping. So cute! They have a firm yet squishy, almost jelly like texture. The flavour is incredibly realistic, it tastes just like a custard pudding with a hint of sweetness from the caramel. There is a dash of vanilla flavour in there too, I felt like I was eating creme brulee (one of my favourite desserts!) but in gummy form, which sounds very strange but it works! These are absolutely delicious and a wonderful example of Japan’s weird and wonderful realistically flavoured gummies!

Another 10/10 from me! (♡´౪`♡)

Fujiya Anpanman Lollipop photo Fujiya Anpanman Lollipop_zpsizi8izjm.jpg

Fujiya produce a variety of chocolate character lollies, Japan Candy Box chose to include this cute Anpanman version. This one features the character Dokinchan and is made up of both milk and strawberry chocolate.

 photo Anpanman Lollipop_zps7hp5z0c5.jpg

The chocolate is good quality and has a great creamy texture.The strawberry flavour was mild but lovely, not as artificial as the strawberry chocolate in the Koala March biscuits. It’s such a small lollipop though, so other than a little nibble I let my son have the whole thing. Times like this he is more than happy to be my helper and taste test for me! ^_~

 photo Anpanman Lolly_zpscds7fhno.jpg

Alexander loved this cute little lollipop and would give it a 10/10!

Yaokin Christmas Umaibo photo Yaokin Christmas Umaibo_zps4fay1bqv.jpg

You don’t need me to tell you about umaibo, right? These super popular dagashi snacks come in a huge variety of flavours, these two feature Christmas themed wrappers and are corn potage flavour (top) and chocolate flavour (bottom). Corn potage is my absolute favourite umaibo flavour so I was super happy to see that one ♡^▽^♡

 photo Yaokin Christmas Chocolate amp Corn Pottage_zpsohzark5d.jpg

 photo Yaokin Christmas Umaibo Chocolate amp Corn_zps8xna6z9j.jpg

Corn potage is a creamy sweetcorn soup garnished with spring onions, and that is exactly what the corn potage umaibo tastes like. It’s unbelievable just how realistically flavoured Japan’s corn potage snacks are, you can taste everything from the sweet, juicy corn right down to the spring onion. All the taste of sweet delicious soup but with the crisp and airy texture of a corn puff, these are a must try!

The chocolate umaibo is quite a bit smaller than the regular sized corn potage one, but just as delicious. The smooth chocolate coating works really well with the crunchy, slightly salty corn puff, it’s so good! The chocolate is surprisingly good quality for a dagashi snack too.

I’d give both these umaibo a 10/10, both flavours are excellent (although the corn potage remains my firm favourite!).

Morinaga Tsum Tsum Chocolate Biscuit photo Morinaga Tsum Tsum Chocolate Biscuit_zpswuyv1qtv.jpg

Another chocolate filled biscuit, this time a super kawaii Tsum Tsum chocolate variety with an interesting triangular packaging, designed to emulate the pyramid shape you would stack Tsum Tsums in. This one features Alice from Alice in Wonderland, who I think is one of the cutest Tsum Tsums! ♡ඩ⌔ඩ♡

 photo Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Biscuits_zps3shhi5b8.jpg

I love the kawaii dot work designs on the biscuits! That is the whole packet by the way, this is one of the smallest items in the box.

 photo Tsum Tsum Biscuit Chocolate Filling_zpsawzjihgd.jpg

These biscuits have a thicker biscuit layer and much more generous filling than the Koala March, there’s just a tiny air bubble in the middle of them. I didn’t enjoy the flavour as much, admittedly I do simply prefer strawberry to chocolate but these had an odd, almost alcoholic undertone to them. The biscuit was lovely and sweet but not quite as crunchy as the Koala March.

 photo Tsum Tsum Alice Biscuits_zpsumrmtxuo.jpg

Alice loved the Alice packaging! ^_~

I’d give these an 8/10, they were my least favourite biscuits in the box with that odd chocolate filling but they are still edible and the packaging is fun and unique, plus the biscuits designs are very cute!

Fujiya Anpanman Biscuits photo Fujiya Anpanman Biscuits_zpssjscwyd9.jpg

Another Anpanman snack, this time it’s these sweet little biscuits. This box sure had a lot of biscuits!

 photo Anpanman biscuits_zpselkfrwwb.jpg

They biscuits feature several different character designs, but I’d be lying if I said I knew who they all are! They’re very cute anyway. I thought these were very similar in both taste and texture to the Rich Tea biscuits we have in the UK, only slightly sweeter with a mild butter flavour. Plain compared to the rest of the biscuits in this box but still delicious, even more so with a cup of tea!

I’d give these a 10/10 for their simple but delicious flavour and adorable designs.


Overall I think this box was awesome, I was really taken by how cute all the snacks were. It was quite biscuit heavy (as a biscuit lover I’m not complaining!) but I think it still featured a great variety of snacks overall. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to pick it would be the Pompompurin Pudding Gummies just for their amazingly realistic and unique flavour. You definitely can’t find gummies like that in the UK! I was impressed that there was nothing in the box I didn’t like, even my least favourite (the Tsum Tsum biscuits) was still fine to eat.

The service is hard to beat for the price, considering you get full sized snacks and fast (free) postage. The staff are absolutely lovely to talk to via email, very friendly, helpful and polite, so I would imagine they would be lovely to deal with if you had any problems (not that I did). I would subscribe to this myself if I could afford another monthly subscription, so would definitely recommend it to others 。^‿^。

If you like the look of Japan Candy Box you can find subscription options here. You can also enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win a box of your own for free~

Click here to go to the giveaway!

Giveaway has ended and winner has been contacted by email 🙂

Japan Candy Box kindly provided this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinions on the box contents, the service or anything else. Giveaway prize box will be shipped direct from Japan Candy Box to a randomly selected winner. Thank you Japan Candy Box! ♡^▽^♡

7 thoughts on “Unboxing & Review: Japan Candy Box (Plus Giveaway)

  1. You know, I’ve been following this subscription box on social media for a while, but I haven’t even gotten the chance to try it out. Something always came up that kept me from being able to spend the money on just one box.
    All those snacks look delicious, and the only ones I’ve had are the Koala March biscuits. I discovered a love of matcha flavored snacks and sweets this past summer, and I’d love to try more, so the little Peko-chan x Hello Kitty candies look delicious to me (no matter how much my family turns up their noses at matcha lol).
    Everything else looks great, and your review really gives me insight into them. I might have to run off to Google and see if I can a place that has the ones I haven’t tried, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know that feeling, I follow a few boxes and keep wanting to try them out but my bank account keeps saying no haha! This one did have a particularly tasty selection. I’ve never used it, but the group who run Japan Candy Box (Kawaii Group) do have an online store (http://www.blippo.com/) where you can find some of the things they’ve sent in the boxes in the past. Could be worth a look if you can’t find them elsewhere ^_^


      1. I actually did know about their store! I just haven’t had the money or the guts to try it out, even though I have ordered items from Japan through Amazon before. It would have to wait until I got paid again, but I’ll definitely be looking at their website for these snacks!


      2. I haven’t compared prices with anywhere else, but they seem pretty competitive from what I’ve looked at. Since they advertise free international shipping I’m going to pick up a few things there next time I have snack money spare. I hate paying as much in shipping as I did for the snacks, I guess it can’t be helped with international deliveries but it’s not fun >_<
        Hope you find something you love when you get spare money! ^_^


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