Unboxing & Review: OyatsuBox November 2016

 photo OyatsuBox November 2016 Unboxing -_zpsf9qpiogh.jpg

I know this post is a little late, our box was seriously delayed due to the time of year (the UK postal service seems to just break around Christmas when it comes to international deliveries) and then Christmas was upon us and family time took priority over blog time.

Now New Years Eve has arrived I figure I better get this post published this year, eh? On that note,Happy New Year everyone! May it be everything you wish it to be! ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Our December Oyatsubox arrived on Christmas eve, which was a surprise because after this one being so late I didn’t expect the December box until January. That was a nice surprise! I’ll be getting that post up soon too, I’m actually more excited about the December box than this box to be honest (not that this box is bad!), it has a few items I’m super excited about so do check back soon for December’s unboxing/review ^_^

For now, read on to find out what we thought of the awesome November box (♡´౪`♡)

 photo OyatsuBox November 2016 Review_zpsyfryv0bm.jpg

Kit-Kat Matcha & Strawberry photo Kit-Kat Matcha amp Strawberry_zpsayy4kci5.jpg

To kick things off we have not one but two full packs of Kit Kats! These are re-releases of two popular flavours, strawberry and matcha (green tea), with 12 of each flavour. That’s right, 24 Kit Kats!! That’s the most we’ve ever seen included in a Japanese snack box! It’s so exciting to have plenty to share and enjoy ≧ω≦

 photo KitKat Matcha amp Strawberry_zpsk7nafrzw.jpg

How festive do these look with their red and green packaging? Perfect for the Christmas season!

 photo KitKat Green Tea Strawberry_zpswnyaujpc.jpg photo Kit Kat Filling_zps89xxklra.jpg

I think most people who’ve tried Japanese Kit Kats will have come across these flavours before, so I’m not going to go into great detail on how they taste. Both flavours are super sweet, with the matcha having more of a realistic flavour than the strawberry. For those unfamiliar with matcha chocolates I think these Kit Kats are a great starting point, as they lack the bitterness a lot of matcha snacks have (which can put some people off). I find both of them a little sickening to be honest, but that just means these bags will last longer! ^_~

Pokemon Choco Wafer photo Pokemon Choco Wafer Sun Moon_zps0ptyqpjq.jpg

Another re-release, this time a delicious chocolate wafer from Lotte featuring updated artwork for the new Pokemon Sun and Moon games. The perfect snack to enjoy while playing! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

Lotte seem to release new packaging designs fairly often for these yummy wafers, I wrote a review a while back for this Star Wars one (click here) and we’ve had a few other designs over the years too.

 photo Pokemon Choco Wafer_zpsa3argvaq.jpg

Our wafer got a little crushed in the box, but that’s ok!

Each wafer comes with a sticker, we got this awesome Charizard one:

 photo Pokemon Choco Wafer Sticker Charizard_zpslhl9rilf.jpg photo Pokemon Choco Wafer Filling_zpsed13mxyf.jpg

These delicious snacks are made up of super light and crisp wafers with a thick layer of good quality chocolate in the middle. Yum! Basic but good, I never complain when one of these arrives in a snack box ^_^

Joo C Banana photo Joo C Banana_zpschyabcm3.jpg

Joo C are very interesting candies indeed, they have such an odd texture. They look like regular tablet candies, i.e. hard crunchy disks of pressed powder, but they have a chewiness as well due to the little flecks of candy embedded in them and, unlike most tablet candy, they actually taste like the flavour they claim to be rather than just tasting like pressed sugar. These ones are banana, which is never going to be my favourite flavour but they were actually not bad!

 photo Joo C Banana Candy_zpsa5b0788x.jpg

Each candy has a K (for Kabaya, the maker) stamped on it and quite vivid green and yellow flecks through it. The banana flavour is super strong but not as chemically artificial tasting as many banana candies are, they taste quite like a banana milkshake. You really do have to try them to understand the unique texture, it’s far too easy to munch through an entire tube because of how moreish they are texture wise. My partner and son (banana heads that they are) both loved these 。^‿^。

7-Stick Milk Cream photo 7-Stick Milk Cream_zpsevkgl2az.jpg

7-Stick Milk Cream is a dagashi snack that is designed to be shared. Apparently it’s quite common to see Japanese children sharing these with their friends, which is pretty cute!

 photo Seven Stick Milk Cream_zpszuko960g.jpg photo 7-Stick Milk Cream Filling_zps9rey0qp4.jpg

As the name implies these are crisp wafer sticks filled with a milk flavoured cream. Both the wafer and the cream filling are incredibly sweet, sickeningly so to me. I can see why you would want to share them, eating a whole pack on your own would be impossible! I’m not a fan of them at all, but those who like super sweet white chocolate snacks would love them.

Shido Nakamura’s Tough Pepper photo Stubbon Potato Pepper_zpsndovtnre.jpg

This is the second bag of Shido Nakamura crisps Oyatsu Box have sent us, this time the amusingly named tough pepper flavour.

 photo Stubborn Potato Pepper_zps3zfy334v.jpg

I didn’t find these quite as thick or crunchy as the curry flavour, which isn’t a bad thing as it makes them easier to eat. The flavouring is a lot stronger than the flavouring on the curry variety, and boy is it a complex flavour. You really do need to try these to understand them.

Pepper crisps in the UK are usually black pepper flavoured and simply taste like you’ve ground pepper over some crisps, these ones have a strong citrus flavour, mild spice from the pepper, a sweet undertone…I’m not describing it well but it is an absolutely delicious flavour. These were my favourite snack from the November box, I couldn’t stop eating them! These are well worth a try (♡´౪`♡)

Black Thunder Soy Flour  photo Black Thunder Flour_zpsld8itign.jpg

Oyatsu Box have included a few different Black Thunder bars in the time we’ve been subscribed, this month we have a special edition kinako flavoured bar. Kinako is roasted soy flour and one of my favourite Japanese flavours, so this one has me super excited! ≧ω≦

 photo Black Thunder Kinako_zpsord9tuj8.jpg photo Black Thunder Kinako Bar_zpsc74szazi.jpg

The bar looks much the same as the regular edition, and indeed the texture is the same great combination of crunchy cookie pieces and light, crisp rice puffs. The chocolate coating is generous, but I don’t taste chocolate at all; the delicious roast nut flavour of the kinako dominates both the chocolate coating and the cocoa biscuit pieces, which isn’t what I was expecting but tastes really good. It’s so weird to taste kinako without the powdery texture, if that’s something that’s put you off trying kinako snacks before this would be a great one to try.

It may be small, but I think this was one of the best snacks included this month. I’d say this is my favourite Black Thunder bar so far! Although, I’ve yet to try the Fanta edition…

Roll Cake Strawberry photo Roll Cake Strawberry_zps1c8nm6jy.jpg

Well this is an easy one to describe, it’s just what it says it is; a strawberry roll cake!

 photo Roll Cake Strawberry Japan_zpsqq1rnfyh.jpg photo Strawberry Roll Cake Filling_zpss37qvftb.jpg

This cute little dagashi snack  is a light vanilla sponge filled with a strawberry flavoured cream, simple and tasty. It isn’t the best quality cake we’ve eaten but it is what it is, a cheap and fun snack. It’s always fun to get different types of snack and we don’t see cakes often, I’d love to see more cakes in the future (♡´౪`♡)

Funni Gummi 2 photo Funnigummi 2_zpsvsutqxy8.jpg

How cute and colourful is that packaging? Funni Gummi are sticks of bubblegum from Coris, this edition features lemon, strawberry and apple flavours. As is often the case with Japanese snacks you are encouraged to combine the flavours to make new ones, but there isn’t much gum in this pack to create these ‘mystery flavours’ so I think they’re best enjoyed individually ^_^

 photo Funnigummi 2 Chewing Gum_zpsgwdu6l6k.jpg

Bubblegum is never going to be my favourite snack and so predictably this one didn’t impress me much, but it’s good for gum fans. It’s very much the same lemon, apple and strawberry gum you could find here in the UK (but with way cuter packaging because, well, Japan!), which isn’t to say it’s bad it’s just not very exciting. It’s nice and soft, the flavour lasts for a good time and it works well for blowing bubbles, which is all you can really ask for in a stick of gum I suppose! ^_~

Awakoraramune photo Awakoraramune_zpsuqowv2bs.jpg

Ahh no, I really don’t like this one! We’ve had it in both cola and ramune flavour before and it’s really not a candy I’d reccomend…

 photo Awa Kora Ramune_zps8k20eqpm.jpg

Awakoraramune are hard candy disks with a fizzing action and strong soda based flavours (in this case cola). The problem for me is that both those things are too strong; the first time I tried these I put a whole tablet in my mouth and the fizzing action instantly filled my mouth with way too much foam, choking me and burning my throat and nose. The cola flavour would be nice if it wasn’t so strong, but there’s also a really nasty salty flavour, almost like you’ve filled your mouth with baking soda. Yuck!  (≧m≦)


Overall this was a great box. It was dominated by the bags of Kit Kats, but my favourite snack was by far the Tough Pepper crisps. They were delicious! I loved the kinako bar too, I’d definitely grab one again.

Thanks for reading, be sure to check back for the December box! ^_^/

4 thoughts on “Unboxing & Review: OyatsuBox November 2016

  1. I’ve had the Japan crate’s birthday cake tablet. I know what you mean w the Joo C Banana. I use the container now to store anacids as the tube is the perfect size.


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