Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium ‘Bizarre Candy Edition’ June 2016

 photo 20160614_182420--wm_zps5vdzkiru.jpg

Wow this post is late! Actually, my July box has been here for weeks and my August box will be here in a few days, eek! I kind of forgot I hadn’t published this, whoops…but anyway! Here’s a look at what was included in the June edition of TokyoTreat ^^;

When I heard TokyoTreat’s June theme was ‘Bizarre Candy’ I got super excited. Japan are the masters of bizarre candy after all! My main question was just how bizarre did TokyoTreat go with this box?

Sorry about the slightly darker photos this month. I did try waiting for better weather (since I’m totally reliant on natural lighting), but we’ve had an awful lot of dismal weather this month. Hopefully you can still see the snacks clearly 。^‿^。

 photo IMG_4266wm_zpsccsqx8qz.jpg

 photo IMG_4269wm_zpsqqozuzaf.jpgYaokin Big Ika

First up we have something that to me as a UK resident is truly bizzare; squid jerky. Squid jerky. ⊙﹏⊙

By jerky I mean this is some form of dried squid snack flavoured with mild spice, I’m not sure if this is reformed or straight up dried squid strips or whatever. I’m so hesitant about this one! I like squid and I love spicy squid but I don’t even like the mundane beef jerky available here in the UK, what chance do I have of enjoying dried squid? But hey. This is something I’ve been expecting to be faced with at some point since it seems to be popular in Japan. It’ll certainly be an experience :p

 photo IMG_4271wm_zps2kc1bxqb.jpgKitKat Otona Crush and Spread

After squid jerky, this box of Kit Kats feels pretty tame. ‘Otona’ means ‘adult’ and is generally used to describe snacks seen to have a more mature, adult flavour. These Kit Kats feature cookie crumbles between the wafers and presumably a more bitter, dark chocolate, to give them their ‘adult’ flavour. Kit Kats are always fun, I would have picked a more wacky flavour for the bizarre candy edition in all honesty but I think these are the newest version and that’s why they were included? In any case they’re bound to be good ^ω^

 photo IMG_4274wm_zpsyjttqxs6.jpgPine’s Cola Lollipop

TokyoTreat say this is a great item for fans of unique lollipop flavours. I don’t know, is cola a unique lollipop flavour in Japan? Here in the UK it’s a very standard flavour, especially with lollipops like this that have fizzy sherbet to dip the lolly into. Maybe I just buy too many lollipops! Not bizarre, at least to me, but I’m sure it’ll be tasty anyway.

 photo IMG_4275wm_zpsizl6ar0e.jpgFujiya Chocolate Pencils

This is such a cute item! These are quite simply little chocolate pencils, they’ve been included for their fun and unique presentation which features the Fujiya mascot Peko-chan. You get a little alphabet sticker sheet too, we got the letter ‘H’. Cute, not quite bizarre, but a fun little item.

 photo IMG_4281wm_zpsuz2wp1sy.jpgCrazy Bubbly Soda Ramune Candy

Haha, what a name! Crazy Bubbly Soda Ramune Candy is exactly that; ramune soda flavoured candy that fizzes and bubbles in your mouth, leaving you with a mouthful of deliciously crazy foam.

I love fizzy ramune candies, the novelty never gets old to me and ramune happens to be one of my favourite candy flavours. I’m definitely going to enjoy these, though I won’t be reviewing them as 1. there’s not much to say, once you’ve tried one realistic ramune soda fizzing/foaming action hard candy from Japan you’ve tried them all and 2. there’s no feasible way to take pictures of the candy foaming without looking like a rabid dog by photographing me eating it or wasting one of the candies by photographing it on a plate or something. If you’re really curious search for a video taste test, I’m sure it’ll be funny watching people try these (especially if it’s their first fizzy ramune candy) ^_^

 photo IMG_4283wm_zpsnwz0bdr8.jpgChocolate Dipped Corn

This one is exciting, cute little star shaped corn puffs dipped in chocolate. Japan has taught me that chocolate corn snacks are pretty much guaranteed to be delicious so I’m really looking forward to trying these (♡´౪`♡)

 photo IMG_4287wm_zpshmfliiv0.jpgKaraoke Mic Ramune

Another really cute item, a karaoke microphone filled with ramune tablets candies. I know my son is going to love this, it’s the perfect accessory for his imaginary games! Again, probably not an item I’ll review as I do find that by and large tablet candies are all very similar; they’re sweet, crunchy, perhaps a little fizzy and guaranteed not to taste like the flavour they are supposed to be, yet they still have a delicious generic sweetness. Unless these are the tablet candies to prove me wrong, of course ^_~

 photo IMG_4290wm_zps0l4tjcnc.jpgDIY Mysterious Coris Syrup

Our DIY candy kit for June is the strange and mysterious Mystery Coris Syrup. As with most ‘mystery’ DIY candy kits, the mystery lies in mixing the included flavoured syrups (strawberry, soda and lemon) to get a mysterious additional flavour, which TokyoTreat has gone ahead and told us in the leaflet is grape. An easy and indeed bizarre DIY kit!

 photo IMG_4292wm_zpstwsqre50.jpgSmartphone Mochi

This is such a cute and fun little item, it’s very similar to the smartphone we got in our Candy Japan box (unboxing/review here) except instead of having tablet candies inside, this one has little squares of mochi! Awesome!

I love mochi, even the little prepackaged ones like this that are more like chewy candies than real mochi, so I’m really looking forward to nibbling these (♡´౪`♡)

 photo IMG_4297wm_zps3gygw8yr.jpgLimited Edition Chocolate Umaibo

More umaibo! My house is coming down with these at the minute, haha! I need to do a mega umaibo post at some point…

These ones are unusual in that they are sweet, not savoury. Corn puffs covered in chocolate are sure to sound bizarre to some, they sound delicious in any case ^_^

 photo IMG_4299wm_zpsataykemi.jpgTohato’s Neko Atsume Biscuit

We’ve already had a box of these adorable milk caramel kitty treats from our May OyatsuBox, as I suspected they are indeed yummy! They’re actually corn puffs, not biscuits, with a sweet caramel chocolate flavouring. They’re also limited edition and already quite scarce, so if you see some grab them!

 photo IMG_4302wm_zpsz3e0xupb.jpgHi-Eight Chocolate

Here we have the classic Hi-Eight Chocolate, which is simply candy coated chocolates in a fun packaging. I recently began watching Kiznaiver and was amused to spot them, look how they become a stylish pair of glasses:
 photo glasses_zpslzuelve1.jpg

Adorable, eh? ^_~

Other than that these aren’t all that bizarre, they’re just Smarties. Not even amazing strawberry ones!

 photo IMG_4303wm_zpsbgv4k6k0.jpgSakura Cola

The first special item this month is Sakura Cola, yay! I loved the Sakura Pepsi included in the April box so I’m looking forward to seeing how this one compares. The packaging is so gorgeous, far prettier in my opinion than the Pepsi version. Maybe I’ll  do a comparison post ^_~

 photo IMG_4315wm_zpsx11hypb2.jpgChimokke Mascot

The second special item this month is this super cute Chimokke charm! TokyoTreat tells us ‘Chimokke is a popular character in Japan and is said to come from the Mokekenoke star‘. What a cute lil alien! There were three varieties available, this pink one is called Non ^_^

Those of you who follow my instagram/twitter accounts will have seen some photo spam of this lil guy in various places, that’s because TokyoTreat’s photo competition for June was to take photos with Chimokke adventuring and exploring the world. I didn’t win (sad because I REALLY wanted the Nendoroid >_<), but it was fun trying! It’s always fun taking part in TokyoTreat’s photo competitions, maybe next time I’ll win (●≧ω≦)9

 photo IMG_4309wm_zpsjncvtbo0.jpgKoikeya’s Potato Tiramisu Chips

This item is so awesome, these are potato chips that change flavour from savoury to sweet! Bizzare, eh? Even the ramen cup style packaging is bizarre to me.

The chips start off as cheese flavour, then with just a sprinkle of powder poof! Like magic they become tiramisu flavour! Ok, it’s not so bizarre when you know how it works, but I think it’s a really fun concept. I’ll probably review these once I’ve tried them, cheese crisps are a major weakness of mine and I love tiramisu so in theory I’ll love these!

 photo IMG_4311wm_zpsohr0o5z6.jpgSuper Long HimoQ Gummy

This is another fun addition, a 126cm long cola and ramune flavour gummy candy string. It’s even slightly carbonated, for that authentic soda feel. TokyoTreat claim this is the longest gummy in candy history, that’s pretty awesome! ^ω^


The Bizarre Candy Edition perhaps did not live up to my (very high) ‘bizarre’ standards, but the items all look delicious and what ‘bizarre’ items there are look awesome. I was kind of hoping for some more ‘out there’ snacks since lets be honest, Japan has many weird and wonderful snacks, but I guess TokyoTreat have to play it safe to a degree and not include super strange things. There’s a lot of fun to be had both trying and playing with this months snacks. I personally was pleased to see lots of cola and soda flavoured items, not to mention all the sweet corn puffs. I love sweet corn puffs! ^_^

If you’re interested in the July Anime Characters Edition, my unboxing post will (hopefully) be up very soon!

One thought on “Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium ‘Bizarre Candy Edition’ June 2016

  1. I can’t wait to see your July box review as this was one I didn’t get and really wish I did now. I thought the same as you it wasn’t what I would call bizarre xx


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