Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium May 2016

 photo Oyatsu Box May 2016 Review_zpsqmmyfule.jpg

I know I know, I’m so behind with unboxing posts. I’m all up to date as of this post though (until more arrive) so can focus on doing some more individual snack posts ^_^

Our May Oyatsu Box had no postal delays, so hopefully whatever the problem was with the UK postal service has been resolved now. Although despite having had the box since the 23rd of May, I’ve only had time to try one thing from it! つ´Д`)つ

 photo Oyatsu Box May 2016 Unboxing_zpsswlo22nh.jpg

Read on to see what’s inside the super shiny Oyatsu Box May edition:

 photo Neto Atsume Cat Milk Caramel Choco_zpsqfemep2j.jpgCat Milk Caramel Choco

First up we have an official Bandai snack; a super cute box of Neko Atsume Caramel Choco puffs. I love the box art! Snacks from Tohato have never let me down so I’m really looking forward to these little kitty treats =ටᆼට=

 photo Black Thunder GOLD_zpscl58zwaq.jpgBlack Thunder- GOLD

After introducing us to Black Thunder bars back in November with the Big Black Thunder Coconut (review here), Oyatsu Box have now provided us with Japan’s newest Black Thunder bar; Black Thunder GOLD. This one features thicker chocolate and crunchier biscuit. Plus a super shiny wrapper! There are so many sparkly foil wrapped items this month  ゚*。(・∀・)゚*。

I really enjoyed the Big Black Thunder bar, it’ll be fun to try this one as it’s a totally different shape as well a different flavour 🙂

 photo Coris Pirate Cola_zpsymcedkqb.jpgCoris- Pirate Cola

This is a fun little item. Coris candies double as both a candy and a musical instrument, simply blow through the hole to make a loud whistling noise. This one comes with a little pirate treasure box too! You can’t go wrong with cola flavour, so I’m sure these will be tasty as well as entertaining ^_^

 photo Puchitto Honey Lemon_zpsnwqn48sn.jpgPuchitto Honey Lemon

Puchitto is a soft candy that you pull apart and eat. I’m not too sure about this flavour, honestly. I like lemon and I love honey, but honey lemon…to me that’s a flavour you find in cold/flu medicines, not in candy. I’m not sure I’m going to enjoy a flavour I associate with feeling unwell. I guess it depends how similar it is to the honey lemon flavourings used in UK medicines, maybe it’ll be different enough to be yummy 🙂

 photo Butamen Pork and Curry_zpsy00m9ist.jpg2 x Butamen (Pork & Curry)

This one really excited me, not one but two little Butamen ramen cups! I love when subscription boxes include different kinds of snacks than just candy or crisps. These are dagashi style mini ramen cups, designed to be eaten as a snack rather than as a meal. One is pork flavour and one is curry flavour, yum! I can’t wait to try these 😀

 photo Bourbon Choco Anpan_zpsddlc71gz.jpgBourbon Choco Anpan

Here we have the one thing I’ve actually tried this month; Bourbon Choco Anpan, which are little sweet bread buns filled with  a condensed milk filling. They’re delicious, the condensed milk flavour really stands out and the bread is surprisingly fluffy and fresh for a prepacked bakery item. I hope to review these properly soon, we all really enjoyed them (♡´౪`♡)

 photo Costume Chocolate_zpssdulnhtx.jpgCostume Chocolate

This costume chocolate, or Henso Choco as it is called on Oyatsu Cafe, is a cute little box full of sugar coated chocolate similar to M&Ms. I think this grumpy little ninja version is adorable! You can slide the inside layer to change the face, which is quite fun ^_^

 photo Pique Eight Buttermilk_zps8gnzgbu1.jpgPique Eight- Buttermilk

Pique Eight is a really interesting snack exclusive to Tokai Area. I love when we get exclusive snacks, it’s great to be able to try things you can’t easily get hold of outside Japan. These are buttermilk flavoured rice crackers, made with butter from Hokkaido and said to be a mixture of Japanese and Western flavours. Sounds delicious, even though I’m not the biggest fan of buttermilk I’m looking forward to trying them.

I’m quite sad our pack doesn’t feature the super cute mascot though!

 photo Dodotto Ramune_zpsynkqixwl.jpgDodotto Ramune

This is the DIY candy kit for May; Kracie’s Dodotto Tsubupyon Ramune. This kit involves mixing powders into liquids then using a cute little octopus shaped dropper to drop one mixture into another, creating little ramune gummy balls. It looks like a lot of fun! ^_^

 photo Hi-Chew Otona Orange_zpsiggqtwg0.jpgHi-Chew Otona Orange

Yay, more Hi-Chew! The word ‘otona’ means ‘adult’ and when used on snack foods, indicates the snack will have a more mature, adult taste. Which quite often translates as bitter, e.g. using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. I didn’t know Hi-Chew had otona flavours, Oyatsu Box describe this pack as having a bitter and rich taste. The chews have candied orange peel in them though, so I’m sure they’ll not be too bitter. I like otona snacks in general so I’m looking forward to these ^_^

 photo Kabaya Watermelon_zpslmp2t9gh.jpgKabaya Watermelon

The reason I began subscribing to Oyatsu Box at all is because they often include great quality limited edition gummies, particularly during the summer months. My partner has a particular soft spot for both gummies and watermelon, so these are super exciting for him. These watermelon gummies from Kabaya are only available for a few months during the summer, I’m so glad to have the chance to try them before they disappear again 。^‿^。


Finally, we have the gachapon for this month:

 photo Oyatsu Box Gachapon May 2016_zpshtjnybqq.jpg

It’s Rascal the Racoon! The capsule is huge this month and so is the figure, for a gachapon toy that is. It’s still a small figure obviously ^.~

 photo Gachapon May 2016_zps36dkguzr.jpg

I think this one is really cute, the pillow piece is separate so you can have him lying on whatever you want ^_^

I’m glad to see a high quality gachapon this month, since the one we got in April really wasn’t that great quality wise. This one is awesome!


Overall I thought it was a great selection this month, not to mention a large one with 12 items. I’m glad to see the return of limited edition gummies, I hope we’ll receive more kinds over the coming months as well as more things like the ramen snack pots and the bakery goods. Love getting things that are a bit different ^_^

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