Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium Box May 2016

 photo TokyoTreat May 2016_zps2sd0zgnf.jpg

TokyoTreat have taken full advantage of Japan’s matcha season to bring us a brilliant selection of matcha goodies. As a matcha lover I LOVED this box, I hope TokyoTreat will continue to include some matcha snacks in the future ^_^

Our box actually arrived on the 4th of May but with a family Holiday and general life I haven’t had the time to write this post up, or even to try all of the delicious looking snacks. It doesn’t help that I’ve had the matcha snacks mostly to myself since my partner doesn’t like matcha, it’s hard work eating so many yummy things! ^.~

 photo TokyoTreat May Unboxing_zpsm2bbep5e.jpg

 photo Gudetama Character Seal amp Gum_zpsnnv26gap.jpgGudetama Character Seal & Gum

I love Gudetama, he’s such a cute lazy egg! I haven’t tried this yet so I’m not sure what flavour the gum is, but it comes with a collectible seal that will be cool no matter what the gum is like 🙂

 photo Crunky Matcha_zpsczwsiq8d.jpgCrunchy Matcha

Yay, our first matcha item! This apparently popular bar from Lotte features a matcha chocolate cream with crispy puffed rice, yum!

Despite smelling quite bitter, the matcha taste is super light and sweet. Even my matcha hating partner admitted it was pleasant, he quite enjoyed it. There is a generous amount of puffed rice mixed through the chocolate that provides a satisfying crunch and balances the sweetness of the chocolate cream, so it doesn’t become sickly. This is a really light and refreshing matcha chocolate, I love it! Unfortunately, it’s very easy to eat the whole bar in one go…oops!

 photo Yochans Sweating Spicy Snack_zpsqi39gciu.jpgYochan’s “Sweating Spicy Snack”

This one really intrigues me, but I haven’t mustered the courage to try it yet. Yochan’s “Sweating Spicy Snack” is  a bit of a mystery, the packaging calls it a ‘processed fish paste product’ with ‘ethnic flavour’. How…interesting.

TokyoTreat describe it as having a ‘powerful punch throughout each bite’ and ‘a hint of cod’. As my dear friend Wolf In Trainers said, ‘I’m not sure a hint of cod is ever a good thing!’. I guess I’ll find out when I’m brave enough to try them! Well…if I’m brave enough to try them. If anyone reading this has tried these please do feel free to reassure me they are okay!

 photo Shido Nakamura Potato Curry Chips_zpsahfbsus5.jpgKabuki Actor Shido Nakamura’s Potato Curry Chips

We’ve had several packets of these crisps now, they’re really good! They’re super crunchy and have a mild, sweet and salty curry flavour. They do taste like a curry made from powder rather than one made from fresh spices, but this isn’t a bad thing 🙂

 photo Uji Matcha Brownie_zpszhrpyfc2.jpg

Thick Uji Matcha Brownie

I’ve never had the chance to try fresh matcha baked goods as nowhere local sells them, but I reckon this brownie is a great substitute!

This treat is delicious both for it’s taste, which is strong but perfectly balances bitter matcha and sweet chocolate, and for it’s mixture of great textures. The brownie part is perfect; light and crumbly cake on the outside with a dense, fudgey centre. The matcha chocolate is sweeter and balances the more bitter matcha notes in the brownie, while the milk chocolate chunks throughout are crunchy and provide a welcome contrast to the gooey centre. As brownies go, this one is pretty awesome indeed! ^_^

 photo Plum Jam Crackers_zpsgv0sdgol.jpgPlum Jam Crackers

I suspect this deceptively sweet looking packaging is hiding something far from sweet…

We’ve had this snack before but in another flavour, it’s quite a fun concept; take a rice cracker, spread a little (or a lot) of the sauce from the sachet on it then munch away. This one features a sachet of plum jam, which is either going to be delicious or bitter and salty. I’m looking forward to finding out! :p

 photo Chocolate Banana DIY Kit_zpswuo76ncb.jpgChocolate and Banana Soft Candy

Our DIY candy kit for May is quite a simple one, you make chocolate bananas by dipping banana candy in chocolate sauce and sprinkles. I haven’t found Japanese banana flavoured candy to be the best (okay, I actually really don’t like it) but I do like the foam banana candies you get in the UK and I think these are similar? In any case my partner and son love anything banana (even Japan’s highly artificial banana) so it’s not going to go to waste ^_^

 photo Friend Bakery Matcha_zpsklpe7ohq.jpgFriend Bakery Matcha

These biscuits have a strong matcha scent, but the flavour is very mild. You can just make out the matcha if you place the biscuit chocolate side down in your mouth. To me they actually taste exactly like Farley’s Rusks, which in case you don’t know are biscuit type snacks typically given to 4-6 month and older babies when weaning them onto solid food. Rusks may be aimed at babies/children, but there are many adults in the UK (like me ^_^) who love the taste and unique texture of rusks, it’s a sweet and nostalgic flavour. To find this taste and texture recreated in a snack with just a hint of matcha? This is heaven to me! I love them so much (♡´౪`♡)

 photo Raspberry Kit Kat_zpsevf96gvy.jpgRaspberry Kit Kat x3

Japanese Kit Kats never fail to amaze me, I’m hoping to try as many flavours as possible so I really appreciate it when subscription boxes include the newest flavours. We tried these straight away since we have an entire 12 pack of them from our April Oyatsu Box as well.

As I said in my last post I expected these to be similar to the strawberry Kit Kats we tried last year (see my review here), which I thought were quite sweet but mild in flavour. I was wrong though; the raspberry Kit Kats are SO intense, they’re super sweet with a super strong flavour that only gets stronger when you come across the little red specks dotted through the chocolate. I find them rather sickly and I’m still not sure whether I like them or not. I think they’re nice in small doses, but I don’t think I’d buy them again as they’re just too sweet for me >_<

 photo Sour Spray_zpspscutolo.jpgSour Spray

This item looks really fun, it’s a sour spray akin to those you’d find in the children’s candy section. This one is apple, we got an orange one in our final prize box too. The leaflet also shows a grape one (glad we didn’t get that) and a strawberry one (which looks yummy). I’m not sure it’s going to be any different to the sour sprays you can buy here (although what sour Japanese candy I’ve tried has been really sour) but I like sour candy sprays. It’s made me realise that my son has never tried one before…so he’s going to be in for a treat! 😉

 photo Lotte Matcha Caramel_zpspxo1xlcz.jpgMatcha Caramel

Last time I had a pack of Lotte chewy candy, I really didn’t enjoy them. They tasted like plastic more than anything and the texture wasn’t great.

These ones, however, are a different story. Not only is the texture better, the flavour is amazing. It’s a combination of strong, slighly bitter matcha and rich, sweet, creamy caramel. Not a hint of plastic! They’re really good and sure to please matcha lovers ^_^

 photo Matcha Soda Cider_zpslbiysvpk.jpgMatcha Cider

This month we have a super special item; matcha flavoured soda! How awesome is that bottle design?

My first bottle arrived broken, but on the plus side I can now tell you that TokyoTreat’s customer service is incredibly fast and friendly and they’re quick to resolve problems like this ^_^

Luckily we got a second box (our last prize box from the Pokemon competition) and that bottle was intact, so I’ll still be able to try this. I’m really looking forward to it! ^ω^

 photo Re-Ment Nameko Charm_zpsmfd69m8f.jpgRe-Ment Nameko Charm

Our second special item this month is a cute Nameko charm from Re-Ment. I’m always happy to see Re-Ment items included, they’re such good quality!

 photo Nameko Charm_zps5publcjf.jpg

We got this one, I think it’s pretty adorable ^_^

You can take the lil guy off the log and plug it into the headphone jack on your phone to act as a cute phone accessory, or just attach the whole thing to your bag/purse/whatever with the ball chain.

 photo Calbee Rich Cheddar Cheese Crisps_zpsdvkjaqj5.jpgRich Cheddar Cheese Crisps

I love cheese crisps from Japan as they tend to be sweeter and have more of a realistic cheddar flavour than the cheese crisps you can buy here in the UK, which may sound weird but it’s actually awesome!

These ones are no exception, with their sweet, mild cheddar flavour and awesome ribbed texture they’re absolutely delicious and very moreish. They’re a limited edition, so be sure to pick them up if you can before they disappear!

 photo Pocky Kasane Matcha_zpswuodjgf6.jpgPocky Kasane Matcha

I love getting special edition Pocky! ‘Kasane’ means ‘layered’, this edition features multiple layers of chocolate along with two different variations of matcha powder. This is quite possibly the most luxurious matcha Pocky I’ve tried, it’s heavenly ^_^

As if that wasn’t a packed enough box, TokyoTreat included some bonus items this month (which weren’t included in the leaflet):

 photo Umaibo_zpsaxzsosjv.jpgBonus Umaibo x3

Each box contained 3 umaibo, which are giant crunchy corn puffs. I’m really excited by these as I’ve never tried umaibo before. Since we got two boxes we got 6 of these altogether, each one a different (awesome) flavour. I’ll be doing a post on them soon so if you are into dagashi/umaibo, look out for that ^_^

 photo Nameko Stickers_zpsp4rzdvdx.jpgBonus Nameko Seals

To go with the Nameko Re-Ment charm, we also have a set of Nakeko Re-Ment seals! These are cute little 3D sticker scenes, we got a kitchen themed one:

 photo Nameko_zpsy3nihuqj.jpg

I’m not sure if the stickers can be moved around as a sort of playset or if you just stick them in one place forever, but they’re super cute anyway. Look at that lil strawberry! ^_^


This months box was HUGE, there are just so many items packed in there! I know some people weren’t happy with the matcha heavy theme, but honestly I think TokyoTreat were very careful in selecting mild matcha snacks that most people would enjoy along with the more strong matcha snacks that wouldn’t necessarily appeal to everyone. I’m really glad they chose to share matcha season with their international audience, it’s not like we get matcha season outside Japan so it’s awesome to be included ^_^

My June TokyoTreat box is due to arrive any day now, so be sure to check back soon to see what goodies June will bring ヾ(^∇^)

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