Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium April 2016

 photo Oyatsu Box April 2016 Unboxing_zpss2cexgc3.jpg

I know I know, April is long gone. In fairness this box was super late, I didn’t receive mine until the 7th of May and that just so happened to be theย day before I went on holiday (bad timing, eh?), so it has sat untouched until this week. I still wanted to share the contents, since it was a pretty awesome box despite the problem with UK delivery.

I’m just going to give a quick rundown on each snack this time because I haven’t had time to try any of it yet (well, except the Kit Kats!). Plus, I’m a bit behind on posts now…oops!

On the plus side, I’ve already received my May box (it arrived on the 23rd) so hopefully the postal problems have been resolved ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo Oyatsubox April Unboxing_zpslfrvsi0c.jpg
 photo Tohato Caramel Corn Apple Pie_zpsfbaxumre.jpgApple Pie Caramel Corn

I love Tohato Caramel Corn, so needless to say I was super excited to see Oyatsu Box bringing us another fun new special edition flavour. This time it’s Apple Pie, yum! The packaging features characters from Yokai Watch, which is awesome but reminds me how sad I am not have been able to buy the game yet! >_<

 photo Pocky Sweet Milk_zpscrkysp4x.jpgPocky- Sweet Milk

This is the newest flavour of Pocky from Japan, Sweet Milk. Milk Pocky was the first Pocky I fell in love with, I’m not sure how different this Sweet Milk flavour will be to the original milk flavour but I’m excited to try it and see ^_^

 photo Fujia Milky Ultraman Edition_zpscihhn3ia.jpg photo Ultraman Edition_zpsyqcmzi3w.jpgMilky- Ultraman Edition

Fujiya’s Milky candy is something many people are familiar with. This box features a special design in collaboration with Ultraman. I’ve never seen Ultraman but the box is pretty cool and sure to appeal to fans, plus I’m never going to complainย about more yummy Milky candy ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo Jan-Ken-Pon Grape Gummy_zps6hbjvyge.jpgJan-Ken-Pon Gummy

Jan-Ken-Pon (rock-paper-scissors) Gummy is quite simply that; a hand shaped gummy in the shape of rock, paper or scissors. This is quite a cute item, though being grape it won’t be my thing. My son will love it though, both for the yummy grape flavour and the novelty ^_^

 photo Kameda Variety Pack_zps7em4y7br.jpgKameda Variety Pack

This one is really interesting, it’s a big bag full of 10 different types of classic Japanese snacks. I’m so excited when items like this are included, classic Japanese snacks are just as fun as pop culture snacks but they’re not as common in subscription boxes (sadly). I’m always excited to try more savoury snacks too, there’s even little dried fish in there! This is so cool! ^_^

 photo Natori Neri Plum Candy_zpsbjx7leau.jpgNatori Neri Plum Candy

I love how Oyatsu Box are providing more traditional snacks and dagashi items in their boxes, this time we’ve got a traditional ume (sour plum) dagashi candy. I’m still not sure about ume snacks, sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t. But I’m always happy to give another one a go ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo Puccho Peach_zpsnjbvhjtm.jpgPuccho Peach

Yay, Puccho! I love Puccho with it’s perfect blend of chewy candy and gummy pieces and peach is a great flavour for any candy, so this is perfect to me ^_^

 photo Petit Baked Pizza_zpsynmzdduz.jpgPetit- Baked Pizza

These cute little biscuits have cream cheese and tomato baked into them to make them pizza flavoured. I’ve never had a bad experience with Petit snacks, so I’m expecting these to be good…although there’s a first time for everything, and from what I’ve read these ones sound better than they taste. Only one way to find out, I suppose :p

 photo Kracie HimoHimo Candy_zpszzphsxic.jpgKracie HimoHimo Candy

Our DIY candy kit for April, HimoHimo candy! Himo means ‘string’ and that’s pretty much all this kit is, it’s strings of candy that you can play with before eating. This one has both cola and ramune flavour strings, yum! ^_^

 photo Umaibo Choco Cream Puffs_zpso8bundfs.jpgUmaibo- Choco Cream

I didn’t realise Umaibo made anything other than corn puffs! This special pack contains chocolate cream puffs, I can’t wait to try them ^_^

 photo Kit Kat Raspberry_zpsb5jdrqu0.jpgKit-Kat Raspberry

This is definitely the star of the show this month; a full 12 piece pack of the newest Kit Kat flavour; raspberry! We got some of these in our latest Tokyotreat box too, so had already tried them by the time these arrived.

I was expecting these to be similar to the strawberry ones we have tried (see my review here), namely mild and sweet. I was SO wrong, the flavour in these packs a serious punch! They’re super sweet, super strong and when you find one of the little red specks…they’re incredibly tart yet overwhelmingly sweet all at once, kind of like a real raspberry I guess!

Honestly, I’m not sure if I like them or not. They’re just a little bit too full on, more than a little sickly sweet and the raspberry is more artificial than realistic. I liked the first bite, wasn’t sure at the second bite, and felt a little queasy after eating the whole bar (which is tiny, remember these are mini Kit Kats). So…in very, VERY small doses, I like them. I won’t be eating a whole bar at once again though!

These may not be my favourite Kit Kat flavour but I’m so happy to have been able to try them, not to mention have loads to share with people (who have all liked them more than I have so far haha)ย ^_^

 photo April 2016 Gachapon_zpsllalqlkl.jpg

I’m not really sure what the gachapon is meant to be this month to be honest. I saw other people getting cute Mario themed ones, including a really adorable Princess Peach in a kitty suit. We got…I don’t know, a generic little dude in a kitty suit? I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get a Mario gachapon, especially considering this looks like a cheap knockoff by comparison, but it’s ok. The rest of the box was awesome so a not so awesome gachapon can be forgiven!


Overall this month had a great selection of snacks. I mentioned in the March unboxingย (where I was pretty grumpy) that in my time of subscribing (August 2015-present) there had been 10 items every month, despite the site saying boxes would contain 10-14. Well, this month we had 11 items! There are 12 items in the May box (unboxing coming soon). Random fact, but still. Yay! :p

I’m going to try to get more individual item reviews done now that I’ve got the natural light to take decent photographs again, if you like the look of anything feel free to comment and I’ll prioritise that review ๐Ÿ™‚

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