Unboxing: Candy Japan March 2016

 photo Candy Japan March_zpsg9zr0fg9.jpg

Today I’m going to take a look at yet another awesome Japanese candy subscription box; Candy Japan!

Candy Japan does things a little differently; rather than one big monthly box, you get two smaller boxes a month for $25 (including worldwide shipping). Overall they say you’ll get around 3-6 items per month, depending on the size of the items, and they try to include things that would be hard/expensive to obtain outside of Japan. You can find full information on their service here.

Candy Japan kindly  provided this box free of charge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influenced my opinions on the box contents, the service or anything else. 

 photo Candy Japan packaging_zpsijhstit8.jpg photo kawaii tape_zpsxvxdndee.jpg

The boxes Candy Japan use are super sturdy and, while I can’t speak for all letterboxes, it is small enough to fit through my letterbox. Handy if you’re not in during the day to receive a parcel, or indeed if you just don’t have room for large boxes of candy to sit around.

I have to say, I LOVE the tape they seal the boxes with! So kawaii and strong enough to keep your items safe too ^_^

 photo Candy Japan Unboxing_zpsn8x1j9ki.jpg

There is a little empty space in the box, so the items are able to move around a bit if you shake it. The items in this box survived the long journey from Japan to the UK with no damage at all, though, so while the packaging may look minimal it is obviously sufficient 🙂

Rather than including a printed leaflet, Candy Japan send a friendly and detailed email telling you what your snacks are. I like this, since I like to keep all the leaflets I receive and emails take up a lot less space than paper! Plus, less money on printing can only mean more money on snacks, right? They send the email around two weeks after the box is shipped, so with the exception of your first box (which can take longer to arrive) you should have the information around the same time you receive your box. Remember to check your spam folder if you don’t receive it, that’s where mine was!

Now, let’s look at what is in the box:

 photo Gaufrette Black Cacao_zps9faotcgc.jpg

LOOK Gaufrette Black Cacao

First up we have some delectable chocolate wafers from LOOK. Since ‘gaufrette’ translates as ‘wafer’ Candy Japan describe these as really fancy KitKats, which is awesome. I mean, who doesn’t like KitKats? Especially Japanese ones, which tend to be high quality and packed with flavour 🙂

 photo LOOK Gaufrette_zpsrt7fpt1w.jpg

Inside the box you’ll find a bunch of individually wrapped wafers. Fancy! It’s great that you can save some for later, as they’re quite rich. You don’t want to eat many in one go!

 photo Look Gaufrette wafers_zpsrtgjkh9m.jpg

These may be quite a simple snack but they really are delicious, the chocolate on them is so rich and just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness (though as the Black Cacao name implies, they are slightly more bitter than sweet). The wafers are light and super crispy, with a creamier chocolate in the middle. If you don’t like dark chocolate these may be a bit too dark for you, but as a dark chocolate lover I found them delicious ^_^

I’d give these a solid 10/10, would definitely eat again!

 photo Alfort Premium Kyoto Matcha Chocolate_zpsqgqbu1d5.jpg

Alfort Premium Kyoto Matcha Chocolate

It’s Matcha season in Japan, which means there are lots of yummy matcha flavoured goodies around. These biscuits from Alfort feature premium green tea from Kyoto on one side and a rich chocolate biscuit on the other.

 photo Alfort Matcha_zps8tkhke4h.jpg

Inside the box the cute little biscuits are presented on a tray and foil wrapped for freshness. You can’t properly reseal them though and again they’re a bit too rich to eat all in one go, so be sure to have something air tight to store them in before opening them.

 photo Alfort Matcha Biscuit_zpsntunheu8.jpg

I love pretty much anything matcha flavoured, and these biscuits were no exception.

The thick matcha chocolate is super creamy and melts in your mouth. The matcha flavour is just perfect, it’s not too bitter at all yet still has the fresh, fragrant green tea flavour I know and love.

The biscuits have a rich, slightly bitter chocolate taste. Every so often you get a touch of saltiness, which works well to cut through the creamy matcha flavour. They’re quite like super thick Digestive biscuits in texture, a great contrast to the creamy chocolate coating.

The chocolate flavour is just as strong as the matcha flavour, which is awesome as usually with matcha snacks the matcha overpowers everything else. These biscuits have a perfectly balanced flavour and a great texture, they’re very moreish (although too rich to eat many at once).

Another 10/10 from me, these are great for people who don’t want an overpowering bitter matcha taste but rather a true chocolate and matcha treat.

 photo Meiji Milk Chocolate Cubie_zpsi828wafe.jpg

Meiji Milk Chocolate Cubie

Another simple yet delicious snack, Meiji Milk Chocolate Cubie are super solid and super shiny little cubes of chocolate. They also happen to be super yummy. How super!

 photo Meiji Cubie_zps1duk2ple.jpg

Nothing fancy about the packaging, but unlike the last two snacks these aren’t too rich to eat in one go. It’s actually hard to stop eating them once you start!

 photo Meiji chocolate cubes_zpsqvltzltz.jpg

Look how shiny the cubes are! The texture really is super solid, you can either pop them in your mouth and crunch them (and I do mean crunch) or let them sit in your mouth where they will slowly melt. Yum!

As always with Meiji, the creamy chocolate is great quality and simply delicious. There’s something very fun about cube shaped snacks,  you know you’re just eating a cube of chocolate…but somehow it’s way more fun and tasty this way! ^_^

Once again, I’m giving this snack a 10/10. Just when you think you’ve tasted the best chocolate from Meiji, they go and make it better! If you like Meiji Choco Baby Pellets, you’ll love crunching through these little cubes.

 photo Smart Phone Ramune_zps4dqmynnr.jpg

Smart Phone Ramune Candies

This is a really fun little item, it’s a little tray of fizzy ramune candies wrapped up to look like a smart phone. How cute! ^_^

In the email description, this line made me giggle:

‘My university teacher once told me that kids today don’t listen because they’re always looking down at their phones. He said some profound stuff too, but I wasn’t really paying attention because I was looking down at my phone’

Funny because it’s true! :p

 photo Smart Phone Ramune Candy_zpsd6d3m44l.jpg photo Ramune Candy_zpskptqdq3x.jpg

There are loads of candies in the tray, they may look small but they’re super hard…too hard to crunch, actually,  you find yourself sucking them slowly and so each candy lasts ages.

I love ramune candies, so while I guess these are more of a novelty item, to me they were really yummy. Like most ramune candies they try to emulate the feel of having a mouthful of lemonade, so they fizz in your mouth. The orange candies have the most flavour, there’s a big hit of orange along with the fizz. The blue candies are simply plain ramune (my favourite) and the pink ones, I’m not sure. They didn’t taste overly different to the blue ones, though I thought they were slightly less fizzy.

 photo candy smart phone-wm_zps68lvzlqx.jpgFun to play with and fun to eat…my son really enjoyed the candy smart phone ^__^

This item was fun and tasty, but it kind of hurt my teeth eating the candies. I’d give it an 8/10, but as it’s a novelty more than anything I probably wouldn’t buy one if I saw one (not that I’m likely to).


Overall, I really like the service Candy Japan offer. When you consider you’re getting two lots of free (and fast) international shipping as part of your monthly fee it’s very reasonably priced, plus you get a great selection of items that would be hard to find outside Japan. Getting two shipments a month instead of one is pretty awesome, less wait time between shipments means by the time your excitement from the first box ends, your second box is there/nearly there and so you can get excited all over again. It’s a fun way of doing things ^_^

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