Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium Box April 2016

 photo IMG_2304-wm_zpsmihswpfs.jpg

Time has really gotten away from me this month. This box actually arrived on the 29th of March (!) but with school holidays and other commitments I haven’t had time to sit down and write up this post. Actually both our paid for box and our prize box arrived on the same day this month, which was pretty awesome! I wish we could get two TokyoTreat boxes every month!

We’ve tried quite a lot of it already, this month is certainly a good one ^_^

 photo IMG_2215wm_zps2pgrasta.jpg

Incidentally, it happens to be TokyoTreat’s 1st anniversary this month! Happy anniversary TokyoTreat and thank you for your amazing service so far! ^__^

Let’s see what’s inside the April 1st Anniversary Edition:

 photo IMG_2226wm_zpsrrvqaizb.jpg

Meiji’s Pucca Chocolate

Quite a simple snack to start with, Pucca Chocolate are simply little chocolate filled biscuits. These are AMAZING though, they have such a rich chocolate taste! The chocolate is really good quality, I think Meiji is becoming my favourite Japanese chocolate ^_^

 photo IMG_2230wm_zpsvnffwlnh.jpg

Crunchy Panda Z

We’ve had these biscuits before, they’re delicious! Crunchy biscuit on one side, smooth chocolate on the other, with a slightly bitter chocolate flavour. My son was very excited to see them again, he loves the fun faces on them. These aren’t quite as rich as the Meiji biscuits but they’re still great quality. Even though they’re biscuits they taste quite like chocolate coated cereal, but this isn’t a bad thing. I love chocolate coated cereal 🙂

The Z apparently stands for ‘ZaguZagu’ which means ‘CrunchCrunch’. I’d happily crunch through this whole box!

 photo IMG_2231wm_zpsxegodmsy.jpg

Meiji’s Plum Pati-Chan

I love plum flavoured candy, I love popping candy. Naturally I thought this plum flavoured popping candy was going to be amazing. Here’s a quote from what I originally typed about this:

‘I get the feeling Plum (Ume) Pati-Chan is going to be a lot of fun, I can’t wait to try this one ^_^’

Then I tried it.

No. Nooooo. I was wrong. So so wrong. Oh my goodness >__<

Okay, that’s harsh. I should elaborate. They smell lovely and they’re a very pretty shade of pink, they look like little shards of rose quartz. The actual popping candy is awesome, the crystals are big and crunchy with a great plum flavour and a pretty powerful pop. If this was all that was in the pack it I’d love this snack. But then it’s ruined by these little white strands in the bottom of the pack that taste absolutely foul. At first they’re sour, then they are really bitter then really salty. They have that awful, bitter medicinal taste you get if you leave a painkiller on your tongue combined with salt. Would you suck on a salt coated painkiller? Yuck! Why are those strands in there? 😦

So, if you pick out all the large pink crystals and avoid the white strands this is awesome. Just don’t pour it into your mouth like I did, I thought I was going to be sick. It was that bad. *shudders*

 photo IMG_2236wm_zpsm08byajb.jpg

Raw Ramune Candy

I am SO excited to see these, I saw  a picture of these little ramune cubes online ages ago and being a raume candy lover was desperate to try them. Thank you for these TokyoTreat ^_^

These are called Nama-Ramune, ‘nama’ means ‘raw’ or ‘fresh’ and refers to the soft texture of the candy. The texture supposedly changes when you put them in the fridge, I have some in there right now to see!

I’ve seen some sites describe the initial texture as being like a marshmallow, but after trying one I don’t agree with that at all (unless Japanese marshmallows are drastically different). They kind of have the texture of Dolly Mixtures, which are tiny candies made of fondant icing. They have a great ramune flavour and they’re really cute, they remind me of Pokeblocks!

I’ll definitely be writing a review for these soon as they are awesome ^__^

 photo IMG_2241wm_zpslehpbdpd.jpg

Karamucho Hot Chilli Flavoured Chips

I’m always happy to see crisps/savoury snacks, these ones have a peppery chilli flavour. I haven’t found a chilli flavour crisp yet that I haven’t enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to these ^_^

 photo IMG_2246wm_zpsqsj42kkm.jpg

Baby Star Yakisoba Sauce Flavour

This noodle snack is made from baked and dried yakisoba noodles, with a traditional yakisoba flavour and lots of crunch.

I loved these, they’re a great mix of sweet and savory flavour and their crunchy texture makes them incredibly moreish. It’s a small bag  but it has a surprising amount in it, the noodles themselves are tiny. I wish we had more, just because they’re so yummy! ^_^

 photo IMG_2248wm_zpskcgevoqr.jpg

Chocolate & Green Tea Flavoured Mochi

Hmm. I think I’d be more into DIY candy kits if I had the time to sit down and play with them properly. As it stands, I have a big box full of them…and now have 3 packs of this Chocolate and Matcha Mochi. I really need to do a giveaway or something!

I’m not sure about this one at all, we tried the Kinako and Chocolate version of this DIY kit before and it wasn’t great. It was pretty messy for all it is and the little mochi tablets didn’t really rehydrate that well. But at least it’s an easy kit; simply sprinkle the ‘mochi’ pellets with water, let them fluff up and then eat them (which is a challenge when using the two pronged fork provided) with a topping of chocolate and matcha powder. The kinako chocolate version did at least taste nice, so hopefully these will too 🙂

 photo IMG_2251wm_zpsbquleuhc.jpg

Lotte’s Koala March: Custard Pudding Flavour 

I really like Koala March biscuits, they’re very similar to the more widely available Hello Panda biscuits only they feature Koalas. This pack is a seasonal edition; custard pudding flavour. Yum! The back of the pack features cute bunnies and eggs for Easter too, I should really have taken a picture of that side of the box…but oh well :p

There isn’t a great deal of filling in these as there is a big air bubble in the centre of each biscuit. But the flavour is awesome, you can really taste the vanilla from the biscuits along with a delicious, burnt caramel flavour that I am guessing is meant to mimic the caramel sauce on top of the pudding and a more creamy custard aftertaste. They’re really yummy little biscuits and adorable too ^_^

 photo IMG_2254wm_zpsnlnqud7u.jpg

Carrot Chopped Rice Cake

How cute is this little carrot? It’s not exactly an Easter snack, but it fits the Easter theme. This is a pack of arare, rice cakes with a mild but sweet flavour. They’re a bit like Honey Monster Puffs cereal in texture (but don’t taste the same). They’re very moreish, which is ok as there are loads of them in the pack. Great for when you want a mildly flavoured snack ^_^

 photo IMG_2256wm_zpsuxxphjdy.jpg

Wasabi Grilled Seaweed

I love the look of this one, these are pieces of grilled seaweed with wasabi flavouring. Nori and wasabi, surely this can only be delicious?

The packaging is based on the Kabuki theatre and it’s company of actors, it looks awesome. I’m almost scared to say ‘I can’t wait to try this’ after the popping candy (famous last words and all that) but…I can’t wait to try this ^_^

 photo IMG_2259wm_zpsae740v16.jpg

Baby Star Bonito Kelp Udon

Not only does this month include a Baby Star snack, it includes a pot of Baby Star ramen too! This one is flavoured with salty kelp seaweed and bonito flakes (dried, smoked fish flakes). Mmm, umami!

I’ve never had ramen noodles from a polystyrene cup before, here in the UK instant noodles come packed either in plastic pots or (less commonly) cardboard pots. I’m really looking forward to these, though I think the flavour will be too salty for my partner/son.

It’s awesome to see different kinds of snacks like instant ramen being included, I hope they’ll include more flavours in the future ^_^

 photo IMG_2262wm_zpst15n8pod.jpg

Sakura Pepsi

The first of our two special items this month; Sakura Pepsi! This limited edition drink was only released in March this year, TokyoTreat have been building a lot of hype for it over social media these last few weeks so I’m super excited to try this new and shiny Pepsi!

The colour is gorgeous and I’m sure the taste will be too. I love floral flavours and I love cherry cola, so I’m hoping this will be a combination of the two? I guess I need to try it and see ^_^

 photo IMG_2287wm_zpsx1b54iua.jpg

Doraemon X Hello Kitty Purse

The second special item this month is a Doraemon X Hello Kitty coin purse. Cute! There were several designs available, we got a different one in each of our boxes. They have a different design front and back too:

 photo purse1_zpsosocmedi.jpg photo purse2_zpspiifc9sn.jpg

Cute, right? I think I prefer the one with the bows on it because I like Hello Kitty more than Doraemon. I don’t know what I’ll use these for as I don’t carry coins with me, but I’m sure they’ll be useful for something 🙂

 photo IMG_2267wm_zpsnh4t9lhp.jpg

Chocolate Monaca

I love snacks involving wafers, this Chocolate Monaca is a big bar of chocolate and rice puffs inside a crisp wafer shell. This was the first thing we tried, it’s sooo yummy. The chocolate is rich and the different textures are great. I have a bit of a thing for rice crispies in chocolate too, so this is really awesome to me ^_^

 photo IMG_2272wm_zpsegv3be7p.jpg

Calbee BBQ Flavoured Sapporo Potato Snacks

Our last snack is another savoury one, BBQ flavoured waffle shaped potato snacks.

I really enjoyed these, but the flavour is hard to describe. They don’t have the strong, sweet, smoky flavours UK BBQ flavoured crisps do, they’re more subtle and mild in flavour. To me they mostly taste like roast chicken crisps with a slightly spicy BBQ seasoning, although you get baked potato flavour and a more meaty flavour too. They’re really good, if not what you’d expect when you see the word ‘BBQ’.


Overall, April box is awesome. Again, TokyoTreat manage to provide a great mix of both the types and flavors of snacks while including holiday themed snacks (Easter). It’s really exciting to see a bottled drink and pot of instant ramen, since you don’t tend to see either type of item in  Japanese subscription boxes. A brilliant box to celebrate a brilliant first year of service, I hope to be subscribed for many more! ^_^

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