Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium March 2016

 photo IMG_2209-wm_zpslkr87vab.jpg

It’s that time of the month again! Well, actually this arrived a couple of days ago now I just haven’t had time to upload this.

I think by now it’s safe to say that my days of having a mid month box are over. I don’t pay extra for the express shipping, so it’s not a big deal. But it is sad to see the prediction I made back when they introduced express shipping, namely that once they introduced express shipping standard subscribers like me would receive a slower service as they send the standard boxes a few days later, appears to have come true.*

Slightly irritating, but then maybe I have no right to be irritated since I don’t pay extra. Or maybe I do have the right to be annoyed at this, since ultimately my service shouldn’t worsen just because other people can afford to pay extra; Oyatsu Box should only have offered a faster service if they could continue the same service to everyone else AND manage an express service on top of that, not add an express service at the expense of those who cannot pay more.

Anyway, minorly grumpy grumblings aside, let’s see what’s inside the March Oyatsu Box!

* Oyatsu Box have reassured me they do ship all boxes at the same time and that UK post has simply slowed down. Hopefully this means it will pick up again!

 photo IMG_2130wm_zps4xhkf6ku.jpg

I’m really unimpressed with the packing this month. I mean, really? It looks like they just threw everything in the box rather than pack it carefully as they usually do. There was way too much extra space in the box, I’ve never had items rattling around like this from Oyatsu Box. I hope this is a one off poor packing example or I’ll be cancelling my subscription, good packing is essential to surviving the postal journey to the UK after all :/

Just to add insult to injury the postman obviously dropped this in a puddle or something before delivering it, it was soaked on one corner. Bah!  Nothing damaged though, or at least nothing obvious as I haven’t unwrapped any of the snacks yet…

 photo IMG_2137-wm_zps74joheyp.jpg

Stubborn Potato-Curry

Stubborn Potato, what a name! These are apparently a highly anticipated new snack in Japan, endorsed by the iconic Kabuki actor Shido Nakamura. Apparently he personally approved the final flavour, exciting 😉

I think Japanese curry translates well into snack form as it tends to be mild and sweet, so I’m looking forward to these! The leaflet describes these as ‘tough’ and ‘crunchy’, which makes me think these are going to be like the various hand cooked, thick crisps you can buy here in the UK (like Kettle Chips or Real Crisps).

 photo IMG_2139wm_zpsxr8r3pir.jpg

Koume Chews

This is our third pack of Koume Umeboshi Chews and I’m still undecided on them, I haven’t even gotten through one whole pack yet. I love the Koume Umeboshi hard candy. This soft chewy candy though? It tastes quite plasticy, the pickled plum flavour isn’t quite there. I expected these to be on par with Hi-Chew in terms of flavour since the hard candies have an amazing flavour, but these are nowhere near the same quality as Hi-Chew. They’re certainly very pretty, but all the quality seems to be in the packaging not the candy itself.

I guess this is fate letting me give them another go though!

 photo IMG_2144-wm_zpscwnavz33.jpg

Kari poli- Cola & Grape

Kari Poli, Kali Poli, whatever way you spell it these crunchy fizzy candy sticks are amazing! We’ve had a few flavours of these now, including both cola and grape, and they’re delicious. The flavours are super strong and the sticks melt and fizz in your mouth, they’re a very fun snack.

Grape fans in particular are going to love these!

 photo IMG_2151-wm_zps9axuwxti.jpg

Classic Kinako Mochi

Yay, I’m so happy to see this one! I was one of the people who asked for mochi (pounded rice cakes) to be included in future Oyatsu boxes, I’m so glad they listened ^_^

Kinako is a great choice too, it’s such an interesting flavour. Kinako is roasted soybean flour, it gives a lovely nutty flavour to snacks. If you like peanut butter snacks you’ll probably like kinako snacks. I think it’s a delicious flavour and so perfect with mochi! I can’t wait to try these ^_^

 photo IMG_2155-wm_zpsqtfyjkzq.jpg

Bikkuriman 8

Bikkuriman, a chocolate and wafer snack with collectable card/sticker, is another snack we’ve had a few times now. Not that that is a bad thing since you can get so many varieties of them. Not to mention they are delicious! This one features a card from version 8.

You can see my review for Bikkuriman here, it’s a Star Wars edition but the wafer is still the same 🙂

 photo IMG_2159-wm_zpspz9nieho.jpg

Kurobou (Black Bar)

Kurobou is a traditional/regional snack from Kyushu made from brown sugar and dough. Apparently it has been produced the same way for over 100 years. I’m really excited to have the chance to try such a traditional snack ^_^

 photo IMG_2166-wm_zpsqnxvuaqv.jpg

LOOK- 18

LOOK 18 features three different types of chocolate made with beans from Venezuela, Equador and Ghana.

I’m not sure about LOOK chocolates. We got some strawberry ones in our February TokyoTreat box and I didn’t think they were all that great, honestly. The strawberry was nice, but the chocolate tasted cheap compared to other Japanese chocolate we’ve tried. The cheap taste doesn’t go with the luxury/high quality style LOOK 18 are implying they have. I guess trying three different kinds of chocolate is as good a way as any to finally figure out if I like LOOK chocolates or not!

 photo IMG_2169-wm_zps5x2fpwns.jpg

Pokemon 3D- Super Lemon

Pokemon candies are always fun, these feature a pair of cut out 3D glasses that you use to view the 3D designs on each individually wrapped sweet.

I hope the lemon candies are actually good and this isn’t just a novelty. Although it’ll be fun either way! 🙂

 photo IMG_2176-wm_zps6jz10ctq.jpg

Nerune- Pineapple & Melon

This months DIY candy kit is a new flavour of Kracie’s Neru Neru Nerune; pineapple and melon.

I’m not sure about the pineapple as it isn’t a flavour I like that much, but I love melon so at least half of this will be great! ^_^

 photo IMG_2184-wm_zpsundkpyoy.jpg

Yuzu Sembei

Our last snack is another traditional offering; a Yuzu Sembei (citrus rice cracker) sourced from Rice Village Honpo. The thick sugar crystal coating looks super crunchy and yummy, I think this is going to be delicious! Lemon and sugar is a great combination, so I don’t see why yuzu and sugar wouldn’t be 🙂

 photo IMG_2206-wm_zpsp11igb7l.jpg

Finally, we have this months gachapon; Pokemon! Yay! We got a little Pikachu shaped cookie phone charm, how adorable is that?

 photo IMG_2187-wm_zps0j3wswh9.jpg

The charm plugs in the earphone socket so you can use it even if you don’t have a little plastic loop on your phone for regular phone charms. You can use it on your Nintendo DS too, or anything that has a standard headphone jack. Although I love this lil Pikachu I kind of wish I had got Sylveon to match my pink DS. I may just have to hunt one down on ebay!

There were a couple of different Gachapons this month, some people got little charms featuring cats and various desserts. I was looking forward to getting one of the cat charms as I LOVE realistic food based gachapons, but I love Pokemon too so I’m still happy 🙂


Overall, this month is pretty interesting. It feels a bit small, though. Like maybe they could have included another item or two to bulk up the box, or not had so many small items in the same month.

I love that Oyatsu Box are providing more traditional snacks, most subscription boxes focus on pop culture snacks so this really sets them apart. Traditional snacks are harder to get outside of Japan, both because they are hard to source and sometimes hard to learn about. I had never heard of kurobou, for example. I hope Oyatsu keep sharing their knowledge of good traditional snacks with us ^_^

Having a box with a bit too much space in it makes me wonder why Oyatsu Box claim they send 10-14 items per month, as for the last 7 months it’s been 10 items each month. It seems like they’re being deliberately misleading to try to keep up with the competition/make their box seem better value, which isn’t cool. I hope they don’t mean to be.

In case you don’t know, Oyatsu Box April is set to be super exciting; the premium boxes will contain an entire 12 piece multipack of Kit Kats! If you’re thinking of subscribing I’d go for it this month just to get these yummy Kit Kats ^_^

kit kats


2 thoughts on “Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium March 2016

  1. I agree with you dear, it was small this month in caparison to the other months. -_-; I allowed my next subscription to be paid… We tried the Koume Chews, and did not like them at all. The flavor is too perfumey to us. The girls just spit them back out-_-; I on the other hand ate the one. I told myself at least I tried it. Ha. Always love your posts dear! Many hugs, gg


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