Review: Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate

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I have a real thing for Taiyaki. Those adorable little fish shaped snacks, often described as a cross between a waffle and a cake, with their amazing range of fillings…well, I’m just dying to try them! They look so delicious and utterly sweet in every way.

You can imagine how excited I was to find this Fuku Fuku Tai Chocolate, a delightful chocolate filled wafer that looks just like a Taiyaki! I can’t get the real thing, but at least I can have this adorable wafer look alike ^_^

We got this in our Jaunary TokyoTreat box, you can see what else we got here.

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Fuku Fuku Tai is a New Years themed snack, according to the TokyoTreat leaflet. Fuku (福) means blessing, while the sea bream (tai 鯛) is a customary New Years dish in Japan. The red and gold packaging is simple but pretty and matches the New Year theme nicely.

 photo IMG_0394wm_zps2td8be6b.jpg photo IMG_0395wm_zpszrifltfu.jpg

Look at that adorable little fish! 😀

 photo IMG_0399wm_zpsm9gyw9q7.jpg

The outside of the snack is made up of two monaka wafers, which are basically super crispy ice cream wafers. They’re quite neutral in flavour, as wafers tend to be, but provide a really satisfying crunch when you bite into them.

 photo IMG_0411wm_zpskju1n74c.jpg photo IMG_0406wm_zpsx9fu2rd5.jpg

Inside, we have thick layer of creamy, bubbly chocolate. Yum! The chocolate is rich and melts in your mouth as you crunch the wafers. In the UK aerated chocolate probably makes you think of Aero, but you’d be wrong in assuming this is in any way similar. The chocolate tastes like it is far better quality and the bubbles are larger than those in an average Aero bar.

The contrast between the light crisp wafers and the dense and creamy chocolate makes this an incredibly moreish snack. Putting wafer and aerated chocolate, both quite simple things, together is genius and makes for a surprisingly interesting snack. The wafer balances the rich chocolate so that the snack isn’t sickly sweet while the chocolate gives a lot of depth of flavour. The textures are great. It’s just a great snack in my opinion!



This gets a solid 10/10 from me. The Taiyaki shape is adorable, it’s a good size (so good value), it’s got everything down in terms of texture and flavour. I really enjoyed this!

We have since received a strawberry version of this snack, review on that one coming soon ^_^

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