Review: Hi-Chew Kumquat and Honey

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Hi-Chew are pretty much guaranteed to be good, so when this cool new Kumquat and Honey flavour arrived in our December Oyatsu Box I was pretty excited! I don’t know why I’ve waited so long to talk about them as they’re officially my favourite Hi-Chew (so far) ^_^

I’m fairly sure these are a limited edition so if you see some, grab them before they’re gone.

 photo IMG_0259wm_zpsuqfsfrbr.jpg photo IMG_0260wm_zpsv87f0vjh.jpg

For being a winter edition, the packaging sure looks summery and warm. Look at that cute little bee!

The candies themselves have a summer feel too, with their warm orange colour. They’re a nice way to brighten up winter (I know today is the first day of spring, but it’s still dull and dreary winter weather wise).

 photo IMG_0265wm_zpsoz9jg6gm.jpg photo IMG_0269wm_zpss8opcgwf.jpg

The flavour in these is just pure bliss.

The kumquat, a citrus fruit I forgot I had even tried it is so unremarkable, is almost entirely lost to the sweet, pure, incredibly realistic honey flavour.

To me this is simply honey flavoured Hi-Chew, specifically orange blossom honey Hi-Chew as that is exactly what I taste; honey with a mild and sweet orange blossom undertone. It’s not even an orangey enough undertone to really imply there is any kumquat flavour in these, to me it’s definitely a floral tone. Which is sad in a way as I was looking forward to finally trying some orange Hi-Chew, but I don’t mind as these are AWESOME.

The honey flavour is strong but only mildly sweet, just like real honey, so it’s not in any way sickly or cloying…it’s everything you’d expect from a good Hi-Chew flavour. It’s confusing to taste a mouthful of honey while chewing the texture of a chewy candy, but it’s oh so delicious. I really can’t emphasise how good these are ^_^

 photo IMG_0261wm_zpsg930glbx.jpg


These are a definite 10/10 for me. You can’t beat Hi-Chew when it comes to realistically flavoured candies and honey just works so well as a flavour. It’s a pity the kumquat flavour is somewhat lost but there is a nice citrus note that will appeal to citrus lovers. You really need to like honey to enjoy these though!

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