Review: Heart Shaped Strawberry Fleck Pocky

 photo IMG_0884---wm_zpsaolmmtlb.jpg

Happy Valentines Day! ^_^

Whether you celebrate the day or not, you have to admit there’s something awesome about the shops being filled with yummy pink/red, heart shaped, love filled delights. Well, ok, you might not like that much if you really hate Valentines. Which is fair enough. Me, I love the ‘love is in the air’ feel. It matches the general uplifting mood that comes with spring arriving and winter, with all it’s cold and dreary misery, ending for another year.

In true Valentines spirit, Glico have created this adorable heart shaped strawberry Pocky. Seasonal snacks always rock, but when the season is Valentines…well, things just get adorable ^_^

We got this box in our February TokyoTreat box, you can see what else we got here.

 photo IMG_0890wm_zpsntpgqqxi.jpg

 photo IMG_0893wm_zpshxhrkzqa.jpg

This is a large box of pocky with two individually sealed packets, ideal for sharing or just saving some for later. I love the adorable pink hearts design over both the inner and outer packaging ^_^

 photo IMG_0899wm_zpsf91s5tmg.jpg

The bottom half of the inner packets feature clear hearts, just in case you want a preview of your Pocky before you open it 😉

 photo IMG_0909wm_zpsebxbmzzc.jpg photo IMG_0905-wm_zpsszyifiyd.jpg

I’ve never seen such cute Pocky, even the biscuits are a pale pink colour. The strawberry icing is a darker pink with little red flecks of real strawberry running through it. All very pretty!

The most adorable thing about this Pocky is that the biscuit sticks themselves are heart shaped (even if the hearts are a little misshapen).

 photo IMG_0918wm_zpshzl3ksfm.jpg

Flavour wise, these are quite simply awesome.

The biscuits are only coloured, not flavoured, and the icing is the standard (awesome) strawberry Pocky icing. The real treat with this edition, other than the adorableness of course, is the little strawberry flecks running through the icing. They give a really strong burst of realistic strawberry flavour which stands out well against the creamy strawberry candy flavour of the icing.

The icing is just a little thicker than usual as well, especially where it fills in the V at the top of the heart shape. Delicious!

 photo IMG_0906wm_zpsh51umt0m.jpg

Strawberry Pocky is a long term favourite of mine. This heart shaped strawberry fleck edition is cuter and packed with more flavour, which naturally means to me it’s heavenly!

This gets a solid 10/10 from me. I would definitely pick it up again next year 🙂

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