Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium January 2016

 photo 20160121_114446wm_zpss6n7rahy.jpg

Time for our first Oyatsu Box of the year! 😀

This actually arrived yesterday (which means I’m hopefully back to mid month arrivals, yay), but photobucket was being too glitchy to upload photos so I gave up writing this post. It’s still absurdly glitchy (anyone else still getting the stuck at 90% upload ‘known error’ that’s being going on since December?) but hey, I got some photos uploaded. Every little helps against the wordpress free account space limit! :p

So, what’s inside January box?

 photo 20160121_114713wm_zpscdrl00jk.jpg

First up we have a big bag of  Meat Karamucho Kyu, which are spicy beef flavoured crisps. I am never one to complain at getting more crisps 🙂

 photo 20160121_114817wm_zpsgt28f1xp.jpg

Yay, Gudetama! These are little tangerine and lemon flavoured, Gudetama shaped gummies. How adorable! The flavours aren’t terribly exciting but I definitely appreciate the lazy egg goodness 🙂

 photo 20160121_114848wm_zpsgtvemsra.jpg

This is a Kabaya Panda Cake, a large wafer cookie filled with cream and chocolate flavoured cake. After receiving the panda cookies in a previous box, I’m excited to get to try the panda cake too!

 photo 20160121_115020wm_zpsllsiuiyn.jpg

Oyatsu Box recently sent out a survey asking what type of snacks their customers would like to see more of. One of the options was for more traditional snacks, and it obviously proved a popular option as they stated in this months email that we would be getting some as requested. This is our first traditional offering; Yoshimura Kelp Crakers, classic senbei (Japanese rice crackers) with a yummy kelp flavour. Apparently these have been made since 1929! Really looking forward to these 🙂

 photo 20160121_115110wm_zpsmcrsgys9.jpg

My, what crumpled packaging! Everything was a little crumpled in our box this month actually. Silly post. Anyway! This is a bag of Puccho Awawawa Ball Candy in ramune soda flavour. These are actually really awesome as they are made up of different layers which fizz and melt in your mouth just like real ramune. I love these!


Yay, more crisps! Well, corn  puffs technically. These are Koikeya Corn Potage, worn potage being a creamy sweetcorn soup. So, corn flavoured corn! I’m thinking these are going to be delicious 🙂


I actually cannot believe they included this in this months box! This is a big bag of little triangular Oreo bars made with Hokkaido milk. These are currently selling on the Oyatsu Cafe website for $9.99! I know this because I already bought a bag as I never dreamed they would include such a high value item in the monthly boxes. These are delicious, I’ll be reviewing them soon. What a treat!


These are super interesting, this is a bag of Skal Candy. Skal is a popular drink made from ramune (soda) and milk. I am looking forward to seeing how this is recreated in candy form!

 photo 20160121_115328wm_zpsxv9pdqu9.jpg

Here we have an Oekaki Kyanland Candy DIY kit (or as Oyatsu Box called it, the Popin Cookin Animal Candy kit), the same one we received in our TokyoTreat January box. It’s not often you see two boxes give the same item in the same month, there is a huge selection of treats they can choose from after all. With this kit you make candy and then paint them with edible paints. I’m quite relieved to have two in case I mess one up, haha!

 photo 20160121_115403wm_zps2sovgedl.jpg

Another super interesting snack, this is Takoyaki Nori; nori sheets coated in takoyaki (octopus dumpling) flavour. I kind of want to make tiny little sushi rolls with these! While not exactly  a traditional snack this is an offering of two traditional flavours, which is pretty cool!


This months gachapon looks like the cheap capsule toys you get here, rather than a typical (by comparison premium) Japanese gachapon. It contains a little eraser with a random anime character and that’s it, no leaflet or anything. How very…unexceptional. But hey, I can forgive them the cheapo gachapon this month after they included that whole bag of Hokkaido Milk Oreo biscuits!


Yet another amazing selection from the ever clever Oyatsu Box team. They’ve managed to subtly weave traditional snacks and flavours into their usual pop culture offerings, which is quite a lovely insight into Japanese snacks in general and obviously will provide a gentle transition to customers who perhaps have never tried anything like them before.

I’m still reeling at the fact they included those Oreos though!

Thank you Oyatsu team! ^__^

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