Review: Aero Blueberry Ice Cream

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Most people know Japan sells a variety of strange and exciting Kit Kat flavours. Did you know they sell pretty awesome Aero bars too?

These adorable little winter edition bars are Blueberry Ice Cream flavour. As someone who loves both blueberries and Aero I got very excited when I spotted these!

We got these as a set of 3 mini bars from Tofu Cute for £1.20.

 photo IMG_0310wm_zpskjkcdaln.jpg photo IMG_0312wm_zpsp4hnbg13.jpg

The packaging on these little bars is simply adorable. I love the chilly but pretty blue and purple colour scheme.

And just look at those adorable little winter characters!

 photo aero2-wm_zpsulbcegiq.jpg

Each bar features one of three characters; a penguin, a seal or a polar bear. They’re all super cute, but I definitely think the little penguin is the cutest ^__^

 photo aero-wm_zpsayjpos2z.jpg

The bar itself really is tiny. When they say mini bars, they  aren’t kidding. I’d say a more accurate description would be ‘individually wrapped bite sized pieces’.

The base of the bar measures approximately 2cm by 3cm (with the base being wider than the top of the bar) and it is 1.5cm tall. Really, one bar is not that much bigger than one section of the larger, share size bars you get here in the UK.

You could think of these as a super kawaii indulgence or great opportunity to experience a cool and unique Aero flavour, or you could think of them as a stupidly expensive chocolate bar. Obviously I believe they are a super special indulgence and am happy to pay for them, but I could understand people being unhappy/not feeling they got their moneys worth when they receive such tiny bars. But hey, if you’re reading this you are now aware of just how small they are. Enjoy making your informed decision 🙂

 photo IMG_0325wm_zpsvsn2isuq.jpg photo IMG_0326wm_zpsjxa6db5l.jpg

I never really thought of Aero as a ‘cute’ snack, despite eating a lot of them as a child and being the type of person who finds things that maybe shouldn’t be cute adorable in general.

Now that I have held a tiny pink Aero, they’re officially adorable. Look at that awesome pink bubbly centre! There’s something very appealing about the sight of pale pink chocolate.

Taste wise, these are just awesome. The bubbly texture is, of course, the same as the UK version. The blueberry flavour hovers somewhere between a tart, real piece of fruit and a sweeter candy version. It’s strong but not overwhelming, and not terribly artificial. It is strong enough that it stands out over the chocolate taste, though it doesn’t completely mask it like the UK mint version does. It is, as described, a blueberry Aero!

The fact that these are labelled ‘blueberry ice cream’ flavour rather than simply ‘blueberry’ seems to be referring to the creamy texture and milky flavour from the pink (i.e. white) chocolate. If you want a more authentic blueberry ice cream experience, you can pop these bars in the fridge for a while and eat them cold. Yum!

As often happens with Japanese treats, the small size is offset by how rich they are. It’s easy to feel satisfied after just one little bar, as eating more would get a bit too sickly sweet. Taking that into account, they’re not necessarily as bad value for money as they appear to be.

Overall, and despite their relatively high cost, these get a 10/10 from me. Some things in life are worth paying for, even if you only experience them once. These are a totally unique experience (and yes, I have tried other blueberry chocolates before, these are still unique :p) and beyond that, they taste delicious. If you were placing an order anyway, it would definitely be worth the experience to add £1.20 and grab some of these delightful little treats.

7 thoughts on “Review: Aero Blueberry Ice Cream

  1. Blueberry Aero! That’s so awesome.
    Yesterday, I found sweet potato Kit Kat,and soft Oreos with a strawberry jam filling within the regular white icing. Japan is so ridiculously creative hahaha 😀

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      1. Haha okay, I’ve got a very important question for you. I’m leaving Japan tomorrow…what’s one okashi that you recommend I try before I go? 😀


      2. Oh that’s a tough one…I would say anything limited edition or regional or something you might struggle to find back home, like baked goods, or that isn’t exported so much like chocolate. If you haven’t tried Meltykiss yet you should grab a box. I just don’t know! You’ll have so many choices I can’t even imagine haha!

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