Review: Ju-C Colour Ball Candy

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Ju-C (or Joo-C, Jyu-C, whichever way you wish to spell it) Colour Ball candies have always caught my eye with their bright, fun colours and great mix of flavours.

After contemplating purchasing them for some time I actually ended up getting two versions of these at once, both with separate flavours. The pack on the left (with the yellow lid) came as part of our December Oyatsu Box. The pack on the right (with the blue lid) was one I ordered from Tofu Cute, for a very reasonable £1.70.

 photo packaging-wm_zpslxqhmluw.jpg

The yellow pack contains grape, melon, lemon, orange and strawberry flavours.

The blue pack contains cola, ramune, melon soda, lemon soda and orange soda flavours.

Hard to choose just one pack, right?

I don’t know why Oyatsu Box were talking about ramune candies in the leaflet, as the version they sent is the fruity version not the soda (ramune) version. Unless they’re both really soda flavours and I’m noticing differences that aren’t there! 😉

 photo IMG_0118wm_zps3piz8hxo.jpg

The pack is a good size considering it is full of tiny candies, although if you look closely you’ll see it’s not all that full at all as the candy level is just below the bottom of the label. Still loads there, but the solid colour band can be deceiving!

 photo IMG_0124wm_zpsoxslzonw.jpg photo IMG_0131wm_zpsxlfvliep.jpg

We tried the yellow fruity pack first as it arrived a few days before the soda pack.

The texture of these is really interesting, somehow they manage to be crunchy and soft all at once. They all have a white, sugary centre and a colourful, flavoured outer layer. They remind me of a UK candy, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

My favourite flavour was a toss up between the melon and strawberry. Both were strong, sweet and incredibly moreish. Neither had overly artificial tasting flavours, but I wouldn’t describe them as being realistic either; they taste like syrupy sweet versions of the fruit they claim to be.

The grape, always a dodgy flavour to me, wasn’t actually that bad as it honestly tasted more of the sugary sweet centre than anything. The grape flavour wasn’t as artificial as some are, though it still stood out enough to make me want to sift through the colours and avoid them. Which was easy, as the colour balance was way off and there were actually very few grape ones in the pack.

The lemon and orange were also quite mild flavours, but both good enough that you’d keep munching them. In fact, we keep on munching and the tube was gone in one sitting. Oops. They are so addictive though!

 photo IMG_0370wm_zpsjkcwthcn.jpg photo IMG_0374wm_zpsqknbbxnj.jpg

As awesome as the fruity variety was, the blue soda pack was by far my favourite. I mean, it has ramune flavoured candy in it… I’m kind of going to like it more automatically 😉

Texture wise, these are largely the same as the fruity variety except they have an extra fizzy sherbet centre. It’s this fizz that makes them soda flavoured as opposed to fruit flavoured, as the melon, lemon and orange candies tasted just like the fruit versions only with added sherbety fizzy goodness. Yum!

The white ramune flavoured ones were by far the most fizzy. There is a real burst of fizzy sherbet each time you find one, which is awesome. The taste was spot on for ramune, and although ramune is technically defined as being lemon/lemon and lime flavour (depending who you ask) it tasted nothing like the lemon soda candy. I loved these ones!

The cola candies were pretty fizzy too, though the cola flavour was a little hard to make out. My partner actually thought they were cherry flavour at first. Once you get it (usually by eating a couple of them in a row) it’s a nice, cola bottle type flavour. I do wish this one was a little stronger!

The melon candies were really improved by the addition of the fun sherbet texture, although they are the same strong melon flavour there is a subtle but noticeable difference between ‘melon’ and ‘melon soda’. The melon soda ones seem slightly sweeter and somehow more complete with the extra fizz.

The lemon and orange flavours were also improved by the slight fizz they had, and were much better in this pack despite being basically the same mild flavours. They needed the extra texture dimension to make them stand out.

Needless to say, these were just as addictive to munch and my whole packet disappeared before I even got this post written. Oh dear!


Overall, I’d give both packs a 10/10. They’re cheap, cheerful and yet still high enough quality that you don’t feel like you’re eating cheap candy. The flavours are all great and quite typical of Japanese candy, so a great way to try a few of them without buying individual packs.

I’ll definitely be buying these again. In fact, I daresay they’ll be a little filler item in every order I place in the future. They’re just that yummy! 🙂

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