Review: Torotto Maple

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Torotto drew me in with their vague yet interesting product description; crispy baked chocolates with a creamy centre, in this case a fall inspired maple cream centre. Plus, the name looks like Totoro (the Ghibli character) so yeah :p

This flavour is a limited edition, but you can still find some floating around on Oyatsu Cafe here (in fact it’s on sale right now!).

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 photo IMG_9692wm_zpsk2fhmldz.jpg

The packaging is lovely, the perfect fall themed snack to stand my equally fall themed harvest Miku next to! :p

 photo IMG_9702wm_zpsz76drmrn.jpg

Interesting looking little things, aren’t they? Are they cake or chocolate, hmm…

 photo IMG_9705wm_zpso2lwyzxf.jpg

Here’s what they look like on the inside.

With regards to the ‘creamy’ centre, I found it a lot harder than I expected it to be. Tell me something has a creamy centre and I’m going to think soft, fondant textured filling. With Torotto this is not the case; the ‘creamy’ centre is rock hard, with the outer layer being different not because it is harder but rather because it is far more dry and crumbly in texture, whereas the inside is more of a solid, smooth texture. Creamy by comparison yes, especially if you let it melt in your mouth, but not creamy the way a typical cream filled chocolate in the UK would be.

The first thing you get flavour wise is a massive hit of maple. The maple is strong in this one! The flavour is very realistic, with more of the deeper maple notes coming through and not a whole lot of sweetness. We’re talking real maple syrup here, not maple flavoured syrup.

Next you get the flavour of the chocolate, which to me tasted very much like a chocolate brownie. Imagine the most dried out, slightly burnt tasting brownie ever and you’ve pretty much got the taste and texture that Torotto brings. I know that sounds a little unappetizing but it’s actually delicious, it’s like they’ve freeze dried a brownie and it’s melting back to life in your mouth. Again, the flavour is very rich but not overly sweet.


Overall, I’d give these a solid 10/10. The texture combination is both unique and very interesting, with a deep, rich flavour that brings it up from being simply a novelty to being a great snack. They’re pretty expensive for all you get in a pack, but they’re rich enough that you can eat them one at a time happily enough. Even if you can’t find the maple version, these are well worth a go just for the experience.

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