Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium Box February 2016 (Valentines Edition)

 photo 20160128_102523wm_zpsxsf3yzgd.jpg

Wow, this box came super early. It’s not even February yet!

This month (by which I do mean February, not January), TokyoTreat sent out a special Valentines edition box that is just chock full of adorable pink candies and chocolates! Look at the cover on this months little magazine, how adorable is that artwork? ^_^

Let’s see what was included in this super sweet Valentines edition:

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Unboxing: Oyatsu Box Premium January 2016

 photo 20160121_114446wm_zpss6n7rahy.jpg

Time for our first Oyatsu Box of the year! ๐Ÿ˜€

This actually arrived yesterday (which means I’m hopefully back to mid month arrivals, yay), but photobucket was being too glitchy to upload photos so I gave up writing this post. It’s still absurdly glitchy (anyone else still getting the stuck at 90% upload ‘known error’ that’s being going on since December?) but hey, I got some photos uploaded. Every little helps against the wordpress free account space limit! :p

So, what’s inside January box?

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Unboxing: TokyoTreat Premium Box January 2016 (Pokemon Edition)

 photo 20160113_114637wm_zps5iqdiodz.jpg

I had been eyeing up TokyoTreat for quite some time, so when an email popped into my inbox saying their January box would be a Pokemon edition? Well, that was enough for me. Instant subscriber!

Obviously this is my first box, but the newly designed booklet informed me January box has a totally revamped appearance. It certainly stands out now with all that bright orange! ๐Ÿ˜‰

This months booklet contains a greeting letter, fun facts, English instructions for the included DIY candy kits, competitions, a community page made up from photographs uploaded with #tokyotreat and of course a full run down of what is included in the box itself. They’re very clear, giving both full product titles and descriptions of each one. It’s like a condensed but super informative little magazine, TokyoTreat are definitely miles ahead of other boxes in this respect. It would be nice to see this type of content included with every subscription box!

Both the graphics in the leaflet and on the new box are super cute:

 photo 20160113_120927wm_zpsp0o4vmbe.jpg photo 20160113_135032wm_zpsvivfxedf.jpg

Plus, the box is now a better design for keeping your treats safe in transit. So it’s not purely aย decorative redesign.

Here’s what isย inside the January box:

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Review: Aero Blueberry Ice Cream

 photo IMG_0330wm_zpsvgpb3ebi.jpg

Most people know Japan sells a variety of strange andย exciting Kit Kat flavours. Did you know they sell pretty awesome Aero bars too?

These adorable little winter edition bars are Blueberry Ice Cream flavour. As someone who loves both blueberries and Aero I got very excited when I spotted these!

We got these as a set of 3 mini bars from Tofu Cute for ยฃ1.20.

 photo IMG_0310wm_zpskjkcdaln.jpg

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Review: Ju-C Colour Ball Candy

 photo IMG_0121wm_zpsmcfezrs2.jpg

Ju-C (or Joo-C, Jyu-C, whichever way you wish to spell it) Colour Ball candies have always caught my eye with their bright, fun colours and great mix of flavours.

After contemplating purchasing them for some time I actually ended up getting two versions of these at once, both with separate flavours. The packย on the left (with the yellow lid) came as part of our December Oyatsu Box. The packย on the right (with the blue lid) was one I ordered from Tofu Cute, for a very reasonable ยฃ1.70.

 photo packaging-wm_zpslxqhmluw.jpg

The yellow packย contains grape, melon, lemon, orange and strawberry flavours.

The blue packย contains cola, ramune, melon soda, lemon soda and orange soda flavours.

Hard to choose just one pack, right?

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Review: Ghana White Chocolate Bar

 photo IMG_0082-wm_zps3grkg7nn.jpg

I love when something totally new arrives in our subscription boxes. This month we got to try Japanese white chocolate for the first time in the form of a lovely big bar of Lotte Ghana, which may sound silly considering white chocolate is hardly a Japan only product but hey. It’s still a new thing. This chocolate is Japan only, so it’s new to us ๐Ÿ™‚

We got this bar as part of our December Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

 photo packaging-wm_zpsqnlp9vkw.jpg

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Review: Torotto Maple

 photo IMG_9698-wm_zpsbyjhhpni.jpg

Torotto drew me in with their vague yet interesting product description; crispy baked chocolates with a creamyย centre, in this case a fall inspired maple creamย centre. Plus, the name looks like Totoro (the Ghibli character) so yeah :p

This flavour is a limited edition, but you can still find some floating around on Oyatsu Cafe hereย (in fact it’s on sale right now!).

 photo IMG_9690-wm_zps0gx50vcz.jpg

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