Day 24: BJD maintenance begins.

 photo IMG_1657wm_zpsuy061frq.jpg

It’s that time of year again; time to get all my BJDs unstrung, cleaned, elastic tightened then put back together in their new season appropriate outfits. Even with a relatively small doll collection this takes a lot of time!

For those who may not know, BJD stands for Ball Jointed Doll (often seen as ABJD or Asian Ball Jointed Doll).ย If you’d like to read more about them thisย wiki article is a good start.

The BJD hobby has a wonderful variety of people who use their dolls in many ย different ways. My favourite aspect of the hobby is photography, so today I’m going to create a post filled with photographs I have taken of these beautiful dolls over the years. Leaving out my abysmally bad first attempts, of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

I hope you enjoy!

 photo IMG_6053-wm_zpsy2howtz9.jpg photo autumn-wm_zps8kma61n3.jpg photo IMG_0390--wm_zpsogquvn5g.jpg

 photo hailey-wm_zps8jypdzqi.jpg photo IMG_0898-wm_zpsqgs2bo36.jpg photo aru-wm_zpsomhwocis.jpg photo IMG_9327-wm_zpslxmaeyqc.jpg
 photo evol-wm_zpslynk3aao.jpg photo IMG_3141-wm_zpsh0uebjnv.jpg photo IMG_9335-wm_zps5ec2klek.jpg photo IMG_5320-wm_zpszcjfvery.jpg
 photo aru2-wm_zps2fwgiasm.jpg photo IMG_2952--wm_zps02axmrzc.jpg photo IMG_9314-wm_zpsm3mpazg9.jpg photo IMG_5060-wm_zpsrxt1cgdf.jpg photo IMG_3378-wm_zpss1medaqq.jpg

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