Day 18: Still cold, still wet, still miserable. But cute rats!

 photo IMG_1329-wm_zpsinuchaok.jpg

Day 18 of NaBloPoMo. This is a photo of a sleepy baby rat that pretty much sums up how I feel today. It is so cold and wet and miserable curling up and sleeping is about the only acceptable option right now, though I didn’t. I went out and had some lovely food and kept myself warm by cleaning just about everything I could in the house. But I’d really like to sleep now all that’s over and done with 😉

I was actually hoping to have something worthwhile to update with today. Our Oyatsubox is due to arrive any day now, and I daresay would have arrived already if it weren’t for the weather conditions at the minute. That was my planned post, but alas. Instead, have a photo spam of our darling rats! 🙂

 photo IMG_1312wm_zpsqswe8dsd.jpg photo IMG_1324-wm_zpss22dbu0o.jpg photo IMG_1302-wm_zps2eoyajh7.jpg

 photo IMG_1260wm_zps3oel2bp1.jpg photo IMG_1343wm_zpsheejtsay.jpg photo IMG_1318-wm_zpsdssz5ygi.jpg photo IMG_1352wm_zpsqdkwovqg.jpg photo IMG_8768-wm_zpsjq97xo2w.jpg photo rats_zpsccfhuf4w.jpg

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