Day 17: Birds

 photo IMG_3464-wm_zpspektqlyc.jpg

Day 17 of NaBloPoMo is, once again, dreary and miserable. It has been one of those days where the sun doesn’t seem to properly rise before it sets again, and to me nothing quite kills creativity like a little weather induced low mood. Bleh.

Since I’m not in the mood for writing, I’m going to show case some more photographs. This time the theme is birds, since apparently I’ve taken a fair few shots of the feathery friends over time. Starting to feel like I should have started a photography blog! :p

So here you go, have a selection of bird photography and a hope for a brighter (more productive) tomorrow.

 photo IMG_3968---wm_zps33sckzzf.jpg photo IMG_8582-wm_zpsde47engm.jpg photo IMG_8583-wm_zpslgkpcrkv.jpg photo IMG_4165-wm_zps5e19pq7r.jpg photo IMG_8581-wm_zps2zyfanvp.jpg photo IMG_8571-wm_zpsvt6okse9.jpg photo IMG_7777-wm_zpsi3lq7l7i.jpg photo IMG_4186wm_zps5hczlfbw.jpg photo IMG_8586wm_zpsp8ocyqj9.jpg

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