Day 15: All New Wolverine

 photo 20151115_103741wm_zpsqu2lftkr.jpg

Today I’d like to talk about the best damn thing that came through my letterbox this week; All New Wolverine #1.

I am well aware that I was never going to look at this comic in an unbiased way, as I love both Wolverine and Laura Kinney, aka X-23. I’m honestly not sure what emotion wins out more; a sense of loss over the apparently permanent death of Logan, or a sense of overwhelming excitement that one of my favourite characters of all time is taking his place.

I could ramble for days over what they’ve done with the story, or the heart warming interactions that have happened between Laura and Logan over the years and why I am a firm believer that having Laura finally find her place in the world by taking Logan’s place is the most perfect yet bitter sweet path they could have chosen for her (not to mention that it is a legitimate and logical way of continuing Wolverine while giving it new life) but you know what, it’s just another opinion in the wide and varied world of comic book fans. I would highly recommend giving this a read and deciding for yourself, it feels enough like a Wolverine comic to appeal to old fans while feeling just different enough that even if you weren’t a fan of Wolverine, you can still find a good story here.

Here’s a peek at what they have done with the all new female Wolverine:

 photo 20151115_103207wm_zpsyxivb1zb.jpg

The picture above shows X-23 in some of her more recent comic book appearances. I’ve never quite understood why she needed a bare midriff in basically every outfit she wore, or why she took on a bit of a hooker chic fashion sense in herย graphic novels from Marjorie Liu.

Laura was often given the guise of a damaged but not broken young woman who was trying to fight everything she had ever been programmed to do to become someone better, while having absolutely no clue what ‘better’ was. Her slim, almost fragile frame and tendency to pop up in night wear/hospital gowns was all part of the visual representation of her (literally) tortured mind.

 photo 20151115_103534--wm_zpso3ldt1bc.jpg

Now, wow. Laura got buff! I love this new, powerful representation of her. Plus, not that it particularly bothers me personally, but well done to Marvel for finally not over sexualising a female character and, dare I say it, drawing a body with realistic proportions. Creating a female character who can stand up on her own legit backstory and character rather than the power of her titsย is a great start to a female led series.

Check out some panels from the actual comic:

 photo Wolverine_zpsnld9dqse.jpg photo wolverine2_zpsmycrnlyj.jpg photo wolverine3_zpsckmmnfee.jpg

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this series goes and to seeing Laura’s character develop even further.

My only question would be…what I call her now? Call her Laura Kinney, people don’t know who I’m talking about. Call her X-23, people get it, but is she still X-23? Call her Wolverine, people are going to think Logan. Female Wolverine? All New Wolverine? Yeah, I probably going to go with that last one for a while ๐Ÿ˜‰

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