Day 13: Autumn

 photo IMG_6413-wm_zpsebduls16.jpg

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo is here and so is our lovely stormy friend Abigail. Today has been bitterly cold, rainy and generally quite miserable. It feels like we’ve skipped straight past autumn and plunged into mid winter.

A dismal day such as this isn’t great at inspiring creativity. Rather than create something new (which is hardly possible with the combination of lethargy and bad lighting) I’m going to share some properly autumnal photographs from this date three years ago (13.11.12). It was a bit of a dismal day that year too, but these photographs are positively warm and welcoming compared to today.

I hope you enjoy checking out some of my actual photography, even if it is from 3 years ago (I like to think I have improved since ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

 photo IMG_6566wm_zpsisygsb7a.jpg

 photo IMG_6415-wm_zpshwprgom8.jpg photo IMG_6455-wm_zps4evk2ohw.jpg photo IMG_6500wm_zpsj241bbxn.jpg photo IMG_6579wm_zps10r5no1m.jpg photo IMG_6639-wm_zps8mv2bt38.jpg photo IMG_6509wm_zpseszhkjtz.jpg photo IMG_6661--wm_zpszijkwnci.jpg photo IMG_6560-wm_zpsrltsfgfr.jpg photo IMG_6693--wm_zpss9ltvfun.jpg

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