Taiyaki: Fish-shaped pancakes

Check out this awesome and informative post about taiyaki from Miu at sliceofapplecake.wordpress.com, I love the beautiful photographs! If you haven’t checked out this adorable blog yet, you should ^__^

Slice of Apple Cake

When people ask me what my favourite Japanese food is, taiyaki is my stock answer and has been for as long as I remember.


It’s a fish-shaped pancake that has filling inside (typically red bean, as you might guess) and there’re lots of taiyaki shops all over Japan! Back in Singapore there were only ever a handful, so maybe that’s why I put them on such a high pedestal haha.

But they’re really that deliciouscryThey’re crispy outside and soft inside and the best ones are stuffed with filling from head to tail and served hot off the grill. I feel like I’ve been eating a lot of taiyaki since I came to Japan. Also because there’re so many different kinds!


Like the croissant taiyaki, which is a bit of a recent trend. Kind of like the Japanese version of the cronut. It’s still soft but has a flaky texture outside, and decked out…

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