Day 9: Pokemon Ramune

 photo IMG_8409wm_zpsg65l2tni.jpg

My favourite thing so far about NaBloPoMo has been pushing myself to create posts that aren’t just straight up review type posts. I’m enjoying creating posts from photographs I thought would never get posted online, that would spend their days floating around my HDD irrelevantly save to occasionally remind me of something I enjoyed.

This Pokemon Ramune, for example, would never had been mentioned here if I hadn’t taken up the NaBloPoMo challenge as the only special thing about it is the (awesome) packaging. Inside the bottle is just regular Ramune, which isn’t something I feel the need to write a review about.

So, here are some simple photos showing off this awesome Pokemon themed bottle design!

 photo IMG_8402wm_zpsst7a49x4.jpg

Somehow covering a bottle with Pokemon made this the most deliciousย and exciting Ramune I’ve ever had ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the centre is everyone’s (supposed) favourite Pokemon, Pikachu! There are five others in a semi circle around Pikachu:

 photo IMG_8404wm_zpsukbljbdn.jpg

First up, we have Dedenne…

 photo IMG_8405wm_zps86i9kaof.jpg

then Froakie…

 photo IMG_8406wm_zpspxbfm5eg.jpg

then Fenniken (my favourite!)…

 photo IMG_8407wm_zpsefufqlud.jpg

then Chespin…

 photo IMG_8408wm_zpsxvhiy8rt.jpg

and finally Bunnelby.

Thenย of course, because it’s me, some Nendoroid photos just to add a little more cuteness ๐Ÿ˜‰

 photo IMG_8413wm_zps0zqy5lev.jpg
 photo IMG_8414wm_zpsvqd1vtza.jpg

I really wish I’d had my sleepy Chespin figure at the time I took these, but alas! Only Bunnelby. He’s still cute though ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope the rest of you are having fun with NaBloPoMo (or NaBloWriMo, whichever you wish to call it), keep it up! ^_^

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