Review: Meiji Petit Assorted Chocolate Selection

 photo IMG_8806wm_zpskfm3l4s3.jpg

Summer is well and truly over (not that it ever really arrived here) and we’re currently experiencing a really cold, wet spell here. One plus side to the cooler weather is that it is now possible to get lots of delicious chocolate from Japan without worrying about it melting in transit!

Japanese chocolate isn’t something I’ve had much experience with, so the Meiji Petit Assorted Chocolate Selection stood out to me as a great starting pointย to be able to try a few different types of chocolate at once for a great price.

We got this pack from Tofu Cute for ยฃ2.50.

 photo IMG_8792wm_zpswobn6am4.jpg
 photo IMG_8804wm_zpsqcroaef6.jpg

The packaging is adorable. Mini boxes of Japanese chocolate were only ever going to be adorable really, but it still made me smile seeing all the cute designs all over the boxes ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo IMG_8802wm_zpsv6ij25fe.jpg

You can see the fronts of the boxes more clearly once the cellophane wrapper is gone. I love how colourful everything is! Even the more ‘grown up’ coffee flavoured chocolates are still childishly cute in design.

 photo IMG_8811wm_zpszcatqz0o.jpg

All the chocolates! They really do make an adorable and interesting mixture, which has pretty much been my experience of Japanese treats as a whole so far :p

 photo IMG_8816wm_zpsceqcwk72.jpg
 photo IMG_8830wm_zpsz0oenvcx.jpg

This is the strawberry version of the Marble Chocolate. They are like Smarties only with a strawberry/white chocolate flavoured filling. Yum!

The strawberry flavour really came through strongly in these super sweet little chocolates, which was awesome. You can see little red specks dotted through the chocolate, each one gave an extra strong burst of strawberry flavour. ย The sweetness borders on cloying, the sugar shells actually taste less sweet than the chocolate inside! I could see these being too sweet for some people (not me though :p).

 photo IMG_8819wm_zps3cmgnucj.jpg
 photo IMG_8820wm_zpspuinpsdv.jpg

This little box contains Coffee Beat, whichย areย essentially coffee flavoured Smarties. Double yum!

These are chunks of coffee flavoured chocolate surrounded by a coffee bean shaped crisp sugar shell. The coffee flavour is strong but not bitter at all, it tastes like they’ve tried to recreated a milky coffee flavour more than a black coffee flavour.

These are a bit of contradiction to me, with theirย mature, adult taste and their colourful, childish packaging. Children’s candy and strong coffee flavours don’t tend to be put together in the UK, so this was strange to me. But I really enjoyed them and so did my son, so I guess if it works it works!

 photo IMG_8821wm_zpsjvwxxyh1.jpg

This box of Choco Baby, which are super shiny little chocolate pellets, is arguably the least exciting box of the bunch. Nevertheless I was glad of the chance to try Meiji’s chocolate in a basic, non flavoured variety to see if the actual chocolate is any good.

I was surprised at the texture of these more than anything. They’re just so fun to crunch through! They’re really solid and don’t really melt in your mouth, so it’s more like eating candy than chocolate.

Flavour wise, I was happy to find they don’t taste cheap or like ‘chocolate flavoured candy coating’ (yuck, looking at you American ‘chocolate’ >_<). I was glad to find it tasted like good quality milk chocolate, though really I’m not sure what brands in Japan count as ‘good’ brands. In any case, I like Meiji chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo IMG_8812wm_zpsgx3qozk6.jpg

These adorable little strawberry and chocolate cones are called Apollo. I don’t know if they are truly one of the more popular chocolates in Japan, but as an international customer I see them (and good reports about them) pretty regularly.

Compared to the strawberry Marble Candy, I found the strawberry flavour very mild in these. Naive perhaps but I thought since they were more solidly pink coloured they might have more flavour, but nope. There really wasn’t much of a strawberry chocolate taste at all, which was sad!

Like the Choco Baby pellets I really enjoyed the texture of these. The chocolate is very solid and crisp, for lack of a better way of describing it. Again like Choco Baby it doesn’t melt very quickly, which I suspect is more of a manufacturing thing than anything. Maybe it has more of a melt in the mouth texture in the heat of Japan, but not here ๐Ÿ˜‰

I wouldn’t go so far as to say Apollo cones aren’t good, but they weren’t as good as what I was expecting. Maybe if I had tried them before I tried the strawberry Marble Candy I wouldn’t have expected so much from them?

 photo IMG_8823wm_zpsx0mo9kee.jpg

Last but not least we have the chocolate version of Marble Candy. These are simply milk chocolate in a sugar shell, so yup; just like Smarties! They taste different because of the chocolate used, obviously, but if you like one you’ll like the other. Simple but still really tasty!

The chocolate inside these actually did melt properly, unlike the Choco Baby/Apollo, so it was nice to get different textured chocolates not just differently flavoured ones in this pack.

 photo IMG_8824wm_zpsgobc2htx.jpg

Overall, I’d give these a solid 10/10. All the individual chocolates were really good in their own way, plus the variety of tastes and textures is really interesting. You get a good amount of chocolates in each box, so they’re great for sharing with friends or family too. I think this is a perfect, great value introduction to Japanese (or at least Meiji) chocolates ๐Ÿ™‚

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