Day 6: Blue

 photo IMG_20151010_172045wm_zpsf31d3z2g.jpg

Day 6 of NaBloPoMo. It’s Friday, it’s still dark at 10am, I’m not going to get a productive post done anytime soon. So, I’m going to talk about blue!

I love blue. It’s my favourite colour and, if it can be defined as such, it’s my favourite flavour. Much like some people will go for a pink or red treat by default, I would go for blue. Blue rocks.

Incidentally, I was heartbroken when they took blue Smarties away. Those were dark days.

 photo blue_zps43vdgdgq.jpg

Blue Japanese candy is particularly awesome, in my opinion, as it tends to be Ramune/soda flavoured. Yum! There are exceptions, of course, like the flower shaped candy on the left hand side for instance which is blue hawaii flavour. Still, yum!

Blue is a safe bet. If I can pick blue, I will pick blue, no matter what the item in question is. Edible, non edible, doesn’t matter; blue.

One of my simple dreams in life is to someday obtain a box of blue Ramune Kit Kats from Japan. They sound like absolute heaven to me. In my ideal world, everything would come in blue! šŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Blue

    1. No no, blue smarties are still here! They took them away for a while to replace the artificial colouring with natural colouring, so here in the UK we had no blue smarties from 2006-2008. Sad times!

      I had not seen that recipe, but thank you so much for sharing! It looks so awesome, I’m definitely making it šŸ˜€


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