Oyatsu Cafe Prize! Okinawan snack pack plus Japanese snack box.

 photo 20151104_102546wm_zpsyisbm3uy.jpg

Yes, it happened again; I won another amazing prize from Oyatsu Cafe!

I was the extremely lucky winner of Oyatsu Cafe’s latest competition, and what a massive prize it is. I’ve never had such a huge box of Japanese goodies before, I’m absolutely delighted to have won all of this ^__^

Those who follow my instagram/twitter accounts may have wondered why I suddenly started spamming selfies and odd pictures of my pets and child with various items. Well, that’s because the competition awarded 15 extra entries for each one. I hate taking selfies, but this time it absolutely paid off ๐Ÿ˜‰

 photo photos_zpstosv6bbb.jpg
A tribute to theย most worthwhile selfies I’ve ever taken.

Everything in this (giant) box has me super excited, but first I’m going to show you arguably the coolest part of the prize; an exclusive Okinawan gift set including a bottle of real coral sand from Okinawa!

 photo okinawa snack pack_zpsem65xflv.jpg

I absolutely love this, it’s such a unique prize. I’m well aware you can probably pick this kind of thing up easily as a tourist, but that’s not something I personally will ever be able to do so to me this is pretty damn amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

The cellophane has little stamps all over it saying I โค Okinawa and Ryukyu Market, which is a place that sells souvenirs from Okinawa.

I’d like to point out that I really wasn’t sure what most of these items were and had to look them up, so please let me know if I have gotten anything wrong. It’s funny because Oyatsu Cafe sent me an email telling me that the coral sand was not edible, so please don’t eat it, but didn’t let me know what any of the items are :p

 photo 20151104_105210wm_zpsps1n5xlp.jpg

First up, we have an Okinawan edition Pretz in purple sweet potato flavour. I adore sweet potatoes in any form so I’m really looking forward to these crunchy pretzel sticks!

 photo 20151104_105329wm_zpstznhmdsv.jpg

This is Okinawa Hi-Chew in Shikwasa flavour, often reffered to as Okinawa lemon. Shikwasa (Citrus depressa) is a citrus fruit that is native to Okinawa and is described as a mix of lemon, lime and orange all in one fruit only more sour than a lemon or a lime. I’m really excited to have the chance to try out such a unique flavour!

 photo 20151104_105232wm_zps4nhfacey.jpg

I wasn’t too sure what this little box was, my searching tells me it isย a box of Marukawa bubblegum in shikwasa flavour. I couldn’t find that particular item online, but I found Marukawa gum and the blue text ย simply states ‘shikwasa’ so it’s an educates guess that this is what it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

 photo 20151104_105146wm_zps5tdalhgh.jpg

Here we have a cute little shisa cookie.ย Shisa are those little lion-dogs on the packaging, they are usually found in the form of small statues placed either on top of roofs or at the entrance to a building. They are believed to ward off evil spirits; the open mouthed shisa wards off evil spirits while the closed mouth shisa keeps good spirits in. They’re interesting to read about, so whether the cookie turns out to be good or not at least I got to learn something fun ๐Ÿ™‚

They were on the Hi-chew packaging too, incidentally!

 photo 20151104_105102wm_zps3ezf45dv.jpg

The last edible part of the Okinawan pack (because remember; coral sand is not edible ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) is a little pack of Suppaiman, or dried sweet plums. The name is misleading, since ‘suppai’ means sour (and suppaiman literally translates as meaning a sour man) but apparently these are sweet. I’m really looking forward to trying these, even more so since finding out they are sweet suppaiman as I first thought they were umeboshi (dried, pickled salty and sour plums), which honestly I am still interested in trying someday, but know I am not likely to enjoy!

There’s another depiction of the shisa lion-dogs on this packaging too, which is exciting to me. I love little details like that ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo 20151104_105537wm_zps40j6apss.jpg

Here it is, possibly the most exciting thing in this entire box to me; the little bottle or Okinawan coral sand. I have often referred to using Japanese snacks as a way to experience a little piece of Japan, well now I literally have a little piece of Japan! ^__^

The coral sand looks like tiny little stars, I can’t even imagine walking barefoot on a beach made from this stuff (which my partner tells me you are not supposed to do anyway) as it just looks painful to stand on!

The bottle even has a couple of tiny little shells inside it, I absolutely love this little bottle ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo 20151104_105645wm_zps6xzjnhia.jpg
 photo IMG_9161wm_zpsqfawxvyj.jpg

That’s everything in the Okinawan snack pack. But this post is far from over as there were a whopping 18 additional items in the Japanese snack box!

 photo 20151104_102934wm_zpszshoz5dd.jpg

First up we have an adorable little box of Fujiya Milky. I tried the matcha version of this recently as part of our last Oyatsu Box (see here) and loved it, so I’m really looking forward to checking out the regular version too. Plus I’m looking forward to letting my partner try some since he doesn’t like matcha so missed out on the last box.

 photo 20151104_103112wm_zpsim1xgpes.jpg

Not one, but two packs of Meiji Watapachi! This is candyfloss with popping candy in it, I’ve tried the cola version and still have the soda version ready to try. Now I get to try the melon (green) and grape (purple) flavours too, yay!

 photo 20151104_103201wm_zpsl9wtleuu.jpg

Another two flavour choice, this time with the super sour Awawawa Puccho Balls (so named because that is the noise you make while eating them, apparently) in both soda and grape flavour. I’ve tried the soda ones before, I do really like them but I’m not going to lie, my mouth is puckering just looking at them! :p

 photo 20151104_103243wm_zpsihxreoxa.jpg

This one got me really excited because it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now. This is a tin of Sakuma’s Drops, a traditional Japanese candy with a collectible tin case. Ghibli fans will have seen these in the war movie Grave of the Fireflies (1988). I love getting to try traditional candies, especially when I have actually heard of them!

 photo 20151104_103314wm_zpsus4qcdm7.jpg

This is another thing I’ve been wanting to try, but more because it amuses me than that I think it will be good. This is Calorie Mate, a nutritionally balanced block of food for people on the go. I do believe this isย the chocolate version. It has 11 kinds of vitamins, 6 kinds of minerals plus proteins, lipids and carbohydrates in balanced proportions, all at only 100kcal! I find the concept a little hilarious, but then again I have used energy drinks and such many times over the years so I’m not judging ๐Ÿ˜‰

This box is divided into two bars, with one apparently providing half of an adults vitamin requirements.

 photo 20151104_103405wm_zpshcgo42rc.jpg

Peach flavoured Hi Chew, yum! This stuff is awesome. I keep meaning to review it, then I keep eating it all. Maybe this time?

 photo 20151104_103506wm_zpsgbiumjlp.jpg

Here we have another past Oyatsu Box favourite, Morinaga Pote Long in Ramen flavour. These are crunchy potato sticks with an incredibly unique ramen flavour, every bite you taste something different. It’s like eating a big bowl of soup only crunchy. Strange but good!

 photo 20151104_103545wm_zps4ielwbze.jpg

I wasn’t entirely sure what these were. I recognised them as Koume Umeboshi Candy because of the packaging, but I am not sure why these ones are green and white coloured candies as opposed to red. The packaging tells me that they have used Wakayama Prefecture plum juice, and that they are sweet and sour. That black bar down the side translates to ‘of adult mood’, which is pretty funny but I presume means that these are more of a grown up candy. I am assuming that these are a special/limited/regional edition?

There is an even weirder section of text on the back of the packet, which translates as ‘The love you’d applied for a breast kyun phrase!’. I…what? I don’t get it. I have a few ideas as to what this is trying to say, but I’m still confused!

 photo 20151104_103617wm_zpsbj7uwvhg.jpg

Tohato Caramel Corn, yay! This stuff seriously rocks. I’ve tried the matcha one before but I’m glad to get another bag, it’s so yummy!

 photo 20151104_103643wm_zpsimvoh4ie.jpg

This is a box of Pokemon Mini Doughnuts. I have seen these on another site and was curious, apparently they were created to celebrate the release of the 18th Pokemon movie (yeah, that makes me feel old).

I don’t know if they are actually doughnuts or if they are just ring shaped snacks, but I guess I’ll know when I open them!

 photo 20151104_103701wm_zpsgzkuwiqz.jpg

Here we have the Resident Evil Biohazard tablet candies that were featured in the August Oyatsu Box. I thought I had reviewed these already, but apparently not. They’re probably the tastiest tablet candies we’ve tried, though it’s generous to call them strawberry and ramume flavour as they really just taste like sugary sweetness!

 photo 20151104_103720wm_zpsumjclhgv.jpg

This is a delicious looking box of Cream Collon. Cream is one flavour of Collon I haven’t actually tried yet, so really looking forward to these. I love Collon ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo 20151104_104010wm_zpsgcpjvlaa.jpg

Here we have a packet of Kracie Nazo Nazo Puchitto pull apart candy, which some sites class a DIY candy kit and some do not. I don’t personally, I mean its just foam candy shapes that you pull apart and eat. This pack is orange and peach flavour, with the name ‘Nazo Nazo’ referring to the mystery that is combining the two flavours to make a new one.

 photo 20151104_104030wm_zpse7m238dq.jpg

Finally we have not one, but three DIY candy kits!

I’m very happy to see the Neru Neru Nerune Secret Soda again (left, see my first attempt at making it here), maybe we’ll figure out the secret flavour this time!

The Kracie DIY Ramen kit (top right) will be good fun, I wasn’t able to make it very well last time (the white material used in the gyoza and egg/naruto decorations turned too sticky) so it’ll be fun to try again.

The Coris DIY Horadekita Popscicle Kit got me really excited, I have really wanted to make this one since I saw it in the July version of Japan Candy Box. It looks so fun, I can’t wait to check it out ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo 20151104_102817wm_zpsp2jesvdb.jpg

Last but not least, Oyatsu Cafe were awesome enough to include two gachapons.

The one on the left is Chespin from the sleepy Pokemon series. I am so happy to see this little guy as when we got this gachapon in our September Oyatsuย Box I got Bunnelby, my least favourite of all the available Pokemon. Chespin is way more awesome!

The one on the right was next to impossible to get open! I’ve never had such a tricky gachapon capsule. Inside, I found this absolutely adorable little guy. I’m alwaysย amazed at the quality in these little things. I had no idea who he was, but looked it up and found he is a character calledย Atsushi Murasakibara from the anime Kuroko’s Basketball (Kuroko no Basuke). Sadly I have no interest in the anime, but the little keychain is no less adorable to me. In fact it would be my top choice from those shown in the leaflet ^_^

This has hands down been the best prize I have ever won, the sheer scale of it has blown me away. I love everything, even the things we’ve tried before. I think Oyatsu Cafe can read my mind, whether it’s a competition prize or the monthly subscription box it always feels like they made the box up knowing exactly what I would love.

Feeling well and truly blessed to have won this, it was 100% worth the selfie taking (though I am glad that is over) :p

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