Day 3: That one time I was drawn by a Marvel artist.

 photo IMG_1066-wm_zpsq13yiluq.jpg

Happy day 3 of NaBloPoMo everyone! Today has been a busy one for me, but also brought loads of really exciting things in the post. One of those things was my copy of Silk Volume 0: The Life & Times Of Cindy Moon, a comic that is part of the Spider Man universe.

Rather than simply make a post about Silk, naturally this inspired me to dig out my old photos from a book signing with Will Sliney, who is nothing to do with Silk itself but has worked on a few Spider Man comics plus lots of other exciting things both for Marvel and others. You can find a good selection of his work hereย and a rather out of date wiki article here.

This signing was for his Celtic Warrior graphic novel and happened on the 31st of May, 2013.

 photo IMG_1037--wm_zpsnt9dw4g0.jpg

One thing in particular I remember about this evening was the poor man apologizing because he thought he had made me look quite angry in the sketch. This was amusing to me because thanks to my ‘resting bitchface’ I have spent my entire life having people think I am angry when I’m actually quite content. Even more amusing was the fact that I was probably glaring at him the whole time without meaning to anyway, as I have an unfortunate habit of doing that to peopleย thanks to the joys of social anxiety. I mean on the inside I was thrilled and jumping up and down with joy that there was an awesome comic book artist sketching me, but on the outside…yeah. Probably glaring :p

Angry or not (and I don’t think it is, really), I really love this little sketch. It was a great night with plenty of fun memories. I loved the little talk he gave the people there, it was awesome having the opportunity to meet him in a smaller group rather than at a large con. I loved that he was kind enough to do a little sketch as part of signing the graphic novel, then later I loved reading it. I loved burning through my bank account with the buy one, get one half price promotion on all graphic novels in store too…though perhaps I loved that part a little less than everything else ๐Ÿ˜‰

 photo IMG_1044-wm_zpskkn4nc8b.jpg
 photo IMG_1034-wm_zps00dbls7n.jpg

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