Review: Halloween Edition Collon Pumpkin Chocolate Cream Biscuits

 photo packagingwm_zpsjp58kgwj.jpg

Happy Halloween! The day has come and so far for me has been filled with junk food and Halloween craft projects. As it should be! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s yet another Halloween themed Japanese treat we got to try this year; a Halloween edition of the well known biscuit snack Collon in a very interesting pumpkin chocolate cream flavour. I love when vegetables are combined into desserts/snack foods, so these stood out to me both as a great flavour and a great Halloween themed treat.

We got this pack from Japan Center, but it was only stocked as a seasonal item. Look out next year!

 photo IMG_8612wm_zpstmos7pvr.jpg

As always, I love the Halloween themed packaging. The ‘Lovely Halloween’ sentiment made me giggle, but I suppose Halloween does become lovely when you have a big pack of yummy treats to eat :p

 photo IMG_8624wm_zpsuiaopyn1.jpg photo IMG_8627wm_zps0uhkckcb.jpg

Inside the wrapper you findย a sturdy card tray filled with 8 little packs of Collon. I say little, one is still plenty!

There areย three different pack designs:

 photo IMG_8630wm_zpshdup1ste.jpg

Pumpkins, one of whichย looks a little more creepy than cute. What’s with that expression?

 photo IMG_8632wm_zps47qefbrw.jpg

Cute little bats, they look so happy!

 photo IMG_8633wm_zpsdujbv5h9.jpg

And cute little ghosts, who for some reason have little patchwork patches and witches hats. Are they dead witches? The ghosts of Halloween plushies? Strange, but cute!

 photo maskwm_zpsnltlh9tj.jpg

The tray itself is actually a cut out ghost mask, complete with witches hat. For those who can’t decide which one to dress up as! ๐Ÿ˜‰

 photo IMG_8637wm_zpsr9mns87z.jpg

The collon themselves are orange in colour, supposedly due to having pumpkin baked into the biscuit itself. They certainly look Halloween themed!

I keep calling them biscuits, I suppose at this point it I shouldย point out that they are more like crisp, multi layered wafers than biscuits (despite being marketed as such). They remind me of the chocolate straw type wafers you would get on a fancy ice cream, only filled completely with solid chocolate cream.

I didn’t notice much of a definable pumpkin taste from these, though every so often you would notice a more earthy sweet note or vaguely vegetable taste. It’s like carrot cake; you can’t taste carrot, but rather an added richness.

The chocolate cream is very rich in these, far more rich than the regular chocolate cream version. I thought it tasted more like dark chocolate than milk chocolate, with a really rich and deep flavour that I am assuming comes from pumpkin being present in the chocolate cream as well? Either way, these treats taste very dark and rich, perfect as a Halloween indulgence.

Because they are so rich, the smaller bags are actually the perfect size. You could sicken yourself quite easily by eating too many of these at once. I’m not complaining, as it means this pack is going to last long after Halloween is over!

Overall, I would give these a solid 10/10. The packaging is extremely fun, a great take on the Halloween theme. The addition of pumpkin gives the collon a deeper, richer flavour without tasting overly like pumpkin. The individual pack size is great for keeping the collon fresh, while each bag has enough to satisfy you. I would definitely pick these up again next year!

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