DIY Candy Kit: Halloween Edition Meigum Candy Kit

 photo circle-wm_zpsf23u7jvk.png

With the awful cold and wet weather we are currently experiencing, indoor activities are a lot higher on my priority list than outdoor ones. What better way to spend time indoors on the night before Halloween than making an adorable Halloween themed DIY candy kit?

We got this delightful kit as part of our October Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

 photo IMG_9027wm_zpsdv7q4lnq.jpg photo IMG_9028wm_zpsm7cfgtlo.jpg

The Halloween packaging is great on this, I love Halloween themed things. I love this little ghost in particular, so cute! He’s demonstrating what we’re going to do; make some little pressed candies!

 photo 20151030_124517wm_zpsmzc1pfn0.jpg

Here are the contents of the candy kit:

 photo IMG_9036wm_zpsk4jdl5kg.jpg

We have a mixing tray (left, labelled with a star) and a tray to put our separate colours into (right, labelled with hearts). The instructions actually use the stars and hearts to tell you which tray to use, which is pretty cute!

 photo IMG_9035wm_zpsao6egsdi.jpg

Three packs of powder; the pink packet is strawberry flavour, the orange packet (which actually makes yellow powder) is orange flavour and the blue packet is ramune (soda) flavour. All yummy flavours!

 photo IMG_9032wm_zpsfwcquxri.jpg

And finally we have a little (and I do mean little) spoon and a two part powder press featuring spooky Halloween shapes (ghost, pumpkin, candy, witches hat, moon and stars and cat face). You pull the press into two separate pieces, I just hadn’t done that at this point.

Now, time to make some candy!

 photo 20151030_124858wm_zpsqgkqyd8k.jpg

The first step is to pour one packet of powder into the mixing tray. I chose the blue/ramune packet because hey, favourite flavour first right? :p

 photo 20151030_124957wm_zpstwyypjy1.jpg

You then add one spoonful of water to the powder. The instructions are very specific that it should be one level spoon exactly; not a heaped spoon or a little less than a full spoon, one full spoon.

It really doesn’t seem like there is enough water, but trust the instructions and don’t give in to the temptation to add more!

 photo 20151030_125103wm_zpsx2tdmmcn.jpg

You then proceed to mix the powder and water together using your fingers. As you can see, it gets pretty messy!

If you’ve ever baked and learned how to rub in butter and flour, that’s the sort of technique you’re looking for (only one handed). If you aren’t a baker, I’d suggest looking the technique up as honestly it’s the only way I can think to describe how you combine the powder and water here.

 photo IMG_9038wm_zpsjxdnjzie.jpg

Keep rubbing in until you have a uniform mixture. You now have a rather clumpy blue powder instead of a fine white powder. Progress!

Once you are done, carefully spoon/pour the blue powder into one of the three sections on the heart marked tray. I then used a piece of kitchen roll to wipe out the star tray so that they colours wouldn’t mix.

 photo powder-wm_zpsoddnrzcp.jpg

Repeat with the other two packets…

 photo IMG_9045wm_zps6noc4eek.jpg
 photo 20151030_131025wm_zpsw24mabpm.jpg

Et voila; three different colours of delicious, clumpy powder!

 photo 20151030_131510wm_zpsisukufmd.jpg

Now that you have all the powder packets made up, it is time to fill the candy molds! Using the little spoon (for accuracy), carefully fill each mold right up to the top with powder. Don’t pack the powder down too much at this stage, just loosely fill each shape.

You’ll notice there are only three colours, yet there are six molds. You could, of course, make two of each colour. But according to the packet, it’s time to make three new colours of powder! You didn’t think it would be over that easily, did you?

Using the star marked mixing tray, add equal amounts of  two colours to make all new ones. I used two little scoops of each colour (that’s four scoops total) to make enough for one mold full at a time. You could be a real rebel and mix your own colours, but these are the ones the packet suggests:

 photo purple-wm_zpsjaq7cbmt.jpg


 photo orange-wm_zpshqrp5okt.jpg


 photo green-wm_zpsl3fp03nf.jpg


It’s really strange watching the two colours of powder blend into one! It also takes a fair amount of time to mix them thoroughly, so don’t worry if it looks like you’re getting nowhere. They will mix eventually.

 photo 20151030_132545wm_zpsietjgp4x.jpg

Now that we have all six colours, we can fill the candy press with lots of lovely colours!

 photo press-wm_zpsa5wvxncq.jpg

Once you have each mold filled, you set the other half of the press on top. Make sure you align it carefully, then push down to compress the powder inside the molds.

It doesn’t take much force, but it’s worth making sure you keep pushing until it feels really solid so that your candies won’t fall apart coming out of the mold.

 photo 20151030_132845wm_zpsp2x3bexf.jpg

This is how much the powder is compressed once you take the top part off again, look how lovely and smooth it is!

 photo 20151030_133019wm_zpszeorp9jh.jpg

Turn the mold upside down and gently tap each shape with your finger tip to release it. This was my first attempt, I think it went well! There is a little loose powder around the edge of the base of each candy but they are solid enough that you can pick them up and they don’t fall apart.

 photo 20151030_132931wm-_zpskbz3wbb6.jpg

Look how cute the little candies are, I love the detail on them!

 photo 20151030_134303wm_zpskdahfi6b.jpg

This was my second attempt…

 photo 20151030_135156wm_zpsabnmahnj.jpg

And here is a picture of all the candies I made. I was able to get 18 candies, so three full presses. I wasn’t able to mix all six colours three times though, which is why there are a couple of multicoloured candies in there :p

This kit was a lot of fun, but it was very time consuming. Every step requires a fair amount of time; the powder and water takes time to mix thoroughly, mixing two powders to make a new colour takes time, using the tiny scoop to transfer tiny amounts of powder at a time takes time. That’s a lot of time!

I spent just over an hour making this, whereas between the three of us the candies were all eaten in less than a minute. That’s a little soul destroying. Worth it though, because they were actually delicious!

The texture was very soft despite the candies being solid, it is like having a mouth full of flavoured icing sugar (also known as powdered sugar or confectioners sugar). I happen to love eating icing (or indeed icing sugar), so this was amazing to me.

The three main flavours were all really yummy. The pink candies tasted just like the icing from the Green’s Tom and Jerry Strawberry Cake Mix; a super sweet strawberry candy flavour. The yellow candies tasted like orange flavoured sherbert, much like the stuff found in Swizzels Double Dips. The blue candies tasted very true to the ramune soda drink they were based on, including the fizz!

The mixed flavours, predictably, tasted like generic sweetness rather than a definable flavour. Except the green ones, which tasted exactly like the yellow ones strangely. The purple and orange candies were just super sweet.

The last step is, unfortunately, a clean up of the mass powder explosion that always seems to happen when I make a DIY candy kit! 😉

Overall, I’d give this kit a 10/10. I can see why some people wouldn’t feel like the time used to prepare the candies is worth the time it takes to eat them, but I liked them so much I would definitely make them again. The kit is fun, colourful and while being time consuming doesn’t involve anything particularly difficult. It was fun to make and even more fun to eat, though admittedly that last part was over too quickly!

I would definitely get this type of candy kit again 🙂

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