Review: Halloween Koala No March (Spooky Strawberry)

 photo IMG_8961wm_zpskio58gdl.jpg

Halloween is fast approaching and with my son off on his half term holidays, we’ve been indulging in our fair share of Halloween themed treats. Our first adventure into the world of Japanese Halloween treats were these simple but adorable Halloween themed Koala No March biscuits.

We got this box of as part of our October Oyatsu Box, see what else we got here.

 photo packagingwm_zpsklhv0pyk.png

The packaging on these is just adorable. Look at that cute little strawberry koala witch! I love that they’ve gone for cuteness overload rather than typical dark or scary Halloween packaging, it makes a nice change. I mean trying to makeย koala themed strawberry biscuits dark or scary is kind of setting out for failure anyway, so I’m glad they didn’t try! :p

The bow on the back of the box (if a hexagonal box has a back) is supposed to be cut out and worn either as a necklace (add some string or ribbon) or a hair bow (add a hair band). I’m sure you could wear it other ways too, but that is what the box suggests ๐Ÿ™‚

 photo topwm_zpscokqo9bx.jpg

The top of the box hasn’t been left out, nor has the inner tab. There has been a lot of attention to detail with the packaging!

The box is supposedly resealable, but it doesn’t stay airtight. Not that it’s a chore, but you’d probably be best to eat these reasonably quickly after opening. Ours had started to go soft just a couple of hours later, sadly.

 photo IMG_8929wm_zps89pcwjmq.jpg
 photo IMG_8936wm_zpsm8eojqqt.jpg

The box is a good size, though the inner foil wrapper is quite a bit smaller.ย This is actually the entire box poured out. It may look like a lot, and I suppose it is, but once you start munching these one bite little morsels it doesn’t feel like there is much to go round!

I LOVE that they printed the biscuits with Halloween designs. Usually you just see Halloween themed packaging with regular food inside, this is way more fun! There are loads of different designs too;

 photo IMG_8940wm_zpsofdjuaax.jpg

These little witches match the box design (except for the winking face). How cute is that?

 photo designswm_zpsfxybvkcm.jpg

Here are the rest of the designs. The poor little guy in the middle was the one koalaย in our box that didn’t have an outfit on, but he got his little nose smashed in so he looks like he is grabbing it in pain. Poor koala ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

From top left (going clockwise) we have a little pumpkin head koala (reminds me of the World of Warcraft Weighted Jack-O’-Lantern), a little winged angel, a koala cuddling a little teddy, a koala playing a drum, a koala in a frilled dress with a butterfly (?), a ninja like koala, a koala happily cuddling a pumpkin, a little witch/mage/wizard (the staff makes me think mage/wizard), a vampire koala complete with teeny tiny fangs, a kind of creepy female koala with extra big eyelashes, a koala cuddling some flowers and finally a koala that is playing a harmonica (or eating a burger with a little musical note of apprecation?).

I don’t think these are all Halloween prints, but I haven’t had regular Koala No March so I don’t know. They could be very abstract Halloween costumes, they could be a mix of regular and special biscuits. Either way they’re adorable!

 photo IMG_8964wm_zpsczwf2o23.jpg

Inside the super crunchy biscuits, you’ll find a cavity lined with strawberry cream. It feels like they cheaped out when you compare them to the likes of Hello Panda who actually fill their biscuits with the cream filling, but it’s quite nice regardless. It gives the biscuit more of a light and airy feel. There is a fine line between a light snack and an insubstantial one though, and I could see some people feeling these are more the latter.

There isn’t much to say about how the biscuits taste, to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious, but they’re a strawberry cream biscuit. Kind of a standard thing, really. I think it would be okay to assume most readers out there will have had at least one strawberry cream biscuit in their life, whether it was a Japanese one (like Hello Panda or Pocky) or not.

Overall, I’d give these a 10/10 purely for the super fun packaging.

There’s not a whole lot in the packet, but they aren’t an expensive treat either so I wouldn’t go so far as to say they are not good value for money.ย I do wish they had been more creative with finding a Halloween flavour rather than simply repackaging the regular strawberry edition, but there has still been a lot of effort put into giving this treat a Halloween feel and at the end of the day, the regular strawberry edition is still delicious!

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