Review: Fujiya Milky Matcha

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Fujiya Milky candy is something that I’ve been curious about for a while now. I was initially drawn to them for their cute and instantly recognizable mascot, Peko-chan. I was really happy to see it arrive in our Oyatsu box this month, especially as this box also features Hello Kitty and is matcha flavoured; both things I love!

You can see what else we got on our box this month here.

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The box is pretty small, in fact mine only contained five candies. That made me a little sad, there was definitely room in the box for more than that!

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The ‘for sale in Japan only’ made me feel a little better though. It’s cool having something properly hard to obtain outside of Japan arrive in a subscription box, even if that something is very small.

 photo packagingwm_zpsvkaperlu.jpg
 photo IMG_8698wm_zpsq3uincx2.jpg

To me, the packaging really proves that Peko X Hello Kitty was a genius collaboration. Two adorable characters on one little box of candy? Amazing. If I saw this is in store, I’d pick it up for sure. I love their traditional clothing, they’re both just adorable!

 photo IMG_8671wm_zpsli4x66pz.jpg

I mentioned that I only got 5 candies in my box, well that would be because each candy is actually quite large. I mean it’s still only 5 candies, but at least you can eat one and feel satisfied rather than feel the need to eat the entire box in one sitting. The candies are about 2cm long and 5cm in circumference which makes them quite a mouthful (at least it does for me).

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The inner packaging is as cute as the outer box, with a super cute design featuring both Peko-chan and Hello Kitty. I love the pretty green colour scheme 🙂

 photo candywm_zps7cwtfenp.jpg

The candies have the texture of a very hard toffee, which combined with their relatively large size means they are next to impossible to chew. I’d still class them as soft candy as opposed to hard candy, just very hard soft candy :p

I’m not complaining really, since sucking them is the only way to make the tiny packet last any length of time.

Flavour wise, these candies are excellent. At first it tastes like any other sweet, creamy toffee. Then you start to taste the matcha as well, which isn’t quite as bitter as a lot of matcha treats are but still tastes very realistic. It tastes like a nice, perfectly made, high quality cup of matcha. A rather delightful treat for someone who is as in love with anything green tea as I am 🙂

Despite not being bitter, which is what often puts people off, the matcha flavour is very strong in these. My partner, who is not a tea lover but can cope with some tea flavoured things, was put off by the smell of them alone. If you’re not a matcha fan, I don’t think these would be the best thing to start off with candy wise. If you are, I daresay these will be perfect for you.

I really love these, though cute as it is I’d bypass the box style packaging and grab a bigger bag. Limiting yourself to just one candy a day to make them last a decent length of time sucks when they are this tasty!

Overall, I’d give the candies themselves a 10/10. The box is unfortunately not great value for money considering how little you get in it, but the contents are remarkably high quality and very enjoyable. I feel like these fall under the category of more expensive candy fit for special occasions or more special treats. They’d also make quite a lovely gift to bring back from Japan 🙂

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