Review: Meito Strawberry Milk Candy

 photo IMG_8712wm_zpserwvczov.jpg

‘Very delicious condensed milk strawberry candy’. This is what the front of the packet proclaims in block capitals and my goodness, I don’t think this could sound more delicious to me if it tried. Honestly, it had me at ‘condensed milk’ :p

We got this as part of our October Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

 photo IMG_8706wm_zps2g1o1zwq.jpg

This packaging definitely falls under the term ‘food porn’ for me. Juicy red strawberries, one of which has a thick drizzle of condensed milk…yum! Very enticing.

Beyond being pretty, there is a very good reason to look carefully at the packaging…

 photo IMG_8705wm_zps7kcezl2o.jpg

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-16-20-23-48_zpsz89qlrys.png

I know the translation isn’t perfect, but it tells us something that’s useful to know; check out that vitamin C content! There is a rather substantial 90mg of vitamin C in each bag of candy. It’s probably not the best idea to eat this whole bag in one go, especially if you take a supplement or eat a diet rich in vitamin C already. You’re not likely to actually overdose, but you don’t need to overdose to get an upset tummy (which all that candy would probably give you anyway :p).

 photo IMG_8709wm_zps30id7eqa.jpg

The inner wrappers are really cute with the little strawberry design ^__^

There really are loads of candies packed into this bag, so it’s going to last us a long time. Each candy is around 2.5cm long so they’re not tiny either, one is quite enough to leave you satisfied.

As a side note, I really like that Oyatsu Box regularly sends bags of candy that will last; it makes the service seem better value for money and helps you stay both patient and happy while waiting for next months box 🙂

 photo IMG_8717wm_zpsxeffpyez.jpg

This is one of the candies out of the wrapper. Cute, eh? I think they look a little like mochi even though they are hard candy.

So, did they live up to my expectations?

Oh yes.

These. Taste. Amazing. Seriously. I love these sweets so much!

The white powder on the outside tastes very creamy and very sweet, like a powdered condensed milk. Which may well be exactly what it is 😉

Once the powder is gone, you are left with a very beautiful pale pink candy that just keeps tasting more delicious. They haven’t gone for a particularly realistic strawberry flavour, but rather one that is candy sweet without tasting nastily artificial.

Finally, you hit the sweet, sweet inner layer. Did I mention it is sweet? Oh my. The inner core is one of solidified but still oh so creamy condensed milk. It has a strong milk flavour along with the sweeter condensed milk flavour, which is a difference you may not understand unless you’ve tried milk flavoured candy before.

The flavours are very clearly defined; you get a distinguishable milk, strawberry, milk cycle rather than having the flavours blend in your mouth. Since I hate strawberry and cream flavoured candies, this makes me happy. It also makes the candy more interesting to eat; as soon as you become accustomed to one flavour a new one hits you.

They tasted even better than I imagined they would, I think this may just be the best hard candy I’ve tried yet 🙂

Overall, these get a resounding 10/10 from me. Deliciously sweet strawberry candy combined with creamy condensed milk is a truly delightful taste sensation. I hope these pop up for sale elsewhere, I would love to get a hold of them again. In fact, they’re one of the few Japanese candies I’d be happy to regularly import! These are definitely worth a try if you find some 🙂

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