Review: Yokai Watch Pop Ramune Candy

 photo IMG_8555wm_zpss8xera4j.jpg

I’m not entirely familiar with Yokai Watch, which makes sense as from what I have read it is only now starting to make it’s way out of Japan. I’ve seen sites hailing it as the next Pokemon, which makes me both cynical and very excited. Perhaps I’ll pick up a copy of the game on it’s EU release!

We got these in our September Oyatsu box, you can see what else we got here. You can also find them at Oyatsu Cafe here.

 photo IMG_8543wm_zpskagp3buz.jpg

The packaging is quite cool, I guess it would excite me more if I was a Yokai Watch fan but even so, it’s cool!

 photo IMG_8551wm_zpsjb9fexir.jpg

Out pour the little…candy tablets. Well, honestly this is where I lost interest completely. I was expecting actual candies, not tablet candies.

What is my problem with tablet candy?

Well, for one thing these particular ones look just like actual painkillers and yes, I am enough of a paranoid mother to worry that giving kids candies that look like tablets could someday see them accidentally eating tablets. Blame my Grandmother.

More to the point, I find them incredibly boring. They never, ever taste like the flavour they are supposed to be; these ones were no different. They’re not bad, but they’re just little hard sugar pellets really. No fizz or Ramune flavour, just generic sweetness with that strange, acidic tartness tablet candy always has.

These weren’t any different to the Resident Evil candies we got last month. At least the Resident Evil ones were colourful rather than boringly plain. Repetition is okay with a snack box, I mean there’s only so many types of snack you can send out, but not when you’re sending out generic candy that you could easily find in the UK (and presumably elsewhere). Really, the only thing making this candy Japanese was the packaging.

 photo IMG_8553wm_zpszis1yey2.jpg

Irritation aside, the candies were tasty enough if you like cheap, powdery type candies (which I do). They were a little too hard to crunch comfortably, so they’re going to last a while with sucking them. There’s plenty in the packet too.

 photo IMG_8548wm_zps76qhhsos.jpg

Overall, I’d rate these a 6/10. Most of that is for the cool packaging which I know is going to appeal to a lot of people (though whether or not it will appeal to many people outside Japan is questionable). The candies themselves were just the cheap tablet candies you can easily find in any kids candy section here, so not really that noteworthy.

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