Review: Halloween Edition Collon Pumpkin Chocolate Cream Biscuits

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Happy Halloween! The day has come and so far for me has been filled with junk food and Halloween craft projects. As it should be! πŸ™‚

Here’s yet another Halloween themed Japanese treat we got to try this year; a Halloween edition of the well known biscuit snack Collon in a very interesting pumpkin chocolate cream flavour. I love when vegetables are combined into desserts/snack foods, so these stood out to me both as a great flavour and a great Halloween themed treat.

We got this pack from Japan Center, but it was only stocked as a seasonal item. Look out next year!

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DIY Candy Kit: Halloween Edition Meigum Candy Kit

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With the awful cold and wet weather we are currently experiencing, indoor activities are a lot higher on my priority list than outdoor ones. What better way to spend time indoors on the night before Halloween than making an adorable Halloween themed DIY candy kit?

We got this delightful kit as part of our October Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

 photo IMG_9027wm_zpsdv7q4lnq.jpg photo IMG_9028wm_zpsm7cfgtlo.jpg

The Halloween packaging is great on this, I love Halloween themed things. I love this little ghost in particular, so cute! He’s demonstrating what we’re going to do; make some little pressed candies!

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Review: Halloween Koala No March (Spooky Strawberry)

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Halloween is fast approaching and with my son off on his half term holidays, we’ve been indulging in our fair share of Halloween themed treats. Our first adventure into the world of Japanese Halloween treats were these simple but adorable Halloween themed Koala No March biscuits.

We got this box of as part of our October Oyatsu Box, see what else we got here.

 photo packagingwm_zpsklhv0pyk.png

The packaging on these is just adorable. Look at that cute little strawberry koala witch! I love that they’ve gone for cuteness overload rather than typical dark or scary Halloween packaging, it makes a nice change. I mean trying to makeΒ koala themed strawberry biscuits dark or scary is kind of setting out for failure anyway, so I’m glad they didn’t try! :p

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Review: Fujiya Milky Matcha

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Fujiya Milky candy is something that I’ve been curious about for a while now. I was initially drawn to them for their cute and instantly recognizable mascot, Peko-chan. I was really happy to see it arrive in our Oyatsu box this month, especially as this box also features Hello Kitty and is matcha flavoured; both things I love!

You can see what else we got on our box this month here.

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Review: Meito Strawberry Milk Candy

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‘Very delicious condensed milk strawberry candy’. This is what the front of the packet proclaimsΒ in block capitals and my goodness, I don’t think this could sound more delicious to me if it tried. Honestly, itΒ had me at ‘condensed milk’ :p

We got this as part of our October Oyatsu Box, you can see what else we got here.

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Review: Yokai Watch Pop Ramune Candy

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I’m not entirely familiar with Yokai Watch, which makes sense as from what I have read it is only now starting to make it’s way out of Japan. I’ve seen sites hailing it as the next Pokemon, which makes me both cynical and very excited. Perhaps I’ll pick up a copy of the game on it’s EU release!

We got these in our September Oyatsu box, you can see what else we got here. You can also find them at Oyatsu Cafe here.

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Retailer Review: Tofu Cute

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After 5 orders and a lot of offline praise, I feel it is high time I wrote up a review for one of my most used online retailers; Tofu Cute!

Tofu Cute are a UK based retailer with both a webstore and a physical shop in Portsmouth. Since I live nowhere near Portsmouth, my experience is limited to their webstore (though if I’m ever on the mainland you can bet I’m getting down there for a visit!).

You can find their website here, and what an adorable one it is!

 photo TofuCute_zpssevvb0d7.jpg

The site is very well laid out, with clear categories and a tag system in place. It’s quick and easy to find what you’re looking for, whether that’s a specific product, a general type of snack or important information on shipping, payment methods, currencies etc.

Here are the main points on my experience of shopping with Tofu Cute:

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